14th Annual Mark Harmon Celebrity Weekend To Hit Oklahoma

first_imgThe 14th Annual Mark Harmon Celebrity Weekend (MH14) benefit is scheduled for June 27th and 28th, 2014 and will benefit Oklahoma Kidz Charities.Oklahoma Kidz Charities Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting fellow non-profits in Oklahoma whose values reflect scholastic leadership, academic excellence, mentoring and healthcare assistance for children.Weekend events will include a celebrity bowling night on Friday, June 27th and celebrity baseball game on Saturday, June 28th.This is the 14th year Mark Harmon has participated in the event.All pledges of support will allow Oklahoma Kidz to exceed this year’s goal of raising $400,000 to financially assist three worthwhile Oklahoma 501c3 charitable organizations. • Oklahoma City Indian Clinic – Harmony Pediatric Clinic • Anna’s House Foundation • Sunset Therapeutic Riding CenterFor more info, click here.last_img read more

13 horror movies to watch online right now

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Twitter Advertisement Login/Register With: Facebook Guillermo del Toro’s love letter to the Gothic romance genre – starring Mia Wasikowska as a turn-of-the-century Buffalo naïf spirited away by an English gentleman (Tom Hiddleston) to live with him and his weird sister (Jessica Chastain) in a haunted house – is screening at the AGO next month, and that’ll be a great place to see it. But it’s also a scary movie, and scary movies should be watched at Halloween – so set it up on the largest screen you can find, pump the surround sound and let the swooning Technicolor nightmare wash over you. It’s ever so creepy.Available on iTunes, Microsoft, Cineplex and PlayStation3. GET OUTThe best way to see Jordan Peele’s Get Out is with an audience that has no idea what’s coming. But if you missed it on the big screen, grab some friends, turn off the lights and dive into one of the best genre works in a very long time. Much as Edgar Wright’s Shaun Of The Dead used a zombie apocalypse as the backdrop to a meditation on arrested development and emotional growth, Peele takes a standard horror premise – a nice young man meets his girlfriend’s parents and finds himself trapped in an inescapable nightmare – and rips it open to engage with its seething class and racial subtext. What’s happening in that nice suburban basement is just the latest expression of something a certain segment of America has been trying to do for centuries. And while Peele offers some comic relief, he’s deadly serious about the story he’s telling.Available on iTunes, Microsoft and PlayStation We wouldn’t be doing our duty as cultural gatekeepers if we didn’t offer you a list of horror films (and one television series) that will keep you up late into the night on October 31 – or any other night, come to think of it.1. BLAIR WITCHPeople seemed to take a lot of pleasure crapping on Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s secretly produced sequel to The Blair Witch Project, in which the kid brother of the long-lost Heather Donahue mounts his own documentary mission into the woods outside Burkittsville. But they’re wrong: Blair Witch is pretty damn good, playfully deconstructing its source text while also reminding you how potent it was. Using advances in camera technology (earpiece cameras, drones, smartphones, etc.), Wingard and Barrett create a more sophisticated experience that expands the mythology of the series while still delivering the requisite jump scares and atmospheric tension. And James Allen McCune and Callie Hernandez commit fully to their terror.Available on iTunes, Microsoft and PlayStation2. CRIMSON PEAK 4. IT FOLLOWSDavid Robert Mitchell’s high-concept nail-biter stars Maika Monroe as a college student whose new boyfriend infects her with a sexually transmitted demon that will stalk and kill her… unless she passes the curse along to someone else. It’s a metaphor worthy of early Cronenberg, and the movie runs with it, building unnerving tension with long takes of mundane activity that aren’t interrupted so much as invaded by something walking into the frame. (Watch it with the lights off, please.) Writer/director Mitchell has thought his monster through to the last detail, teaching us the rules as we go and letting his characters be as smart as the menace they face. And Monroe is terrific in a complex role, moving from confusion to terror to steely resolve as she rallies herself to fight the almost-incomprehensible threat.Available on Shudder, Netflix, iTunes, PlayStation, Microsoft, Google Play and CineplexREAD MORE Advertisement Expandlast_img read more

Last month was Fort St Johns snowiestever March with four times the

first_imgTemperature-wise, Yu said that March 2018 was colder than normal, despite the stretch of spring-like conditions for two weeks during the middle of the month. The average temperature in Fort St. John during the month of March is -4.6 degrees Celsius, but this year the average temperature was -7.2 degrees. That only ranks it as the 28th-coldest March since record-keeping began 77 years ago. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — It’s official: Environment Canada officials say that the third month of 2018 was the snowiest-ever March in Fort St. John history.Meteorologist Cindy Yu said that the 93.3 centimetres of snow recorded at the North Peace Airport last month ranks it as the snowiest-ever March, while the 95.3 millimetres of equivalent precipitation means it was also the wettest-ever. In an average March, the 23.7 cms of snow the city sees is 3.9 times less than what fell this year. The previous record holder is March, 2002, when 77.7 cms of snow fell at the airport.Yu said that last month’s record-breaking snow amount largely came in two big dumps. The Energetic City set four daily snowfall records in March: the 1st, 2nd, 22nd, and 23rd. Yu said that those amounts are quite substantial, though not quite close to the record for snowiest March day. That record was set on March 16th, 1944 when 31 cms of snow fell. Interestingly, the snowiest day ever in Fort St. John was May 27th, 1979, when 47.8 centimetres of snow fell.last_img read more

Ban outlines proposals for reduced UN force in Chad

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon laid out his proposals for a revised mandate for the United Nations mission in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad in a new report released today, including a significant reduction of troops in response to the latter country’s request to assume full responsibility for protecting civilians in its territory. Last month UN and Chadian officials agreed on a major initial reduction of peacekeepers there after the Government had called for the withdrawal of the military component of the mission, known as MINURCAT, saying the force had served its purpose. The Security Council set up MINURCAT, whose current mandate expires on 15 May, over two years ago to ensure the security of hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Sudanese region of Darfur, other displaced persons and humanitarian workers in both Chad and the CAR. But with new agreements on border security between Chad and Sudan, and with MINURCAT not strong enough to provide complete security in eastern Chad, the Government felt it was better for Chadian forces to take over and for the mandate to be adjusted.“The central point of contention between the United Nations and the Chadian authorities arose when the latter made it clear that they would, following the end of the mandate of MINURCAT on 15 May, bear the primary responsibility for the security and protection of civilians,” Mr. Ban writes in his report to the Council.“And as a consequence, they saw no justification for the continuation of the military component of the mission,” he adds. The Secretary-General states that the proposed mandate, arising from the last round of discussions between the UN and the Chadian Government, aims at safeguarding recent advances – including the “significantly” improved relations between Chad and Sudan – and ensuring their sustainability, while allowing for a gradual and phased withdrawal of the military component.Subject to a decision by the Council, the mission’s military component in Chad will be reduced from its current 3,300 troops, out of its authorized strength of 4,900, to 1,400 troops and 500 support elements. The number to be withdrawn will therefore be approximately 1,400 troops.MINURCAT, with the support of the Chadian Government, will ensure the withdrawal of these 1,400 troops by 15 July. The remaining 1,900 troops will be in Chad until 15 October 2010, when they will cease all operations and commence their final withdrawal, subject to approval by the Council.Given the reduction in military capabilities, says the Secretary-General, the force would operate under Chapter VI of the UN Charter and modify its rules of engagement to support such operations, that is, the use of force in self-defence. In addition, Mr. Ban states that, effective 16 May, the current mandate of MINURCAT for the protection of civilians will cease, and security tasks related to the protection of refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and humanitarian workers will be carried out by Chadian police forces, primarily the UN-trained Détachement intégré de sécurité (DIS).At least half a million people are still in need of humanitarian assistance in eastern Chad, according to the report, including some 250,000 refugees from Darfur, 168,000 IDPs and 150,000 people in host villages.Meanwhile, the MINURCAT police component will continue to train, mentor and support the efforts of the Government to enable the DIS to become self-sustainable. “Should the Council decide to adopt a new mandate for MINURCAT, a phased approach will enable the mission to gradually transit from a Chapter VII mandate to a Chapter VI mandate and allow for the enhanced United Nations staff security regime to be in place before MINURCAT troops commence their final withdrawal in October 2010,” says Mr. Ban. “Another advantage of such an approach is that it will permit those humanitarian actors who currently benefit from the armed escort and patrols of the military component to gradually adjust their deployment and modus operandi.”Given the time required to effectively manage the above transitions and the fact that many of the projects proposed to support DIS will necessarily go beyond the end of 2010, the Secretary-General recommends that the Council approved a revised mandate for MINURCAT for one year.“In making the above proposal, I am mindful that Chad is situated in a region that, despite some recent positive developments, remains fragile,” Mr. Ban states, noting that the continued instability in the north-eastern part of CAR bordering Chad and Sudan is of particular concern. This accounts for the continuing presence, until further notice, of a MINURCAT contingent of 300 soldiers in that region near the town of Birao, he adds. 4 May 2010Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon laid out his proposals for a revised mandate for the United Nations mission in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad in a new report released today, including a significant reduction of troops in response to the latter country’s request to assume full responsibility for protecting civilians in its territory. read more

Battle against HIVAIDS in AsiaPacific far from over UN agency warns

“We have the opportunity to raise an AIDS-free generation in Asia and the Pacific,” said Dr. Isiye Ndombi, UNICEF’s Deputy Regional Director for East Asia and the Pacific. Of great importance, he underscored, is to ensure that “no child is born with HIV, and that those children living with HIV have access to the treatment, care and support they need to remain alive and well.”According to new figures released today by UNICEF, some 350,000 people newly infected with HIV in Asia and the Pacific in 2012, over 6 per cent of whom are children under 14 years old, while adolescents in the 10 to 19 age bracket account for 17 per cent. Moreover, about 240,000 teenagers currently live with HIV in the region.The Asia and the Pacific region has delivered a 9 per cent reduction in new HIV infections among newborns between 2010 and 2012. However, this progress still falls far short of the global anti-poverty target known as the Millennium Development Goal 6 (MDG) to reduce new HIV infections in every country by 90 per cent. Additionally, more must be done to treat those infected with most effective anti-retroviral drugs to prevent parent-to-child transmission of HIV, especially with some 43 per cent of HIV-positive pregnant women in the region.Meanwhile, UNICEF is supporting countries in the transition to the new simplified life-long antiretroviral therapy (Option B+) for all pregnant women living with HIV. In order to further tackle HIV and AIDS, UN agencies, Governments, NGOs and activists gather in Bangkok at the 11th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP), which opened yesterday and runs through 22 November, to discuss how to fuel efforts to that end.“If we are to achieve an AIDS free generation in this region, much more attention will need to be paid to addressing the risks faced by children and adolescents, both at ICAAP and beyond,” Dr. Isiye Ndombi stressed.A UNICEF-backed report titled ‘Lost in Transitions: Current issues faced by adolescents living with HIV in Asia Pacific’ will be launched on the closing day of ICAAP. The report, co-authored by the Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (APN+), is the first-ever to particularly focus on adolescence and HIV in the Asia-Pacific region. Also in the report are recommended actions that Governments might take to meet the needs of those at risk.“Adolescence is a difficult time for all young people, when they have to negotiate the change from childhood to adulthood, and this can affect their adherence to medication and access to treatment,” said Shiba Phurailatpam, the Director of the APN+, adding that “the groups particularly at risk in this region include young gay and bisexual men, young intravenous drug users, and young sex workers.” read more

Central African Republic UN condemns killing of politician latest violence

In a news release, the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in the CAR (BINUCA) said its head General Babacar Gaye, condemned the killing of transition politician Jean-Emmanuel Ndjaroua by unidentified armed attackers, and equally deplored the latest round of “unnecessary and indiscriminate violence that creates a climate of fear and encourages the emergence of acts of banditry.”General Gaye, who is also the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, urged the authorities to establish a functional criminal chain to bring to justice those responsible for these crimes and thus put an end to impunity.BINUCA is mandated by the UN Security Council to support the implementation of the transition process by expediting the re-establishment of constitutional order and implementing the 2013 Libreville agreements which resulted in a temporary ceasefire and created a unity Government in which opposition figures were given key posts.The rebels claimed the Government failed to live up to its commitments, and the conflict reignited resulting in thousands of people killed in sectarian violence over the past months, with the largely Christian militia, known as anti-Balaka (anti-machete), taking up arms against an alliance of mainly Muslim rebel groups – known, collectively, as ‘Séléka.’General Gaye reiterated today the Security Council’s call on armed groups that they immediately lay down their arms. “It is only in a stable Central African Republic, where communities are reconciled, that everyone will find a democratic way to satisfy its legitimate claims,” he said in the release.Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, supported by the UN human rights office and other UN entities, has described the human suffering in the country as “a crisis of epic proportions.”The Council has authorized a new international push in CAR, allowing European troops to deploy an operation for an initial six months. They join an African-led and French-backed peacekeeping force to quell the spiralling violence known by its French acronym MISCA. read more

The Impact Of Every NBA AllStar Ranked

As if Curry didn’t have enough ways to shock and amaze NBA fans of the televiewing and stat-crunching variety alike, his on/off court numbers are freaking ridiculous. You can’t read about sports these days without coming across quasi-thinkpieces about how the Warriors have reinvented basketball. Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is clear: Having a point guard who can shoot at a 45 percent rate past 28 feet — often well-defended — completely wrecks the game.CORRECTION (Feb. 14, 3 p.m.): A previous version of this article referred incorrectly to Paul George’s team. It is the Indiana Pacers, not the Indianapolis Pacers.CORRECTION (Feb. 12, 7:55 p.m.): A previous version of this article misidentified Paul Millsap’s team. It is the Atlanta Hawks, not the Atlanta Falcons. Although basketball now attracts more nerds than Comic Con, basketball statistics are still all over the place. Maybe years of SportVU player-tracking data will someday bring clarity to the field, but for now it’s a kaleidoscope of imperfect metrics. Virtually all stats that try to infer player value from the various on-court actions (shots, rebounds, assists, etc.) are subject to biases from things like roles and responsibilities and style of play, and no one has figured out how to measure intangible contributions like “being high-energy” or intangible detriments like mucking up a team’s offense.That’s one reason why indirect stats like plus-minus or with or without you (WOWY) are now a big part of basketball and hockey analysis (and are even starting to creep into football). While basic plus-minuses have been around for a long time, the granularity of data and methodology to isolate individual cases has come a long way. The kind of plus-minus you find in the box score doesn’t account for things like who else was on the floor and when those minutes came (garbage time, for instance). But with play-by-play data and sites like nbawowy.com, you can filter and compare different situations and find more meaningful patterns.This kind of analysis also has limitations, but it acts as kind of a check against efficiency and box score stats, and it can help identify spots where a player’s value is a mirage or where someone may contribute even more to his team than his stats suggest. It also catches the impact from things like defense better than virtually any standard stat does. But samples are small, and biases many.It isn’t so much that this approach is better as that it’s different enough from the more standard fare to add new information. And that’s our goal here, to add new information to what we know of each player based on observations of his impact, not to supplant other methods of estimating his contribution.Method:There are extremely complicated versions of adjusted plus-minus that adjust for every single player on the floor and end up giving you results that are interesting and comprehensive in some sense but are somewhat opaque. I’m going to keep it a bit simpler. I’m going to start with each player who made the All-Star team. If he had one or more teammate who also made the All-Star Game, I’ll compare how his team did with each combination of the players: that is, with neither player on the floor, with both players on the floor, and with each player on the floor without the other. If a player was the only one from his team to make the game, I used ESPN’s RPM-based estimation of wins added to pick his most important teammate and did the same (and in the case of the Warriors, who have three All-Stars, I did a more complicated version of the same). Then for a rough estimate of the player’s value — which I’ve called “Two-way WOWY impact” below — I averaged the impact he had by himself (versus neither him nor his teammate in the game) and the impact he had with his teammate (versus just his teammate). In other words, this gives equal weight to how much the player improves his team with and without his teammates’ help.Plus charts.Admittedly, some players get really jobbed by this (like virtually anyone on the San Antonio Spurs), and some players were fortunate to have a flattering teammate pairing.1The whole endeavor also tends to rate point guards very high, which I don’t think is necessarily because they’re “better” as much as that they tend to be less replaceable for their particular teams.All stats are through Tuesday’s games. To the list!24. LaMarcus Aldridge, PF, San Antonio Spurs (Selected by coaches)Real Plus-Minus 0.42, RPM Wins: +3.1Compared to: Kawhi Leonard (see below)Two-way WOWY impact: -6.3 points per 100 possessions The Spurs are a tricky case because they are so good from top to bottom, making Aldridge’s place at the bottom of this list as much a reflection of his team’s strength as his own play. As Neil Paine has written, their bench would be one of the NBA’s best teams in its own right. And while Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard will represent them in the All-Star Game, stalwarts like Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are still putting up huge stats (by RPM, the 39-year-old Duncan is the 10th-best player in basketball this year). Although the Spurs have been playing great with Aldridge on the floor, at least so far this season, they’ve been playing just as well without him. The chart comparing the relative impacts of him and Leonard is under Leonard’s entry below.23. Dwyane Wade, SG, Miami Heat (Selected by fans)RPM -0.37, RPM Wins: +2.5Compared to: Chris Bosh (see below)Two-way WOWY impact: -5.5 points per 100 possessions Wade is nowhere near the player he once was, and his appearance in the East lineup is driven by the same kind of fan voting loyalty that has Kobe Bryant starting in the West.22. DeMar DeRozan, SG, Toronto Raptors (Coaches)RPM 0.36, RPM Wins: +3.9Compared to: Kyle Lowry (see below)Two-way WOWY impact: -4.5 points per 100 possessions The Raptors were rewarded with a second player by the East coaches, presumably because the conference is a bit weak on shooting guards, but the data suggests that DeRozan is riding his teammate Kyle Lowry’s coattails.21. Paul Millsap, PF, Atlanta Hawks (Coaches)RPM 6.48, RPM Wins: +10.0Compared to: Al HorfordHawks with both: -0.6 | Millsap alone: +2.6 | Horford alone: +3 | Neither: -0.9Two-way WOWY impact: -0.1 points per 100 possessions Despite Millsap’s stellar RPM numbers, the Hawks have not improved dramatically with him on the floor. Al Horford has been fully capable of leading the team on his own when Millsap has been out, and when the two have played together, the team has done about the same as it has with neither player.20. Chris Bosh, PF, Miami Heat (Coaches)RPM 5.11, RPM Wins: +8.6Compared to: Dwyane WadeHeat with both: -1.8 | Wade alone: -3.1 | Bosh alone: +3.1 | Neither: +3Two-way WOWY impact: +0.7 points per 100 possessions Bosh has been getting a fair amount of good press, and he’s put up some good numbers this year. However, his WOWY impact has been minimal, and his partnership with Wade is no longer instilling fear in anyone’s heart. 19. Jimmy Butler, SG, Chicago Bulls (Coaches)RPM 4.56, RPM Wins: +8.8Compared to: Pau GasolBulls with both: +2.6 | Butler alone: -4.5 | Gasol alone: -1.1 | Neither: -2.6Two-way WOWY impact: +0.9 points per 100 possessions Butler has emerged as the new star of the Chicago Bulls, which goes to show that if you score 20 points per game for a winning team, a lot of people will think you’re really good. Yet Pau Gasol (Butler’s injury replacement on the All-Star roster) has had a better impact for his team, estimated at 4.3 points per 100 possessions.18. Kobe Bryant, SF, Los Angeles Lakers (Fans)RPM -3.53, RPM Wins: -0.3Compared to: Brandon BassLakers with both: +5.5 | Bryant alone: -18.2 | Bass alone: -10.2 | Neither: -5Two-way WOWY impact: +1.3 points per 100 possessions The most shocking thing about Kobe is that he made it to 18th on this list when he may literally be one of the worst players in the NBA this year, helping make the Lakers one of the most embarrassing franchises in sports. And in the 38 percent of Lakers possessions with Kobe on the floor with no help from Brandon Bass — not exactly a game-changer, but the highest-rated Laker for now — they’ve been losing by 18 points per 100 possessions. Yet, call it good fortune or what you will, but the pairing of Bryant and Bass has been effective for the Lakers, which is enough to elevate Bryant’s contributions from team-destroyer to about neutral.17. Klay Thompson, SG, Golden State Warriors (Coaches)RPM 1.08, RPM Wins: +4.5Compared to: Draymond Green, Stephen Curry (see below)Two-way WOWY impact: +1.7 points per 100 possessions The other “Splash Brother” has had some great games and flashy moments, but he is loved by neither advanced metrics nor WOWY. Let’s just say it’s hard to know exactly how valuable a shooter is when the other guard on his team gets as much attention as Stephen Curry does.16. James Harden, SG, Houston Rockets (Coaches)RPM 4.74, RPM Wins: +9.7Compared to: Dwight HowardRockets with both: +1.5 | Harden alone: -4 | Howard alone: -5.9 | Neither: -2.5Two-way WOWY impact: +3.0 points per 100 possessions Although the Rockets have been a big disappointment after making last year’s conference finals — with their star big man Dwight Howard even rumored to be on the trading block — Moreyball isn’t completely dead, as Harden’s shooting paired with Howard’s inside presence has at least been keeping the team in the positive.15. Isaiah Thomas, PG, Boston Celtics (Coaches)RPM 1.99, RPM Wins: +5.7Compared to: Jae CrowderCeltics with both: +7.1 | Thomas alone: +1 | Crowder alone: -0.1 | Neither: +2Two-way WOWY impact: +3.1 points per 100 possessions This is a great example of a situation where two players are only so-so on their own, but excel when they play together. Neither Isaiah Thomas nor Jae Crowder on his own provides much of an improvement on the rest of the squad, but put them on the floor together and the team has been very effective at +7.1 points per 100 possessions.14. Carmelo Anthony, SF, New York Knicks (Fans)RPM 3.9, RPM Wins: 6.9Compared to: Kristaps PorzingisKnicks with both: +4.5 | Anthony alone: -7.7 | Porzingis alone: -6.2 | Neither: -7.6Two-way WOWY impact: +5.3 points per 100 possessions Anthony has always taken a beating from statheads, but pairing him with 7-foot-3 rookie phenom Kristaps Porzingis has given the Knicks some quality possessions.13. Andre Drummond, C, Detroit Pistons (Coaches)RPM 4.56, RPM Wins: +8.4Compared to: Reggie JacksonPistons with both: +3.6 | Drummond alone: +2.5 | Jackson alone: +0.3 | Neither: -5.3Two-way WOWY impact: +5.5 points per 100 possessions Drummond combines rebounding production that Dennis Rodman might envy with free-throw shooting that makes Shaq look like Steve Nash. But so far this profile seems to be working for Drummond, who has had a big impact on the Pistons whether or not point guard Reggie Jackson is on the floor.12. Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Antonio Spurs (Fans)RPM 8.83, RPM Wins: +12.0Compared to: Lamarcus AldridgeSpurs with both: +11.3 | Leonard alone: +27.3 | Aldridge alone: +14 | Neither: +10.5Two-way WOWY impact: +7.1 points per 100 possessions The only surprise here is that Leonard is this low, yet he’s still projecting to improve the powerhouse Spurs by about 7 points per 100 possessions — remarkable for a team as talented and as balanced as this one.11. John Wall, PG, Washington Wizards (Coaches)RPM 3.09, RPM Wins: +7.1Compared to: Jared DudleyWizards with both: +2.3 | Wall alone: -5.1 | Dudley alone: -10.3 | Neither: -8.6Two-way WOWY impact: +8.0 points per 100 possessions The rest of Wall’s Washington Wizards are so bad that 30-year-old journeyman Jared Dudley — who plays fewer than 30 minutes a game and averages 9 points — emerged as his most significant teammate by RPM. Although the Wizards are a losing squad, they consistently do better with Wall on the floor.10. Anthony Davis, PF, New Orleans Pelicans (Coaches)RPM 2.66, RPM Wins: +5.8Compared to: Jrue HolidayPelicans with both: +2.7 | Davis alone: -8.7 | Holiday alone: -6.1 | Neither: -17.4Two-way WOWY impact: +8.7 points per 100 possessions The Pelicans have disappointed this year, causing many to question whether Davis is actually the basketball revolution that he seemed to be a year or so ago. Yet they are a winning squad with him and point guard Jrue Holiday on the floor, and a comically terrible -17 points per 100 with neither of them.9. Paul George, SF, Indiana Pacers (Fans)RPM 5.24, RPM Wins: +9.7Compared to: Ian MahinmiPacers with both: +4.6 | George alone: +5.4 | Mahinmi alone: -6.6 | Neither: -3.5Two-way WOWY impact: +10.1 points per 100 possessions George has cooled off a bit from his blazing start to the season and clearly benefits here from being paired with Ian Mahinmi (the Pacers with bigger roles haven’t been very impressive). But overall his comeback year after last season’s injury has been spectacular, with him shooting well and often from distance.8. Kevin Durant, SF, Oklahoma City Thunder (Fans)RPM 6.43, RPM Wins: +10.0Compared to: Russell Westbrook (see below)Two-way WOWY impact: +10.4 points per 100 possessions Speaking of players who have returned from injury to reclaim their rightful spots among the best forwards in basketball, Durant has been having another remarkable year. Although the Thunder are now widely thought to be Russell Westbrook’s team, Durant has picked up about exactly where he left off. More on this duo below.7. DeMarcus Cousins, Center, Sacramento Kings (Coaches)RPM 6.66, RPM Wins: +9.2Compared to: Omri CasspiKings with both: +7.4 | Cousins alone: -3.7 | Casspi alone: -5.1 | Neither: -13.2Two-way WOWY impact: +11.0 points per 100 possessions Cousins has been a real headline-maker this year, yet his ball-demanding, trail-three-popping style has been one of the great statistical success stories amid all the chaos in Sacramento. Yet it’s worth noting that Omri Casspi — despite playing fewer minutes and having a less-eye-catching statistical and/or public profile, has had a similarly strong effect. With both of them on the floor, Sacramento looks like a strong team.6. Russell Westbrook, PG, Oklahoma City Thunder (Fans)RPM 9.59, RPM Wins: +14.6Compared to: Kevin DurantThunder with both: +13.8 | Durant alone: +7.3 | Westbrook alone: +7.9 | Neither: -7.6Two-way WOWY impact: +11.0 points per 100 possessions Westbrook led the league in scoring last year by shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting (see the second chart in this story), but he has the impact to go with those gaudy numbers.5. Draymond Green, PF, Golden State Warriors (Coaches)RPM 9.49, RPM Wins: +14.2Compared to: Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry (see below)Two-way WOWY impact: +11.3 points per 100 possessions Green is nearly as much of a defensive outlier as Stephen Curry is an offensive one, and he can rebound and shoot open threes when called to as well. Like Curry, he may be the best in his position in the league, while completely redefining what that position means.4. LeBron James, SF, Cleveland Cavaliers (Fans)RPM 8.23, RPM Wins: +12.2Compared to: Kevin LoveCavaliers with both: +12.7 | James alone: +3.9 | Love alone: -8.1 | Neither: -4Two-way WOWY impact: +14.4 points per 100 possessions Although he seems perpetually frustrated with not winning 100 percent of his games, James is still one of the best players in basketball, and his very existence practically demands that everyone shut up already and accept that “impactful” is a real thing.3. Kyle Lowry, PG, Toronto Raptors (Fans)RPM 7.45, RPM Wins: +12.0Compared to: DeMar DeRozanRaptors with both: +2.7 | Lowry alone: +20.7 | DeRozan alone: +1.6 | Neither: -7.5Two-way WOWY impact: +14.7 points per 100 possessions Lowry has been an absolute force for Toronto, leading the Raptors’ surge to the second-best record in the East. He’s attempting a career-high seven threes per game and making a career-high 39 percent of them. If these numbers are at all representative, however, DeRozan appears to be dragging Lowry down more than anything. This kind of dynamic isn’t uncommon with mediocre shooting guards playing with good scoring point guards — their contributions may range from redundant to net negative.2. Chris Paul, PG, Los Angeles Clippers (Coaches)RPM 7.2, RPM Wins: +9.6Compared to: DeAndre JordanClippers with both: +10.3 | Paul alone: +14.7 | Jordan alone: +3.4 | Neither: -11.3Two-way WOWY impact: +16.5 points per 100 possessions Point god Chris Paul has practically perfected the classic point guard skill set on both ends of the floor. Unfortunately, classic basketball can only take you so far these days, as the Clippers are on track for another heartbreaking loss in the conference semifinals.1. Stephen Curry, PG, Golden State Warriors (Fans)RPM 10.97, RPM Wins: +15.4Compared to: Klay Thompson, Draymond GreenTeam with all three: +20.2 | Curry alone: +9.8 | Green and Thompson alone: +1.3 | None: -11.8Two-way WOWY impact: +20.2 points per 100 possessions Just so all three of these All-Stars get their due, here’s a not-to-scale diagram of the on/off combinations for all three players: read more

Cyber Monday Apple Deals

first_imgApple isn’t quite going so far as relieving its Black Friday deals (which featured a number of discounts on products like the iPad, Macbook, and iMac), but the company is offering up a handful of deals on accessories, in celebration of Cyber Monday. The list includes headphones, speaker docks, cases, and various other accessories. Check out some of the deals, after the jump.Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Headphones from Monster $179.95 (Down from ($199.95)AdChoices广告Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox $359.99 (Down from $399.95)Panasonic HM-TA1 Video Camera $152.95 ($169.95)Kenneth Cole New York 13″/15″ Coated Canvas Flapover Messenger Bag $35.95 ($39.95)M-Audio KeyStudio 49 $69.95 ($99.95)Edifier Prisma E3350 2.1 Speakers $116.95 ($129.95)last_img

Manufacturing company working to remove Treasure Coast algae

first_imgSTUART, Fla. (WSVN) — A Central Florida business is hard at work trying to clean up Florida’s algae emergency.Workers from Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. are using a machine to eat away the algae that’s plagued waterways along the Treasure Coast in recent weeks. The algae, which has accumlated in a thick green sludge, has made water activities impossible in Martin County.Officials sais the algae is toxic to both humans and wildlife. “We’re gonna eradicate it, we’re gonna detail it out,” said Ecosphere Technologies spokesperson Corey McGuire, “and like I said, I think it’s a new day for Martin County, and we’re gonna move forward and get this squared away.”The company said its machine can process 4,000 gallons of water a minute while destroying the algae and bacteria.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

2 teens hospitalized following shooting at SW MiamiDade park

first_img7News cameras captured police investigating in the parking lot next to a basketball court at the park.Police said the shooting appears to be drug related, but they continue to investigate.If you have any information on this shooting, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward. Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Rescue crews have taken two teenage boys to the hospital after, police said, they were shot at Eureka Park in Southwest Miami-Dade.Miami-Dade Police and Fire Rescue units responded to the scene along Southwest 183rd Street and 119th Avenue, just before 9 p.m., Monday.The victims, ages 15 and 17, were shot in the butt and arm, respectively.Paramedics airlifted the 15-year-old to Kendall Regional Medical Center, while the other teen was transported by ground to Jackson South Medical Center.Speaking through a translator, nearby resident Gustavo de la Noval said he heard gunfire.“I heard two gunshots. The only problems I know that have happened over there are fights but never a shooting,” he said.De la Noval said he has heard that people tend to hang out at the park late into the night. last_img read more

Community gives input on Anchorage plan to end homelessness

first_imgThe Municipality is developing a new community plan to end homelessness in Anchorage. During a listening session held Wednesday evening, about 20 people gathered to discuss possible solutions to the decades old problem.Download AudioDarrel Hess was the former and only homeless coordinator for the Municipality of Anchorage from 2009 to 2012. He said during that time he read through 40 years of studies and plans about homelessness in the city, and end results were typically the same. They suggested that agencies try to solve it with little cost to the local government. Hess, speaking as a citizen, said that needs to change.“I’m hoping with the next plan there is a robust commitment from local government. Without that commitment, the plan will once again not be nearly as successful as it could be.”Hess suggested that the municipality could do things like speed up the permitting process or adjust some zoning rules to enable affordable housing developments.Brian Shelton-Kelley from Anchorage Neighborworks agreed with these suggestions. He said developers need incentives to build property for low income households. But Shelton-Kelley said the problem is two-fold. It costs at least $500 just to maintain, insure and keep the lights on for a rental unit — that’s too much for people on very small, fixed incomes to pay. And even if properties could be subsidized and built, community members have to be open to projects in their areas.“While there’s general overall support for affordable housing, when we go to communities or neighborhoods to suggest a project or suggest that a project will be located on a particular site, no one wants it in their backyard.”Ron Alleva owns property by the Brother Francis Shelter and Beans Cafe. He said those services and others hurt businesses, enable substance abuse, and cause more harm than good.“It’s a disaster economically. It’s a disaster health-wise. You wouldn’t know the things I put up with — unsanitary conditions.”Carmen Springer is the Executive Director of the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness and she chaired the listening session. She said the new 5-year community plan will incorporate the input of everyone who is impacted by homelessness. For her, that’s everyone in Anchorage.“We all interact with the homeless community everyday, whether its because we know someone who may be part of the community or whether we’re trying to decide how it fits with the larger framework of the Anchorage community.”Springer says the plan aims to solve the problem even when agencies are receiving less and less funding.“So if we can come together as a community and look at the services that are needed and how we can provide them in a more strategic way, so that it’s more economically feasible and it’s reaching all of the people with the appropriate services at the appropriate time, then it’s going to be better for everybody.”Some participants suggested consolidating services across agencies to make them more efficient.The plan committee will hold a large summit in the early spring to discuss their ideas and present the data they gathered, including results from a recently completed community-wide survey. The new plan will come into effect this summer.last_img read more

Independent Audit Finds HISD Bond Program Had Weak or Nonexistent Policies

first_imgArchive-HPMFormer HISD Superintendent Terry Grier.Auditors with the outside firm KPMG found that an increase in construction costs was the biggest reason why the Houston Independent School District’s construction program overran its budget by $200-plus million. They noted that there was a building boom in Houston and that drove up the cost per square foot to build a new school.But the auditors found other problems, citing “weak or nonexistent policies” for the largest school construction program in Texas history. Houston voters approved nearly $2 billion in school construction in 2012.The HISD school board was supposed to discuss the audit at a special meeting this week but cancelled it. Trustee Mike Lunceford said the report raised questions that he had brought up before.“There was a multitude of things. You can’t say ‘Were they prepared?’ because there’s multitude of things that happened along the way that were unforeseen,” Lunceford said.Auditors, however, said that HISD could have prepared better. For example, district administrators used estimates from the 2007 building program, which focused on elementary schools. But they didn’t consider that the new construction projects in 2012 would mainly rebuild and renovate high schools, which are between 16-26 percent more expensive to build.The HISD board hired KPMG to conduct an independent audit after its own internal watchdog highlighted some mismanagement. That clashed with what then Superintendent Terry Grier said, that rising construction costs alone were why HISD needed more money. The board eventually approved an extra $200 million to shore up the project budgets.The outside auditors agreed that construction costs were a big factor. But overall the report indicates that HISD didn’t have processes in place for critical steps in the building program to manage nearly $2 billion in tax payer money. It noted the following “cost drivers:”“Incomplete project assumptions and differing conditions;Weak or nonexistent policies and procedures regarding budget development;Lack of conceptual planning;Misaligned programmatic specifics and project advisory teams expectations; andInconsistent construction bid evaluations.”http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3035289-KPMG-Audit.html X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen 00:00 /01:44 Sharelast_img read more

Score a Top Project Management Position with Agile Scrum Certification – 86

first_img Share Tweet Submit Project management may sound a trendy job title, but it requires more than just leadership skills to increase the quality and predictability of projects. Agile Scrum is an industry-leading project management methodology that is used by major tech companies to promote teamwork and improve communication. Today’s featured deal  brings you huge savings on five Agile and Scrum project management courses. Now you can get Agile and Scrum Project Management Certification Training for just $49.Become certified in Agile Scrum with 174 lessonsFollowing are the five courses that are part of this premium bundle. Head over to Wccftech Deals for more details of this bundle.1- Scrum for Agile Scrum PractitionersDiscover Agile Scrum & Revolutionize Your Project Management ProcessWhether you are new to Scrum or want to improve your skills, this comprehensive course will help you master the ins and outs of Agile Scrum in your organization, with reference to the Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner Handbook.2- Scrum for ManagersBecome the Efficient Manager Companies Demand Through These 34 LecturesAgile Scrum is a proven management methodology to streamline software development projects and increase productivity. Being able to lead teams in Agile Scrum will give you a big leg up on your peers and help you climb the career ladder faster than you thought possible. With this course designed for managers, you’ll gain important management skills to become the leader your company wants you to be.3- Scrum for Scrum MastersUncover Powerful Project Management Techniques to Become the Next Office LeaderA Scrum Master is the facilitator for a scrum team, and manages the process for how information is exchanged between team members. They are essential cogs in a project management machine and can be instrumental to a project’s success. Over these 37 lessons you’ll learn how to become a Scrum Master and start taking greater responsibilities in the workplace.4- Scrum for Product Owners37 Lessons to Master Important Project Oversight Principles & Nail That Big PromotionIn the Agile Scrum project management methodology, Product Owners are the overseers of team goals and progress. Although Agile Scrum was originally conceived for software development projects, the skills of Product Owners can be applied across many industries and project types. This course will give you essential management skills to be a better manager and better qualified for promotion.5- Scrum for Team MembersPut Your Best Foot Forward by Learning How to Implement the Agile Scrum Project Management MethodAgile refers to a group of software development methodologies that promote a disciplined and collaborative project management process. Scrum is a subset of Agile that aims to minimize the overhead of a process, and maximize the amount of productive time available to get useful work done. Over this course, you’ll receive a crash course in how to apply Agile Scrum to your own teams and projects, so you can make an impression and rise through the ranks.Original value: $355 | Wccftech Deals: $49 at 86% discountlast_img read more

read more

first_img Videos | CT Angiography (CTA) | August 07, 2019 VIDEO: Walk Around of a GE Cardiographe Dedicated Cardiac CT Scanner This is a quick walk around of the GE Healthcare Cardiographe dedicated cardiac CT system on display at the… read more March 31, 2010 – The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA), an association representing the manufacturers, innovators and developers of medical imaging and radiation therapy systems, said it supports the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) ongoing interest to reduce exposure to unnecessary medical radiation and minimize medical errors.MITA will be working with the FDA and its stakeholders to ensure that we continue to develop innovative technologies that reduce radiation dose and safeguard against human error.MITA has also introduced new initiatives to assist in reducing radiation exposure with a new radiation dose check feature that alerts CT machine operators when radiation dose levels as determined by hospitals and imaging centers will be exceeded. The radiation dose upper-limit alert (or warning) will notify operators when an error may have occurred in setting parameters. This feature can be configured to prevent a CT scan from occurring.In addition to the Dose Check Initiative, MITA also recently endorsed the following key principles to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure and medical errors:– Expanding and integrating appropriateness criteria into physician decision-making.– Creating a national dose registry to permit longitudinal tracking of dose levels.– Exploring the expansion of mandatory accreditation for advanced imaging facilities.– Establishing minimum standards for hospital and imaging facility personnel who perform medical imaging exams and therapy treatments using radiation.– Developing minimum standards for training and education for hospital and imaging facility personnel and checklists to reduce medical errors.– Expanding and standardizing the reporting of medical errors associated with medical radiation across stakeholders in a manner that is transparent for patients, families and physicians.– Working with stakeholders to develop radiation dose reference values to provide a data point to compare the dose level of a specific procedure.For more information: www.medicalimaging.org FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 07, 2019 Qfix kVue One Proton Couch Top Validated by Mevion Medical Systems Qfix and Mevion Medical Systems announced that a special version of the kVue One Proton couch top is now both validated… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more News | Proton Therapy | August 06, 2019 IBA Signs Contract to Install Proton Therapy Center in Kansas IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) recently signed a contract and received the first payment for a Proteus One solution… read more News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more The CT scanner might not come with protocols that are adequate for each hospital situation, so at Phoenix Children’s Hospital they designed their own protocols, said Dianna Bardo, M.D., director of body MR and co-director of the 3D Innovation Lab at Phoenix Children’s. Siemens Go.Top CT scanner at SCCT19Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 1:05Loaded: 15.14%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -1:05 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more Videos | CT Angiography (CTA) | August 07, 2019 VIDEO: Walk Around of a Siemens Go.Top Dedicated Cardiac Scanner This is a quick walk around of the new Siemens Somatom Go.top cardiovascular edition compact computed tomography (CT) read more Sponsored Content | Case Study | Radiation Dose Management | August 13, 2019 The Challenge of Pediatric Radiation Dose Management Radiation dose management is central to child patient safety. Medical imaging plays an increasing role in the accurate… read more Video Player is loading.GE Cardiographe cardiac CT scanner at SCCT19Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:38Loaded: 26.15%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:38 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Related Content Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications News | March 31, 2010 MITA Supports FDA Efforts to Reduce Radiation last_img read more

Help The Tico Times celebrate Valentines Day by sharing your story

first_img Facebook Comments Related posts:Help The Tico Times celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing your story The Tico Times’ second book pays homage to Costa Rican life and language What to do this Valentine’s Day Tico Times readers share their #CostaRicaLove Give us some lovin’.Do you have a story of love (romantic or platonic) with a Costa Rican connection that you’d be willing to share? Did you fall in love here, get hitched here, move in or out of the country for love, or make a decision here that avoided you some heartache down the line? Does your Costa Rican love story involve a son or daughter, a cherished friend or host family? If you’re Costa Rican yourself, all your love stories fit the bill, and we’d love to hear them.Email us at editorial@ticotimes.net (no more than 500 words, please; if you’d like to share a photo, we’d love that, too). We’ll be assembling some of the comments to share on el Día del Amor y la Amistad, and each person who sends in their story will be entered in a raffle for a free copy of “Love in Translation: Letters to My Costa Rican Daughter,” by Tico Times Managing Editor Katherine Stanley Obando.May the celebrations commence!last_img read more

Aussies reminded to breathe in Alberta

first_imgTravel Alberta targets youthfully-spirited adventurers with its winter campaign in Alberta’s updated tourism brand. CNW Group-Travel Alberta Authentic experiences in breathtaking landscapes draw over 22 million visitors to Alberta each year. CNW Group-Travel Alberta Aiming to increase spending in the region by up to $1 billion by 2016, the Canadian province of Alberta released plans to target international tourists using a new marketing brand.Remember to Breathe unveiled late last month, was designed by the region’s leaders to promote the unique and authentic experiences and according to the Group’s chief executive Bruce Okabe, will help achieve the region’s tourist growth plans.“Alberta is blessed with so many real and memorable experiences in one of the most spectacular backdrops in the world and we are confident that we will raise awareness of Alberta with travellers around the world with the message ‘remember to breathe’ when you visit here,” Mr Okabe said.  Welcoming up to 22 million visitors per year, Minister of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation said the new approach was created after coordinating with the industry and aligns with a previous brand campaign launched two years ago.Travel Alberta managing director Royce Chwin added ‘Remember to Breathe’ was selected because of its “powerful” connection to what makes the region “so attractive to the travellers”.”Travel experiences in every community throughout the province reflect that sentiment which millions of visitors enjoy every year,” Mr Chwin explained.”The brand promise speaks to the emotional connection that surprises a first time visitor and the feelings that keep travellers coming back to their favourite places in Alberta. “We know that it is an extremely attractive message for youthfully-spirited travellers.” Using television, cinema commercials, print advertising and social media, the first phase of the new brand will commence early this month, followed by a second phase roll-out in Australia from February 2012. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Travel Alberta targets youthfully-spirited adventurers with its winter campaign in Alberta’s updated tourism brand.last_img read more

Presidents throw their weight behind childrens cancer charity

first_imgPresident Nicos Anastasiades and his Greek counterpart, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, attended on Monday the twinning ceremony of the Greek and Cyprus charity ‘Hope’ which helps children with cancer.“The impossible can become possible as long as you believe in it and fight,” President Anastasiades said, quoting Greek philanthropist Marianna Vardinoyannis’ who was also at the ceremony at the presidential palace.Vardinoyannis, who is also an UNESCO Goodwill ambassador, is the head of the Greek ‘Hope’ foundation.Greek philanthropist Marianna Vardinoyannis at the ceremony at the presidential palaceAnastasiades said his presence and that of Pavlopoulos at the ceremony marked the determination of Greece and Cyprus to fully realise the objectives of the two “Hope” organisations.“Together we will give a message of hope to all children in our (two) countries who have, or who might have the painful experience of cancer and leukaemia,” President Anastasiades said.He added that in recent years 80 per cent of childhood cancer and leukaemia cases have been cured.“I will do what I can to strengthen this effort of yours,” Pavlopoulos said, addressing the representatives of the two institutions.Vardinoyannis said that Cypriots are a people “full of tenderness and humanity”, and that it is no coincidence that Cyprus currently ranks first in the world for the number of volunteer bone marrow donors per population ratio.First Lady Andri Anastasiades, who is also honorary president of the foundation ‘Hope’ Cyprus, said that the two organisations, share the same vision, concerns and goals.The Cypriot foundation provides financial and psychological support to children and their families, as well as free accommodation in hostels for families of children who are hospitalised.The Greek foundation introduced in Greece bone marrow transplant units for children with cancer, leukaemia and other conditions, built a paediatric oncology hospital, and offers free accommodation to families of children who travel to Athens for treatments.The Greek president, who arrived at on the island on Monday especially for the ceremony, is to depart later in the day.Before his departure, Pavlopoulos is to be declared an honorary citizen of the Morphou municipality.You May LikeInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Cyprus solution cannot diverge from international and European law Greek president says

first_imgGreek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Sunday that there could not be a solution of the Cyprus problem that diverges from the principles of the international law and the European acquis.Pavlopoulos said this was the national policy supported by everyone, including President Nicos Anastasiades.“These are the principles and values that we honour and through them we defend the European Union,” he said, speaking at the national memorial service of Eoka fighter Kyriakos Matsis.Anastasiades also attended the service, held in Palaichori, Matsis’ birth place said: “We are in absolute agreement and we have a common policy with the Greek government as regards the solution of the Cyprus problem, and it shall be followed until the end,” he said.In his speech, Pavlopoulos said that Cyprus and Greece had shown in practice their sincere willingness for a just and viable solution of the Cyprus problem as soon as possible and stressed the need for a solution that would fully respect international and European law.Any other solution, said the Greek president, would put into question the smooth course of the Republic of Cyprus within the international community, and mainly within the EU and the eurozone and it would set a negative precedent for the international community and for the European Union and the sovereignty of its member states.This conclusion, he explained, combined with the fact that the sovereignty of the member states of the European Union is regulated directly by the provisions of the EU Treaty, leads directly to the conclusion that the solution of the Cyprus problem should ensure at least the three following characteristics of the Republic of Cyprus:Firstly, federal characteristics, since any form of confederation is inconceivable in terms of the institutional standards with which each member state of the European Union must comply in order to effectively ensure the implementation of the European acquis.Secondly, a single international legal personality, and consequently a single citizenship for the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.Thirdly, the ability of the institutions of the Republic of Cyprus to fully exercise its internal and external sovereignty. Pavlopoulos said that this necessary characteristic precludes any third country guarantees and the presence of military troops on Cypriot soil.Following the memorial service, Pavlopoulos and Anastasiades unveiled a bust of Matsis.You May LikeInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

New fountain opens on Limassol roundabout

first_imgA new fountain has been unveiled in the centre of Limassol, which developers referred to as “an important work”.The Prosperity Group was behind the development as part of its commitment to upgrade the Ayios Nikolas roundabout.The fountain has 250 jets, which can shoot water in six different ways, in addition to LED light displays, meaning it makes quite a spectacle both during the day and at night. The system of jets can be played in four basic ways, which will be changed every three months.The fountain was designed by local architects MDG Architects and the Interior Design Office and Maranco Water Techniques of Limassol.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

who has been with t

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