Lewas debutants ready for Samoa

first_imgDaniella Ila (Morobe), Hina Leubena (Alotau) and Geathie Kila Pat (Oro) became the first players to be selected from outside centres into the national team.“I’m very excited and blessed to represent my country in an ICC sanctioned match.  I never thought it would be such a dream come through and I am thankful to the coach, Cricket PNG, my Cricket association in Lae and especially my parents and brother whom I hope to make proud,” said Ila.“It has been a challenging and rewarding transition so far from my Cricket Association in Ahioma, Milne Bay to Cricket PNG here in Port Moresby.“But I am excited to be travelling over to Samoa to represent my country and continue to grow in cricket from this experience,” said Leubena.“It’s different from our outer region trainings, it’s more intense and our fitness level has certainly improved since beginning training here in Port Moresby.“We’ve also learnt a lot in terms of skills and learning more about the sport we love,” said Kila Pat.Coach of the Lewas, Rodney Maha added that it was good to have a mixture of talent in the side coming from outside centres.“It’s great to have talent from outer regions making up part of the national squad. The girls have transitioned well and hopefully this is the first step to recruiting and exposing more cricket talent from outer regions,” said Maha.last_img read more

Official: Bradaric arrives at Celta to strengthen the core

first_imgRunner-up of the world in Russia 2018, a tournament in which he played 20 minutes, the Olympic organization defines him as “a footballer with great tactical rigor and intelligence in the occupation of spaces and who also treasures good technique, moves the leather with discretion and offers a remarkable clarity in the exit of ball”.Bradaric has landed in Vigo to fill the gap left by the sale of Stanislav Lobotka to the Naples. The Croatian was not the first option. Óscar requested the hiring of Oriol Romeu, a player of his absolute confidence, and the board was close to fulfilling his wish. However, negotiation with the Southampton by the Catalan midfielder broke at the last moment. The second signing of Celta in this winter market already shows the light blue shirt. The Vigués club formalized this Friday the incorporation as a loan from the Croatian Filip Bradaric. A commitment of sports management that according to the Vigo club will provide “consistency and quality” to the center of the field. Yes Oscar Garcia He considers it appropriate, he could debut on this day against Eibar.The Balkan midfielder, 28, belongs to the Cagliari Italian, but it comes from Split Hadjuk, where I was playing this course on loan. The agreement signed with Celta includes a purchase option at the end of the season.last_img read more

Abelardo paid 30,000 euros to a network that threatened his family

first_imgThe first complaints arose in the province of Turolense. Two people, Massinissa F., aka Erik, and Ishmael B., aka Salva, who are now in prison, served as leaders. According to Diario de Teruel, extortion has been carried out since at least 2016. Erik’s group threatened and extorted money from victims who deposited money in accounts provided by other people in exchange for remuneration. Salva’s group extorted with another team organized with their own “mules” to get the money and three other people bleached these amounts, including the Levante Toño García player, who was arrested in February 2019, who was in provisional prison for a month and was released, once the Provincial Court of Teruel considered his appeal.Among the different groups, there would also be another dedicated to the scam and documentary falsehood of bank checks. Given the high number of people affected throughout the country, which can reach 4,000, the head of the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Teruel has raised a question of jurisdictional jurisdiction for the case to be taken by the National Court. The Espanyol coach, Abelardo Fernández, paid the amount of 30,000 euros to an extortion network to users who called a contact website, after receiving telephone threats from a man. The technician paid the amount in four transfers, the same number of calls made by the extortionist, who threatened to harm his family, as can be seen from the summary of the case, known as ‘sextorsion’, which is instructed by the Court of Instruction number 3 of Teruel, whose owner has already lifted the secret that weighed on it, according to the Herald of Aragon on Tuesday. The plot, which has left victims throughout Spain, was organized into six different groups, although connected to each other, and with a main nucleus located in the Valencian Community.last_img read more

Real Madrid – Celta: schedule, TV and how to watch LaLiga online today

first_imgHow to see Real Madrid – Celta in other countriesIn Argentina: DIRECTV SportsIn Bolivia: Tigo Sports 2In Chile: DIRECTV SportsIn Colombia: DIRECTV SportsIn Costa Rica: Sky SportsIn Ecuador: DIRECTV SportsIn The Savior: Sky SportsIn U.S: Fanatiz, beIN Sports and beIN Sports ÑIn Guatemala: Sky SportsIn Honduras: Sky SportsIn Mexico: Sky SportsIn Nicaragua: Sky SportsIn Panama: Sky SportsIn Peru: DIRECTV SportsIn Dominican Republic: Sky SportsIn Uruguay: DIRECTV SportsIn Venezuela: DIRECTV SportsInternet: how to follow Real Madrid – Celta de LaLiga online?In AS you can also follow the online broadcast of the LaLiga Santander duel between Real Madrid and Celta live and direct. With us you will have the best comments minute by minute, the most impressive images of the match and the chronicle as soon as the match is over.Classification of LaLiga SantanderCelta is 17th with 20 points and Real Madrid first with 52. Consult the complete classification. Timetable: what time is Real Madrid – Celta played?What time is Real Madrid – Celta in Spain?Real Madrid and Celta play this Sunday, February 16 at 9:00 p.m. (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Those of Zidane seek to continue in the first position of the classification of LaLiga Santander. For its part, Celta needs to score if he wants to get away from the relegation places.What time does Real Madrid – Celta start in other countries?In Argentina: at 5:00 p.m.In Bolivia: at 4:00 p.m.In Brazil: at 5:00 p.m.In Chile: at 5:00 p.m.In Colombia: at 3:00 p.m.In Costa Rica: at 2:00 p.m.In Cuba: at 4:00 p.m.In Ecuador: at 3:00 p.m.In The Savior: at 2:00 p.m.In U.S (Washington D.C.): at 2:00 p.m.In Guatemala: at 2:00 p.m.In Honduras: at 2:00 p.m.In Mexico: at 2:00 p.m.In Nicaragua: at 2:00 p.m.In Panama: at 3:00 p.m.In Paraguay: at 5:00 p.m.In Peru: at 3:00 p.m.In Puerto Rico: at 4:00 p.m.In Dominican Republic: at 4:00 p.m.In Uruguay: at 5:00 p.m.In Venezuela: at 4:00 p.m.Television: How to watch Real Madrid – Celta on TV and live online?How to watch Real Madrid – Celta in Spain on televisionIn Spain, the LaLiga Santander match between Real Madrid and Celta de Vigo can be seen live in the Movistar LaLiga, MiTele Plus and LaLiga TV (Bar) channel.last_img read more

“Maradona is the best ever, without a doubt”

first_imgDiego Fernando Maradona Ojeda son of Diego Maradona went through the microphones of “El Larguero” of the BE before Messi Play in the stadium where your father played. Messi in Naples? “Messi was signing him for Naples right now. That tonight he was going to concentrate with Naples. Messi is a phenomenon … If Messi is a player who chooses to score five goals in a match he puts them in. There is no drama , he plays with peace of mind and incredible quality. I adore Messi. Those who criticize him don’t understand anything about football. “Criticisms of Messi in Argentina. “I always say the same thing. The only player who won a World Cup was only my father, the rest were helped. In recent years, Messi was not helped.”Maradona-Messi. “He never spoke badly to me about Messi, on the contrary, he always spoke to me well. My father loves Messi very much. It’s fair that my father loves him because they always had a good relationship.”Both together. “Together we could close everything and give the cups to the team that had them.”Messi better than Maradona in something? “In the countryside I think not and it was not either. I love my father for what he is, I would not change him for anyone. Good things and bad things. But I make it clear that I like Messi a lot and hopefully one day I will raise my cup of the world”.Messi-Christian. “I get up from the table and leave because I can’t be comparing Messi with Cristiano. With Cristiano I take my hat off because he is a great striker but he has no comparison with Messi. Messi has no comparison with anyone today.”Coach title. “I have already started training, I hope I can fulfill my dream of training in Primera or in a big club.”Coronavirus. “In Naples for now the issue is calm and under control. To the north we have more problems. Here for now we are quite good. They are still inflating the issue a lot, in the south for now we had few cases and most were saved.” Maradona the best in history?. “But without any doubt. Whoever says otherwise has no idea of ​​football.”Messi, the one who comes closest. “Messi is obviously approaching him, I always said that Messi is much better than Cristiano and is close to him, but they cannot be compared to terrestrial with extraterrestrials.”Welcome to Messi. “We are going to receive Messi well because he is obviously a crack, today he is the best in the world. Hopefully he will return the good reception with goals but that does not happen for us anymore.”The figure of Maradona in Naples. “Here my old man is God without any doubts. In Naples my father loves everyone. You know what he left in the countryside for Naples. He fills me with pride because they spent many years and still worship him. Everyone’s dream the ones we love is that he trains in Naples. He would like it but for now it didn’t happen and we have to have respect for Gattuso and Gymnastics. “Did something hit your father? “Tell me who was hit half of what he had on his left leg? I had bad luck in this being his son. I played football was a good player. I give you an example: the son, had comparison, but of course with Maldini. Most of the time I don’t want to say it, but apart from that I am proud to be Maradona’s son for everything he gave to football. I was a good player but the expectations were too many, they didn’t let me grow Quiet. There were too many reasons. “center_img 10last_img read more

“Let’s trust Zidane”

first_imgTrue to your appointment every year, the Nacex Challenge brought together ex-Madrid and Barcelona for a combined morning of paddle and talk about the impending Bernabéu Classic, with the defeat of Madrid before him City in Champions still fresh The exmadridistas, good connoisseurs of the history of the white club, refuse to give the tie for loss, despite the stick that the two goals of Gabriel Jesus Y From Bruyne. “Touch a manor, I trust Zidane. You have to play it, “he explained. José Antonio Camacho. “You have to believe, although apparently in the first leg does not seem easy,” he said Ramón Calderón, former president of Madrid. “If someone can lift this, it’s Madrid,” he said. Ramis.As expected, the arbitration controversy also monopolized the statements, especially with the focus on the City’s draw, in which Madrid claimed Gabriel Jesús’s lack of Ramos. Alfonso Pérez, formerly of both Madrid and Barcelona, ​​was especially blunt: “I am very surprised by the VAR, I understand that those who are behind do not have great knowledge of football. The referees should have played minimally, I understand that there is no bad faith. You can put there to people who have played, to consult. I see errors so clamorous that I do not know what to think, if they are on purpose or have no idea. ” “Nothing would have happened to review it and decide more calmly,” according to Ramis; “The VAR is beneficial, but you have to clarify the concepts; in football there will always be controversy,” he said Santillana; Y Forest, always cautious, he barely showed his thinking about video arbitration: “It doesn’t seem bad at all, it has good things and others to improve. I think it helps a little …”. Already thinking of the Classic, the common denominator seems to be the instability in which both teams arrive. “I have never seen a Classic in which the two stagger, it will be a match to reaffirm the identity. Whoever gets better in the Champions League can take the cat to the water,” he said Sergi Barjuan, lateral culé for nine years. “Whoever wins will look like a champion, will hit the table,” he explained. Victor Muñoz, which also made a clear defense of Ernesto Valverde: “Of course he went unfair to him, he had the team first. But that is not the fault of Setién, now he has to leave his mark on the team. Barcelona still lacks intensity …”In the Classic’s club, almost everyone gave a winner (although many, without entering markers; victory is enough and plenty); alone Schuster, who played in Madrid, Barcelona and Atleti, he bet on the tie: “I am politically correct …”. The German was critical of the role of the Spanish in Europe and bet fully on the Bayern. “Look at him, he has recovered players, he is a very good team.” On the track, the win was white: De la Red and Javi Guerrero were imposed in the final to Óscar Arpón and José Manuel Yanguasex Osasuna invited to the event; He wasn’t the only one: they were also Pantic and Roberto Fresnedoso.last_img read more

Girona’s nutritional plan, similar to Christmas or summer

first_imgIt is time to adapt to the circumstances and During the next few days, the Girona players will follow individualized work plans from their homes with the intention of maintaining a good physical tone. And nutrition is also included in that plan. The first team squad is used to eating and eating breakfast at La Vinya before and after training, and now they must change their habits. Food is very important in the rojiblanco club and the players’ contact with nutritionist Sergi Mateo is almost daily.Controlling the nutrition of footballers is something that worries the coaching staff of Pep Lluís Martí and that is why each footballer received days ago some nutritional guidelines that should be followed until normality returns and they can return to exercise in La Vinya. And the plan that soccer players take It is very similar to Christmas or when they are enjoying the summer holidays. The objective is to provide adequate nutritional compositions to avoid weight gain, although from the entity they transmit that “we trust the players a lot” The steps to follow regarding food in Girona are clear: carbohydrate amounts should be decreased and those of vegetables, greens, proteins, and healthy lipids should be maintained and hydrated well. Another key for these days is ingesting the right amount of food so as not to get hungry because this way players are prevented from biting between meals, something totally discouraged by nutritionists. And finally, it is clear that, over the next few days, since the training level is not as intense, processed foods should be avoided and not eating too much red meat. Girona has long been aware that a good diet is vital for a good performance.last_img read more

Atlético has no symptoms and continues with its work plan

first_imgAtlético planned to pass the coronavirus tests after the Liverpool match, as part of an already established protocol. So it was advisable to carry out these tests due to the risk that there was in a contact job as the Atlético squad does in training. But their suspension altered those first plans. and Atlético met the medical and responsibility criteria of the health authorities and decided not to carry out these tests. No Atlético player has shown symptoms and being in home quarantine, as there was no training, it was ruled out to test for the coronavirus. The rojiblanco club, having no case, He also did not want to waste test kits, given the shortage of them. In the rojiblanco dressing room they also understood that it is an exercise in responsibility. All the players in the squad are in constant contact with the club’s medical services to find out their physical condition. The footballers have a training plan established these days and are scrupulously carrying it out from their homes, as they are showing on the networks. The best news at Atlético is that there is no news.last_img read more

Ayats, captain of Girona: “Now, more than ever, I am a nurse”

first_imgMonica Ayats, Girona Women’s captain, it is very clear that at the moment “I am more nurse than ever“He works in the Hospital Universitari Josep Trueta de Girona and is trying to help in any way possible to get past the Covid-19. The footballer wanted to say, through the account of Twitter from the Girona club, which “is very difficult throw a message the way things are going, but this is a appeal for solidarity. Within our possibilities we have to add. It’s okay to complain Because we believe that we can do better from home, to regret that you can not leave. It is time to add all together so that when it happens, what will happen, we have the sensation of what we have given everything“.. Ayats, what I study nursing at the University of Girona from 2015 to 2019, match his passion for football (the female Girona plays in Group 2 of the First Catalan and is second) with his work at Josep Trueta and now his only objective is to contribute his grain of sand. In addition, it has been a long time since it joined the campaign that Girona started to raise money to fight against the Covid-19 and whose money will go destined entirely to hospital where you work, Josep Trueta, and will serve for the purchase of masks, gowns and others material care to treat patients who are admitted. “He material what do we use it is very expensive and we need it to protect us. And what is even more obvious, we need it to be able to protect you “, added Ayats to finish transmitting”Many moods Y support for to all the families of the affected patients, to the workers who give 200 percent, to the mothers who are teaching from home and to all of us who are on the front line. Much strength and see you soon“last_img read more

Conmebol highlights its financial strength to face the impact of COVID-19

first_imgHe President of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez, highlighted this Thursday the financial strength of the organism to make against the impact of COVID-19, during the 72nd Ordinary Congress held for the first time by videoconference as a preventive measure against the pandemic.“This crisis today finds us in a solid position, In 2019, Conmebol continued to advance and achieved great achievements, being the confederation of highest growth in the world “, Domínguez said from the agency’s headquarters, in the Paraguayan city of Luque, and in connection with the authorities of the ten member federations.In this sense, Domínguez recalled the decision to make 65 million dollars available to the clubs that dispute the Libertadores and Sudamericana cups, temporarily suspended by the coronavirus, as an advance payment of up to 60 percent of their participation rights.“We are experiencing an unprecedented situation, a global pandemic that threatens not only our health but also our economies, the way of relating and even the way of living the passion that unites us, soccer, “added Domínguez.The top leader of South American football, who has been in office for four years, emphasized that the situation derived from the pandemic “is critical” and recommended “not to underestimate it” and that it is a “battle in which we must play at home, stay home to stop the virus. ““As a leader we must take care of football, be aware of its importance, of the source of work that generates not only footballers but everything around them, “he stressed. In his report to Congress, which reviews his management during the year until December 31, 2019, Domínguez recalled that 28 championships have been organized in each period in all modalities we had and that the Copa América of Brazil had the highest collection in the history of this tournament“Our club competitions reached record numbers, we distribute more than 210 million dollars in our club tournaments of which 162 million were for the liberators and 52 million for the South American Cup, “he detailed.At the proposal of Domínguez, the national associations unanimously approved the constitution of statutory reserves for the first time for an amount of 27 million dollars.Regarding the investment plan, the assembly approved an amount of $ 1.8 million at a training and technology center at its headquarters in Luque (Greater Asunción).Each of the leaders participated by videoconference and prior to the start, representatives of the associations from Europe and Africa were invited.As a preamble to Congress, the President of FIFA took part, the Italian-Swiss Gianni Infantino, who also referred to the solidity of this entity in the face of the situation in football.However, Infantino insisted that “Health comes first and will remain so until this disease is defeated.”In addition to the break in the Libertadores and Sudamericana cups, Conmebol postponed to 2021 the next edition of the Copa América, which was scheduled for June and July in Argentina and Colombia.For its part, FIFA postponed, at the request of Conmebol, the start of the South American qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.last_img read more