It Is An Unconditional No Until It Is A Yes

first_imgIt is always a no until it’s a yes.When your success requires that you ask people for commitments, you can expect to hear no as many—or more times than you hear yes. It is the nature of the endeavor we call selling, and no one, no matter how skilled, is free from this experience. It is essential to recognize that the word no only means not now and that you have not been personally rejected. It is always a no until it is yes.No MeetingNo businessperson wakes up in the morning, hoping that a salesperson contacts them to ask them for a meeting. They aren’t excited by the prospect of giving their time to a salesperson who may waste it. Time once spent can never be reclaimed. There is only one reason a person rejects your meeting: they believe it is a waste of their time.Maybe they say no to a meeting because they already have a partner they believe is satisfying their needs. They could also reject a request for a meeting because they don’t have the time or energy to swap out one partner whose failings they’ve learned to live with for another who maybe even worse? Even if you have real value to trade for a meeting, like a theory about why they might change and the better results available to them, you will still hear no.The no that you hear now is not no forever. It is no for today, and maybe tomorrow. The no covers some time that, no matter how long, is likely shorter than you believe.No Next StepThe no answer you receive also doesn’t cover the rest of eternity. There are all kinds of things that you can ask for and obtain a no outside of a meeting.Your dream client can and will say no to your request to collaborate with you on a solution, asking instead for you to share your best ideas, allowing them to be cold and clinical about your proposal. That no does not have to be a final no, but for that to be true, you have to ask again, explaining how their input improves the solution.There is little chance that your request to build consensus, especially a request for an executive leader, you are asking for something likely to be so difficult for your client to say yes to that they answer in the negative. Even if they know they are going to need help and support, they would prefer not to engage in politics and deal with dissenters. That no is a no until you teach your dream client that without it, they are unlikely to make a change—and if they do, it will fail.The rarest of all unicorns in the world of sales is a deal where the money isn’t a factor. Money is always a factor, and it always will be. Many of the companies you call on will say no to more significant investment, preferring to believe that there is some supplier, somewhere, with the ability to give them better, faster, and cheaper. When you offer them the red pill that would open their eyes to the fact that the better results they need require a more significant investment, they refuse it, taking the blue pill and living with their poor results. Until you justify the delta and resolve their concerns. Eventually, they will pay more.Selling is caring enough to create value for people, and much of the time, that means helping them change their minds.No DealSometimes, you lose. Your dream client says yes to your competitor, which means you leave the content with a no, a loss if you will. No one is immune to this reality. You can do everything right and still lose. You can do many things wrong and still win.Maybe it was no to the experience of the sales conversation they used to determine who they want to work with long term. It could also be that your solution missed the mark, or forgive me for suggesting such a thing, perhaps you didn’t position it well. Your dream client might have hit it off with your competitor, or maybe they just outsold you.Too many people accept a loss as a permanent loss when it is anything but permanent. It’s only a no right now, not forever. You can lose a deal and walk away, and by letting a deal go, not follow up soon enough or frequently enough to discover your competitor is failing.I recently heard from a salesperson who lost an account because the client thought they were underperforming. Then their client, having believed the exaggerated claims only to recognize how good this salesperson’s company was. Guess who is coming home?Understanding the Nature of NoThe nature of no is that it isn’t forever. Situations change. Needs evolve. Context changes preferences. Mistakes can cause people to recognize they made a mistake. What might not have been the right answer is not precisely correct. The nature of no is that it is unstable. It is subject to change at any time.The mistake you might make in sales is believing that the no you hear now covers a longer time than it is capable of covering. It covers a much shorter time than you think. You will have people who will say they will never work with you, who will eventually buy from you. There will be people who will tell you they will never change partners, only to change partners a few months later.Forever is a lot longer than you think it is. And it is a lot shorter time than your client suspects.last_img read more

36% of over 100 tribal children at Maharashtra health camp found malnourished

first_imgAround 36% of over 100 tribal children examined at a health camp in Jawhar area of Maharashtra’s Palghar district have been found to be severely malnourished, an official said on Tuesday. According to Vivek Pandit, the former MLA who heads a State committee on tribal welfare, said a total of 124 children were examined at the health camp conducted on Monday in the tribal-dominated Jawhar taluka.“Of these 124 children, 45 were diagnosed with severe malnourishment,” he told reporters here.“These children are undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation centre set up in the area,” he said, adding that pregnant women and lactating mothers from Jawhar and Mokhada talukas would also be provided assistance at the facility.Mr. Pandit also said that around 26 tribal women from the area have been enrolled for a free nursing course at the rehabilitation centre. This will help them in getting jobs at hospitals and other health care facilities, he added.last_img read more

Olympics 2018: S Korea athletes to get joint training at Northern ski resort

first_imgTwo days of training scheduled and North Korea athletes to return with the South team Olympics 2018: North, South Korea hockey players team up South Korea South Korea will begin a joint training programme at the Masikryong ski resort in North Korea on Wednesday as had been initially planned, the South’s Ministry of Unification said, with a 45-person delegation engaging in a two-day trip.The South Korean delegation, which includes roughly 30 athletes, flew in a chartered Asiana Airlines plane at 0140 GMT on Wednesday from Yangyang International Airport in northeastern South Korea to Kalma Airport in Wonsan, the ministry said. The charter had been set up in order not to conflict with existing sanctions imposed against North Korea by the United States, spokesman Baik Tae-hyun told a regular briefing. Baik said he could not say how Asiana was selected for the charter flight.According to US unilateral sanctions against North Korea, no ship or aircraft can visit the United States within 180 days of going to North Korea. “Negotiations were made (with the United States) to avoid conflict with sanctions for this time only,” said Baik, adding Washington had given its consent for the flight on Wednesday.The South Korean delegation will be joined on their return trip by North Koreans who will visit the South to prepare for the Pyeongchang Olympics that begin on Feb. 9.North and South Korea launched rare talks early in January to bring North Koreans to the Winter Olympics after the North’s leader, Kim Jong Un, said in a New Year’s address he was willing to open discussions with Seoul. The two Koreas have since agreed on several things, including cultural performances by North Korea in the South and a unified women’s ice hockey team for the Olympics.They were also scheduled to hold a joint cultural performance in North Korea’s Mount Kumgang resort but Pyongyang decided to call it off late on Monday, blaming South Korean media for encouraging “insulting” public sentiment about the North.Asked why South Korea or North Korea had not called off Wednesday’s joint training, Baik said it was “inappropriate” to try to assess Pyongyang’s intentions while the South was only carrying out its agreements made with the North. “Whatever North Korea is thinking, we believe stable peace on the Korean peninsula should be created by utilising new developments and North Korea’s participation in the Winter Games, led by us,” said Baik. Published on Plan for joint Olympics team with North gets icy reception in South Korea SHARE SHARE EMAIL North and South Korean women’s ice hockey athletes talk during their training session in Jincheon National Training Centre in Jincheon, South Korea. File Photo   –  Reuters SHARE sport Olympics 2018: N Korea calls off joint cultural performance with South North Korea COMMENT × North and South Korean women’s ice hockey athletes talk during their training session in Jincheon National Training Centre in Jincheon, South Korea. File Photo   –  Reuters 2018 Winter Olympics RELATED COMMENTS January 31, 2018last_img read more

Trinamool member rakes up chopper issue in RS, punished

first_imgNew Delhi, May 2 (PTI) Seeking to corner Congress in the Rajya Sabha, Trinamool Congress today raked up the issue of AgustaWestland helicopter scam and insisted on identifying of the Gandhi and AP mentioned in the alleged bribery case, inviting punitive action. Trinamool member Sukhendu Sekhar Roy, who raised the issue and persisted with the matter despite rejection of his notice for adjournment, was asked by Chairman Hamid Ansari to withdraw from the House for the day. His party colleagues then staged a walkout to protest against the Chairs decision. Raising the issue during Zero Hour, Roy wanted to know who has taken bribe in the Rs 3600 crore deal to buy 12 VVIP helicopters. “Defence Minister has to give a statement. Why is the government silent,” he asked. “Who is this AP (named as alleged bribe taker in the deal)? Who is Gandhi? Who is Shashikant.” He wanted the Defence Minister to make a statement on the issue after suspending regular business and matter discussed. “Government has to disclose the identity (of bribe takers),” he said. Deputy Chairman P J Kurien said there is no rule for suspension of business during Zero Hour and disallowed his notice. Roy again raised the issue during Question Hour, demanding that government come out with a statement on who were the bribe-takers in the chopper deal. Chairman Ansari asked him not to speak “unauthorisedly” as nothing was going on record. However, the Trinamool member did not stop. Angry over this, Ansari invoked a Rule under which a member is asked to withdraw from the House for the entire day. “You are speaking without authorisation. It is unbecomming of a member. This is not the intervention of a member. Sit down…I will have to invoke Rule 255. This is unauthorised. It is not going on record. You will not make this kind of statement,” he said, adding “Shall I invoke Rule 255? I will give you the choice.” As Roy kept speaking, Ansari said, “I invoke Rule 255. Will you please leave the Chamber.” Even this did not deter Roy, who kept on speaking on the issue asking, “Who has taken bribe in AgustaWestland deal. Who is this Gandhi? Who is AP?” (MORE) PTI SKC ANZ AKK AKKadvertisementlast_img read more


first_imgWhere there is ‘wheel’ there is a way: Soccer fan cycles toRussia to watch WCThiruvananthapuram, June 18 (PTI) As Kerala is in thegrip of World Cup fever, a football crazy fan from the statehas cycled all the way to Russia to watch the tournament andrealise his dream of meeting Argentina’s living legend LionelMessi.Clifin Francis, 28, flew to Dubai from Kerala onFebraury 23, bought a cycle, took a ship to the port city ofBandar Abbas, the capital of Hormozgan province on thesouthern coast of Iran, before embarking on his cyclingodyssey to Russia.”I am very happy. It was a four-month-long journey,”Francis told PTI from Tambov, a countryside town in Russiatoday.He said he had bought a ticket for the France-Denmarkmatch on June 26 and was waiting to watch it with his fingerscrossed.”Every day you meet new people, see new landscapes,new culture….,” he said, adding both good and badexperiences came his way during the journey.Francis says though all his papers, including visa,were in order, he was denied permission to enter Georgiathrough Azerbaijan, forcing him to take an alternative route.”I felt sad at their behaviour as a German cyclist wasallowed to take the route. But there were times when I saw thegoodness in human beings as people whom I had never met gaveme shelter, the warmth of their homes and offered food,” thesoftware engineer said.Football had always been his first love and watchingthe World Cup a long cherished dream.advertisementAfter obtaining his B.Tech degree, Francis worked atthe Infopark at Kakkanad in Kochi for some time, before takingup a job as a mathematics teacher at a coaching school, Saji,his paternal uncle said.”He was always a hard worker and slogged at thecoaching class without taking any leave and saved as much ashe could to have his dream fulfilled. Relatives also chippedin (with money),” Sam told PTI by phone from Kochi.Francis said he celebrated his birthday with theresidents of Maymeh in Iran, enjoying the hot kebabs theyserved with ‘Istak’, a local drink, an experience he wouldnever forget.The local people there are great fans of Indianfilmstars like Raj Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan and MithunChakraborty, while the younger ones especially enquired aboutSalman Khan and Aishwarya Rai, he said.When I went into a house, the family was watching anold Raj Kapoor starrer, he said.Francis, who hopes to reach Moscow by June 21, said itis his long cherished dream to meet Messi.When asked if he would be able to make it come true,he said, “I have reached this far. I am an optimist. My desireis to meet Messi. (I) Don’t know if it is possible….I am adiehard fan of his.”Football fans in Kerala have painted roads, privatevehicles and public transport buses in the colours of theirfavourite teams. Fans sporting jerseys with images of theirheroes can be spotted in even small towns of the footballcrazy state. PTI UD SKSK SK SKlast_img read more

Rafael Nadal forced to retire from US Open semi-final with knee injury

first_imgmatch reports Sign up to The Recap, our weekly email of editors’ picks. Patched up, Nadal resumed battle, his kneecap bulging above the tape. On the changeover and a set and 1-4 down, he gave Moya a resigned look, but finished the set.Eight times he has had to retire during a match – twice at the Australian Open, against David Ferrer in 2011 and most recently in the fifth set against Marin Cilic in the quarters this year, when his hip gave up on him, as well as withdrawing from the French Open after two quick wins in 2016, when a wrist injury also forced him to miss Wimbledon.“I guess there comes a point when the body needs rest at some point along the line,” Jimmy Connors said, adding to the debate ignited here about whether slams should introduce best-of-three matches in the early rounds. There are passionate advocates on both sides of the argument.Connors, who played for more than 20 years and was No 1 in the world for 160 weeks in a row, added: “His game seems to be so much more physical than other players.”For how much longer is now the central debate he must have with Moya and his advisers. Nadal had already figured in the two longest matches of the tournament – over four hours and 49 minutes against Dominic Thiem in the quarter-finals, and four hours and 23 minutes beating Karen Khachanov in round three – and it was obvious the workload had taken its toll on a player who has been plagued by injury throughout his career.Del Potro added courtside: “I love to play against Rafa because he is the biggest fighter in the sport and I don’t like to see him suffer like he did today. But I am also so happy to be in the final again. The key to the match was the first set. It was a really tough one and I did well in the tie-break, served well.”The winner understood better than most the quandary that faced Nadal, having been unable to defend his title here in 2010 and then drifting into the wilderness for years as he sought a solution to persistent wrist problems that threatened to end his career.“It means a lot to me,” he said of his return. “I didn’t expect to get in another grand slam final, and in my favourite tournament, in New York at the US Open. My biggest memories are on this court when I beat Rafa than Roger [Federer] – but I was a kid. Now I am nine years older, of course.” Juan Martín del Potro returns to contest the final of the US Open on Sunday nine years after winning the title, but he did not enjoy the manner of his victory over Rafael Nadal, who had to quit during a grand slam match for the third time in his career.“It’s not the best way to win,” the popular Argentinian said after winning the only two sets, 7-6 (3), 6-2.Hobbling on one good leg, the 32-year-old defending champion had already left the court for the locker room, where he received quick treatment on the knee injury that cut him down at the end of a long and arduous campaign, then explained to the media that he was in too much pain to continue. Read more Share on LinkedIn Share via Email Share on Pinterest Support The Guardian … we have a small favour to ask. More people, like you, are reading and supporting the Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we made the choice to keep our reporting open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We hope you will consider supporting us today. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Read more Since you’re here… Share on WhatsApp Rafael Nadal Novak Djokovic cruises past Kei Nishikori to reach US Open final – as it happened Tennis Juan Martín del Potro Share on Twitter Topics Share on Facebook US Open tennis Nadal said later: “I had some issues during the tournament. In the second or third match, then I think it was a little bit better. But at two-all and 15-love in the first set I felt something on the knee. After that I was just trying to wait for some improvement.“But it did not happen today. I waited as much as I could. You could imagine, it was very difficult for me to say goodbye before the finish. But at some point I had to make a decision. But it was so difficult for me, so much pain. It was not a tennis match at the end, one player playing, and the other just staying at the other end.”When they met here last year, Nadal, on average, stood more than 12 feet behind the baseline to receive, and he stuck to that formula again, his racket poised to switch from slice to the top spin of his formidable forehand. Del Potro hugged the line then, and again on Friday.Nerves rattled as they exchanged breaks twice in the first set, before Del Potro properly imposed himself in the shootout. From there to the end, it became increasingly obvious in nearly every exchange that it was no long an even fight.Nadal needed more attention to his throbbing knee after three games, and it clearly was hurting as he twisted and turned to counter Del Potro’s fierce forehand. Carlos Moya looked on anxiously from the player’s box, knowing the end was not far away. US Open 2018: Injured Rafael Nadal retires, Juan Martín del Potro reaches final – as it happened Share on Messenger Reuse this content US Open Tennis 2018last_img read more

IAAF World Championships 2019: Key men to watch out for in Doha

first_img Next Reuters DohaSeptember 27, 2019UPDATED: September 27, 2019 10:39 IST Can USA’s Christian Coleman win the 100m title in Doha? (Reuters Photo)HIGHLIGHTSUSA’s Christian Coleman favourite to win 100m titleNoah Lyles among top stars from USA in DohaJuan Echevarria of Cuba top star to watch out for in long jumpNOAH LYLES, USA, 200m, 4x100m relayOnly three men have run a 200 metres faster than the 22-year-old Lyles, but that run of 19.50 seconds at Lausanne in July is only a portion of the charismatic Lyles’ talents.Watch the world and Olympic favourite before and after races and you may be hit with new dance moves by the biggest sprint star since Usain Bolt who is making his world championship debut.Next year expect him to challenge for gold in both the 100 and 200m in the Tokyo Olympics.KARSTEN WARHOLM, Norway, 400m hurdles, 400mKeep your eyes on the clock when this 23-year-old Norwegian attacks the 400 metres hurdles. A world record could be in the offering.With Warholm already the second fastest at the distance (46.92), his race with the two men tied for third best (46.98) – American Rai Benjamin and Qatari Abderrahmane Samba – could be the perfect place to smash American Kevin Young’s 1992 world record of 46.78.CHRISTIAN COLEMAN, USA, 100m, 200m, 4x100m relayThe 23-year-old Coleman always was going to be the centre of attention in the 100 metres as the year’s fastest man (9.81 seconds).But when the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) filed – and later withdrew – a whereabouts violations charge against the world silver medallist that heightened interest since Coleman could have received a one or two-year sanction.To strike double gold in Doha, the fast starting Coleman, who holds the indoor 60m world record, must defeat 37-year-old defending champion Justin Gatlin to win the 100m and upset the favoured Noah Lyles in the 200.advertisementNo man Gatlin’s age has ever run a 100m as fast as the 2005 and 2017 world champion.TIMOTHY CHERUIYOT, Kenya, 1,500mThree times the Diamond League champion, the year’s fastest 1,500m runner is hoping to streak to his first world title after a string of seconds.Now aged 23, Cheruiyot was runner-up at the 2017 worlds, 2018 Commonwealth Games and 2016 and 2018 African championships.But he has put together a sparkling run of eight victories in nine races at 1.500m/mile, including a 2019 best 3:28.77 and has bigger ambitions.Cheruiyot would need to break the 3:26 barrier to acquire the world record since Moroccan Hicham El Guerrouj ran 3:26.00 in Rome in 1998.CHRISTIAN TAYLOR, USA, triple jumpTaylor flew 5,000 miles for a quick jump at the U.S. championships to preserve his wild card spot for Doha.Now he will really have to jump to win what could be the top field event rivalry of the world championships.With world silver medallist and U.S. teammate Will Claye the only triple jumper over 18 metres this year, double Olympic champion Taylor, 29, will need to go all out to win a fourth world title.It’s a feat no triple jumper has ever accomplished.SAM KENDRICKS, USA, pole vaultOnly the legendary Sergey Bubka has vaulted higher outdoors than Kendricks’ clearance of 6.06 metres to win the U.S. championship in July.Now he, Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie (who holds the world record with an indoor vault of 6.16m), American-born Swede Mondo Duplantis and Poland’s Piotr Lisek vie in a friendly rivalry for Kendricks’ 2017 world title.If the American wins again, he would be the first male pole vaulter to repeat since Bubka won six consecutive world titles between 1983 and 1997.JUAN MIGUEL ECHEVARRIA, Cuba, long jumpWhen the Cuban roars down the runway, big marks usually follow.His leap of 8.68 metres last year was the best jump in nearly a decade and the 21-year-old appears to be rounding into shape for another big mark at the world championships after bounding 8.65m at the Zurich Diamond League meeting.Echevarria went even further in Havana earlier this year.But his mark of 8.92m was powered by an over-the-allowable wind of 3.3 metres per second. Still, only four jumps have been further under any conditions, including Mike Powell’s 1991 world record of 8.95m.Also Read | Medal hopes nil as Indian athletes begin World Athletics Championships on FridayAlso Read | All our dreams were shattered when I was injured in Rio Olympics: Vinesh PhogatAlso See:For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAkshay Ramesh Tags :Follow IAAF World Championships 2019Follow Christian ColemanFollow Noah LylesFollow Juan Miguel Echevarria IAAF World Championships 2019: Key men to watch out for in DohaWith the 10-day World Athletics Championships set to begin in Doha on Friday, here’s a list of male athletes to watch out for. advertisementlast_img read more

APM Terminals to Prepare Port Elizabeth for ULCVs

first_imgzoom Dutch container terminal operator APM Terminals has increased its investment plans for the Port Elizabeth facility to USD 200 million from the initially planned USD 70 million in preparation for ultra large container vessels (ULCVs).The new plan includes ordering four next-generation Ship-To-Shore (STS) cranes to handle ULCVs at North America’s port of New York and New Jersey port complex, APM Terminals said.These vessels are expected to start calling the port right after the heightening of the Bayonne Bridge is completed later this year, which, combined with the widened Panama Canal, will allows these ULCV liner services to call and be operated efficiently at the advanced APM Terminals facility.Further investments include an expanded gate complex, upgrades to container handling equipment and other operational improvements.“Our goal is to make APM Terminals Port Elizabeth safer, easier to use and faster for our trucker community, more productive for our shipping line clients and more reliable for our clients’ supply chains expectations,” Wim Lagaay, President of APM Terminals North America, said.“These operational and infrastructure improvements are designed to keep APM Terminals Port Elizabeth at the forefront of the New York/New Jersey harbor by being the container terminal of choice to work with by our many clients and partners,” Lagaay added.APM Terminals’ Port Elizabeth facility is one of the largest container terminals in the port complex, handling over 2,100 trucks a day, 4000 terminal gate transactions and more than 500 vessel calls per year. The current capacity of 1.5 million TEU will be expanded to 2.3 million TEU, with berth expansion to accommodate three simultaneous ULCV calls.last_img read more

French Media Mehdi Benatia Thinking of Quitting Moroccan Team

Rabat – Will Moroccan football player Mehdi Benatia leave the national team? Despite Morocco’s win against Malawi (3-0) in the 2019 CAN game qualifier, Saturday, September 8, Benatia’s absence from the team is still raising a lot of questions about his future with the Atlas Lions. According to RMC Sport, the Juventus defender is seriously thinking of returning his jersey as captain of the Moroccan team, wanting to retire from playing with the Moroccan team. In the last week, the 31-year-old football player was the subject of many rumors after Herve Renard did not select him to be one of the 25 players for the Malawi-Morocco qualifier game.Local media were quick to jump to conclusions, reporting tensions between the coach and the captain since the end of the 2018 World Cup. Benatia went on social media to dismiss the speculation.Afterwards, the Moroccan press speculated that an injury caused him to lose his spot with the team, which he vehemently denied in a video posted on his Instagram. Benatia was not the only one to deny the rumors. Speaking in a press conference before the game, the national team’s coach, Renard, had to explain the absence of his captain. “Between Mehdi Benatia and me, there is of course no problem. He is someone I really appreciate. When you are a coach, you call your captain, you ask him where he is in his training, you know like me that he had a training [with Juventus] where he does not have all the time to play,” said the coach, explaining that Benatia wanted to focus on having a good season with his club, Juventus.RMC Sport added that the absence of Mehdi Benatia is actually due to a deeper reflection on his future representing Morocco internationally, because the World Cup was difficult for Benatia to live with behind the scenes.Benatia, on the other hand, may feel he needs to prove himself as he is struggling to find his place with his current club, Juventus, where he has not made any appearances on the pitch this season. According to Italian football outlet Calciomercato, the Atlas Lion requested a contract renewal with the Old Lady. The footballer’s current contract will expire on June 30, 2020. read more

Googles AI Presence Grows in the Contact Center

As a reminder, CCAI comprises three components: Virtual Agent, with Google Dialogflow, for analyzing call intent and routing customers accordingly; Agent Assist, for listening in on conversations between agents and customers and surfacing relevant content in real time; and Conversational Topic Modeling, a contact center analytics tool for identifying topics, keywords, and relevant discussion points. “Avaya’s expanding partnership with Google Cloud promises exciting developments across multiple facets of Avaya’s portfolio,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, president & principal analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics, in a prepared statement. “From a contact center perspective, new AI-driven intelligent conversation experiences will soon be available to customers who chose to remain on premises solutions, those that are transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment and those that choose to fully embrace the cloud.” Why You Need to Care About CX of Connected Consumers Blair Pleasant September 30, 2019 Today, enterprises are distinguishing themselves with personal, robust customer experiences. But can it be too much? Darryl Hoover, CTO with Direct Travel, said he believes the Engage Digital and Dialogflow combo will be instrumental for the company “in providing timely and effective customer service to our rapidly growing customer base.”Tags:News & ViewsGoogle Contact Center AIDialogflowAgent AssistVirtual AgentConversational Topic ModelingRingCentral Engage DigitalAvayaGenesysMitelCiscoContact Center & Customer ExperienceAI & AutomationCCaaSDigital TransformationPartner EcosystemProduct News Articles You Might Like While each Google-contact center partnership has its hallmark, the overarching goal for the contact center partners is to leverage the cloud giant’s prowess with artificial intelligence (AI) to better inform agents and optimize the customer experience provided through their solutions. These moves involve the CCAI framework or component pieces. AI is central to Engage Digital, John Finch, AVP, product marketing at RingCentral, told me in an email interview. “AI provides smart routing to agents, taking an incoming message and then classifying it by language, intent, sentiment, and skills to get it to the right agent to solve.” Led by Google’s announcement that it has integrated Contact Center AI (CCAI) with Salesforce Service Cloud for agent assistance, as detailed in this No Jitter post, the pace of Google-related contact center news associated with this week’s Google Cloud Next ’19 event has been fast and furious. Mitel, as we covered earlier this week, deepened its ties with Google, as have Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, and RingCentral. Avaya is working with Google on several early access clients, including a “very large” proof-of-concept (PoC) test for Virtual Agent/Dialogflow and several other PoCs combining all three CCAI components, an Avaya spokesperson said. Initial PoCs were with Avaya Aura (Contact Center Elite), Experience Portal, and Oceana, he added. Log in or register to post comments Avaya Evolves with GoogleAvaya’s relationship with Google has been evolving since the company tapped Google for a partnership back in late 2014 that put its contact center software on agent Chromebooks. And though not an original partner, today Avaya is participating in Google’s CCAI early access program, while Google Cloud has joined the Avaya A.I.Connect ecosystem. In particular, Famous pointed to Cisco Answers, a CCAI-powered intelligent agent introduced last month at Enterprise Connect. Cisco Touts Webex Contact Center-Calling Integration Beth Schultz September 23, 2019 Company talks up other enhancements to cloud platform, as contact center partners make service news of their own. Beyond CCAI, Avaya is now supporting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a deployment option for its communications and collaboration portfolio. This comes on top of a variety of other product integrations Avaya has forged with GCP. For example, its OneCloud offering for contact center and UC and its IX Collaboration meeting service both run natively in GCP. google_image.jpg What’s Trending in CX Today Blair Pleasant September 17, 2019 Organizations that truly care about customer service start with a understanding of what digital consumers really want. Among the five contact center providers mentioned above, Cisco, Genesys, and Mitel are original CCAI partners, announced with the program launch last July. But Avaya and RingCentral are no strangers to Google, either, having assorted communications and collaboration-related relationships with the company. But, as noted in its press release, the AI enhancements aren’t only for large enterprises. Beginning this quarter, companies using the Genesys PureEngage, PureConnect, and PureCloud platforms can incorporate the CCAI capabilities in their deployments, the company announced. Small, medium, and large enterprises across cloud and on-premises deployments will be able to take advantage of AI within their contact centers, it said. Genesys Expands CCAI to Customer BaseGenesys, too, is showcasing its CCAI solutions at Cloud Next, and is working with customers — “multiple enterprise-level organizations” — as part of its CCAI early adopter program, the company announced. Though it didn’t share specific names, it said those companies include a global ridesharing company, a large automobile manufacturer, and a Fortune 500 department store. Calling CCAI a “game-changer for the industry,” Paul Lasserre, VP of product management for AI at Genesys, said in a prepared statement that customers have already identified hundreds of use cases across marketing, sales, and services organizations. Cisco Transforms Customer Care with GoogleFor Cisco, this week’s Google Cloud Next ’19 event provided an opportunity to showcase ways in which it’s leveraging the CCAI framework to “transform the contact center from delivering reactive care to predictive care, and moving from isolated customer experiences to cohesive and engaging journeys,” as Tod Famous, senior director of product management for the Cisco Customer Contact Business Unit, wrote yesterday in a company blog post. The beta version of Digital Engage, along with the Dialogflow integration, is available now, with general availability expected in the third quarter of 2019. In his post, Famous shared the expectations that early adopter Sopra Steria, a European digital transformation consulting firm, has for Cisco Answers in its contact centers. “AI is transforming our business models and enables us to provide our clients with unmatched offerings while reducing total cost of services without compromising on quality. We expect Cisco Answers to be an integral part of our solutions by cutting down search time in half, allowing our agents to be much more effective,” said Jean-Marie Souchu, director of infrastructure management at Sopra Steria, in a prepared statement. RingCentral ‘Engages’ AI for ExperienceFor its part, while not a CCAI partner, RingCentral has announced that it’s integrating its Engage Digital customer engagement platform with Dialogflow, which incorporates Google’s AI expertise for building conversational interfaces and supports speech-to-text and other such capabilities. Introduced last November, the Engage Digital customer engagement platform is built on the Dimelo technology RingCentral acquired in October 2018. Decoding Dialogflow: Enabling Voice Brent Kelly September 16, 2019 The seventh in a multi-article series focusing on building intelligent bots using Google Dialogflow and Contact Center AI See All in Contact Center & Customer Experience » How to Plan a Smooth Contact Center Cloud Migration Elizabeth Magill September 24, 2019 A strategic migration plan must answer three important questions. read more

Can green investment help relaunch Germanys economy

FRANKFURT — A recession looms for Germany and the European Central Bank is pleading for governments to spend more to revitalize economic growth. Yet despite having the luxury of borrowing money for less than nothing, the German government is keeping a tight rein on its finances.A debate over Germany’s devotion to budget austerity is intensifying as the outlook for the economy dims and public pressure grows to address issues like global warming. On Friday, the government will unveil measures that could include billions in incentives and spending to make the economy more environmentally-friendly.“The call for fiscal stimulus has never been louder,” said Carsten Brzeski, chief economist for the bank ING Germany. “And this week will show whether the eurozone country with the deepest pockets finally plans to empty them.”David McHugh, The Associated Press read more

Mens EHF Cup 14 Final Three German teams for the Final

Rhein Neckar Lowen, SG Magdeburg and Frisch Auf Goppingen are qualified for the EHF Cup semi-final battles.RHEIN NECKAR LOWEN – GORENJE VELENJE 30:29 (15:16) (First match 27:25)Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Stojanović, Fritz (n.e.), Svensson (n.e.) – Müller (2), Schmid (7), Bielecki – Čupić (6/1), Gensheimer (7/1) – Myrhol (5) – Roggisch, Šešum (2), Lund, Gunnarsson (n.e.), Ruß, Lijewski (1), Groetzki (n.e.).RK Gorenje Velenje: Gajić, Taletovič (n.e.) – Dolenec (7/2), Bezjak (6), Manojlović (4) – Melić (5/1), Medved (3) – Gaber – Pucelj (3), Cehte (1), Golčar, Gams (n.e.), Bajram, Šimič, Dujmovič (n.e.).FA GOPPINGEN – DINAMO MINSK 34:27 (First match 23:27)FRISCH AUF!: Tahirovic, Rutschmann;Kneule 6, Oprea 3, Thiede, Schöne 2, Späth, Lobedank 9, Markez , Anusic, Rnic 5, Schubert 3, Markicevic, Horak 6.Dinamo: Koshovy, Zianko, Martinovic;Kazhaneuski, Rutenka 1, Plaza 1, Babichev 4, Shylovich, Niazhura, Cepulis, Nikulenkau 4, Atman 7, Onufriyenko 6, Tsitou 1, Brouka 3, EvdokimovSC Magdeburg – Tatran Presov 26:22 (First match 29:29)Saint Raphael – Dunkerque 23:31 (first match) EHF CupGerman handballhandballRhein Neckar LowenSG Magdeburg ← Previous Story Men’s CWC (1/4 Final): Celje PL, SG Flensburg and CAI Aragon in semi-final! Next Story → EHF CL TOP 16: Fuchse Berlin master work – Atletico in TOP 8 despite defeat read more

Man murdered over Rs 10 parking ticket at Bengaluru movie theatre

first_imgJohannes Simon/Getty Images [Representational Image]A 38-year-old man was beaten to death at a movie theatre in Bengaluru over a fight over Rs 10 parking fee on Thursday. Bharanidharan was murdered at the parking space of Lavanya movie theatre at St Johns Road by the cash collectors of the lot at around 4.30 pm.The victim was an employee at a tile store and had come to watch Tamil movie Kanchana 3 on his two-wheeler. He quickly charged inside the cinema hall without paying the parking fee as he was already late for the movie. While seeing this, Selvaraj, the parking fee collector, demanded the fee from Bharanidharan, which he refused to give.The scene, however, changed after Bharanidharan refused to pay the parking fee and became aggressive towards Selvaraj by attacking him with his bike keys. They both then got into a physical fight. Selvaraj along with his friend Shekhar, who is also an employee of the movie theatre, assaulted Bharanidharan. They even attacked him inside the theatre.The victim suffered grave injuries to his chest and head and passed out quickly after the brawl. He was shifted to Bowring Hospital by the local police after someone alerted about the fight at the theatre.However, he was declared brought dead by the doctors at the hospital. The Bengaluru City Police arrested Selvaraj from the crime scene. According to reports, the police arrested Shekhar on Friday after tracking his call records. Both of them have been arrested under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).last_img read more

For Elderly Inmates Theres More Than One Way to Die on Death

first_imgIn 1990 Buntion killed Jim Irby, a Houston police officer. Buntion was convicted a year later and has been on death row ever since. At 72, he is Texas’s oldest man on death row.He is what TDCJ considers geriatric – inmates older than 55. And for these people, this living arrangement can have very real implications on their health.“I have all the old man ailments,” Buntion says. “I have vertigo, I have extremely high blood pressure – they call it Hypertension. I have Hepatitis C. Now there’s a cure for that but they won’t get the medicine for it, I guess because I’m on death row. I’m expendable.”Buntion’s health issues are unique but his situation is not – 20 percent of death row’s inmates are geriatric.“Getting to see a real medical doctor is as rare as finding gold on death row,” Buntion says.Buntion says he’s been in pain for a while“They think I have prostate cancer,” he says.To confirm the diagnosis, he needs to be admitted into a hospital for a biopsy. TDCJ partners with the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston – more than two hours from where Buntion’s held.In order to get there, TDCJ rules require he travels handcuffed, with his hands behind his back.“But I’ve got this wrist problem,” Buntion says.Years ago, he broke his hand and arm. TDCJ rules prohibit inmates using slings – because they have metal parts. Without a sling, Buntion’s bones healed in an awkward way. His doctors have exempted him from being handcuffed behind his back. But no back cuffs means no ride to the hospital.“My lawyer is trying to negotiate to get them to let me wear two handcuffs so I can get a biopsy – but so far they haven’t had any luck,” Buntion says. JORGE SANHUEZ-LYON/TEXAS STANDARDCarl Buntion, 72, is the oldest inmate on Texas’ death row.Public radio stations from across the state collaborated on this series looking at the death penalty in Texas – its history, how it’s changed, whom it affects and its future. From Texas Standard:Death row inmates often spend decades between the day they’re sentenced and the day they’re executed. That can be due to many factors – from lengthy appeals to the state being unable to get the drugs it needs to carry out executions.In the meantime, inmates age. Some are dying of natural causes. Such was the case last April when two inmates passed away – one right after the other.Texas faces many challenges treating inmates’ health on a limited budget. To understand, we must look at inmates’ overall living conditions. Conditions differ between the more than 230 men and the six women on death row in Texas.    In a way, the lives of the women on death row are exceptional. They wake up in their cells, head out to a job, and then socialize or exercise until sundown when they’re locked up again.But the men’s day-to-day is very different.Jason Clark is a spokesperson with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).He says to understand why men’s lives on death row are different, we need to backtrack.“In 1998 Martin Gurule escaped from death row,” Clark says.Gurule drowned in a nearby creek, after escaping the compound where he was imprisoned.Since his escape, things dramatically changed for men on death row. Today, they’re held in de facto isolation – in tiny cells roughly the size of an office cubicle – 23 hours a day. Every day, they get one hour outdoors, in a cage, with little freedom of movement. Male death row inmates are also forbidden from receiving human touch.Carl Buntion is 72 years old.“I don’t get to talk to very many people,” he says. Sharecenter_img The TDCJ wouldn’t confirm his story, citing privacy laws.But if his story is true, the health of elderly death row inmates like Buntion is not so much determined by the state’s ability to provide healthcare, but rather by rules the system isn’t willing to budge on – whether an inmate is geriatric or not.Every male death row inmate – young or old – is detained, housed and transported under the same conditions. Without exception.Jason Clark knows health problems worsen as inmates get older.“The biggest driver, typically, for a person and their medical needs or services,” he says, “is going to be that person’s age.”Clark says offenders receive medical care regardless of custody level* but Buntion’s case suggest the rules will not be bent for death row inmates – even if, as attorneys and advocates say, it’s a matter of life and death.Wallis Nader is an attorney for the Texas Civil Rights Project, a legal aid organization that’s been very active in the defense of prisoner’s rights. She says for years, she’s been pushing to loosen the housing rules that prevent inmates from exercising. She believes those rules exacerbate conditions like hypertension – a condition so widespread that half of death row inmates suffer from it. But that’s just for starters.“I have heard from inmates who – for example – had to use a wheelchair – and because they [TDCJ] didn’t have an accessible van they weren’t taken to the hospital and obviously that’s inadequate,” Nader says.Everyone on death row is set to die, so it’s a logical question to ask, why worry about the health of someone who is already condemned? Nader says because this is bigger than death row.“If you’re not sympathetic at all, it goes back to the Constitution and the fact that we are protected from cruel and unusual punishment,” she says. “Failure to provide adequate medical care is considered an extension of that.”In Nader’s view, the right to obtain medical care is not about extending the life of the condemned, but respecting the rule of law. It’s a position the TCDJ rejects, pointing to the provisions the state already makes for the care of inmates, irrespective of the fact that, for administrative reasons, the oldest and most frail on death row often can’t access that care.Buntion’s case, like those of other geriatric inmates awaiting execution, underscores the prospect of something too ironic to ignore, and perhaps too unpleasant to acknowledge: that for those who live just long enough, there’s more than one way to die on death row.*Editor’s Note: This sentence has been updated.Copyright 2017 KUT-FM. To see more, visit KUT-FM.last_img read more

Lesbian student at Florida school shooting blasts Trump in viral tweet

first_imgGot a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… A lesbian student wants President Donald Trump to implement stricter gun control laws after a deadly school shooting in Florida. GAYSTARNEWS- Photo: Government of Prince Edward Island / Flickr Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : At the time of writing, the tweet has over 156,000 retweets and 373,000 likes.In light of the tragedy, Sarah’s been retweeting commentary on stricter gun laws.But her tweet inevitably attracted the attention of gun-loving Americans.One responded: ‘Gun control won’t fix anything. It’s not a gun problem it’s a mentality problem. Criminals don’t obey the law.’#LGBTbabesHey I’m lesbianI thought u were American— sarah (@chaddiedabaddie) December 21, 2017But friends and sympathizers want justice. One then replied: ‘Can you please not make any obnoxious comments to someone who lost their friends today? I mean it’s just basic human decency.’See related articles:Gays Against Guns: It’s time to ‘come out’ against gun violence eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) WATCH: What Ellen had to say about Las Vegas tragedy Sarah Chadwick, 16, quote-tweeted Trump and said he’s not doing enough in response to the shooting that killed 17 people at her school yesterday (14 February).19-year-old suspect Nikolas Cruz stormed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland at about 2.30pm.He shot and killed three people outside the school, then went inside and killed 12 more. Two more people also died after being taken to hospital.In light of the news, Trump tweeted: ‘My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.’And then Chadwick responded: ‘I don’t want your condolences you fucking price (sic) of shit, my friends and teachers were shot. Multiple of my fellow classmates are dead. Do something instead of sending prayers. Prayers won’t fix this. But gun control will prevent it from happening again.I don’t want your condolences you fucking price of shit, my friends and teachers were shot. Multiple of my fellow classmates are dead. Do something instead of sending prayers. Prayers won’t fix this. But Gun control will prevent it from happening again.— sarah (@chaddiedabaddie) February 14, 2018last_img read more

Former Cancun police shot killed watching television

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — An ex-Cancun police officer was shot and killed in his home Friday as he sat watching television.According to preliminary reports, the former municipal policeman was shot at least three times while sitting in a chair in his home watching television. Unverified reports say the victim was former municipal police José N, who was discharged from the corporation four years ago.Investigators indicated that the shooting could be a drug-related matter since the former police officer was allegedly involved in the buying and selling of narcotics.Witnesses reported seeing a parked vehicle from which a lone subject emerged where he entered the home and shot the former officer before fleeing the scene.Arrests have yet to be made.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Blog | RSNA | November 27, 2018 RSNA 2018 Tuesday — Real Meets Virtual and AI For medical practice to advance, efforts to make this practice more efficient must not come at the expense of… read more Sponsored Content | Blog | Contrast Media | July 15, 2019 BLOG: Why Power Injectors Are Needed for High-Quality Imaging Contrast agents improve every kind of medical image from computed tomography (CT) to magnetic resonance imaging (MR… read more News | Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) | June 06, 2019 Study Identifies MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy as Growing Market Segment June 6, 2019 — Revenues from the… read more FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Medical Device Safety in MRI Environment The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new draft guidance titled Testing and Labeling Medical Devices for Safety in the Magnetic Resonance (MR) Environment. News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children August 16, 2019 — A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development… read more News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | July 05, 2019 Medic Vision Wins Japanese PMDA Clearance for iQMR Image Reconstruction Solution July 5, 2019 — Medic Vision Imaging Solutions announced that its 3-D iterative image reconstruction technology for… read more FDA Approves Bayer’s Gadavist Contrast for Cardiac MRI in Adult Coronary Artery Disease Patients The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Gadavist injection for use in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess myocardial perfusion (stress, rest) and late gadolinium enhancement in adult patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease (CAD). Gadavist (… SyMRI Software Receives FDA Clearance for Use With Siemens MRI Systems SyntheticMR announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for clinical use of its SyMRI Image and SyMRI Neuro product packages together with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems from Siemens Healthineers. How To Manage Risk in the MR Suite Macrocyclic contrast agents have the best safety profile of all the magnetic resonance (MR) contrast media that are now commercially available, according to John Karis, M.D., director of neuroradiology at the… Feature | Radiology Business | May 31, 2019 | By Arjen Radder Bringing More Value to Imaging Departments With MRI Change is a consistent theme in our world today, no matter where you look. In healthcare, change — while slower than… read more Image courtesy of Lior Molvin News | Neuro Imaging | July 05, 2019 Delta T1 Maps Provide Quantitative, Automated Solution to Assess Brain Tumor Burden July 5, 2019 — Imaging Biometrics LLC (IB) a subsidiary of IQ-AI Ltd., is highlighting a recently published study in… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro August 16, 2019 — Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug… read more Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation August 7, 2019 — Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter… read more News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | June 19, 2019 LVivo EF Comparable to MRI, Contrast Echo in Assessing Ejection Fraction June 19, 2019 — DiA Imaging Analysis announced the presentation of two studies assessing the performance and… read more Blog | Contrast Media | July 15, 2019 BLOG: Why Power Injectors Are Needed for High-Quality Imaging Contrast agents improve every kind of medical image from computed tomography (CT) to magnetic resonance imaging (MR… read more Photo courtesy of pixabay Blog | Radiology Imaging | June 19, 2019 BLOG: Rural Imaging Requires Affordable And Versatile Equipment Access to healthcare by rural-living Americans can be difficult. read more News | Computed Tomography (CT) | June 17, 2019 International Working Group Releases New Multiple Myeloma Imaging Guidelines June 17, 2019 — An International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) has developed the first set of new recommendations in… read more Feature | Contrast Media | July 18, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr How To Manage Risk in the MR Suite Macrocyclic contrast agents have the best safety profile of all the magnetic resonance (MR) contrast media that are… read more News | Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) | July 16, 2019 AAPM 2019 Features More Than 40 Presentations on ViewRay’s MRIdian MRI-guided Radiotherapy July 16, 2019 — ViewRay Inc. announced that the company’s MRIdian System is the focus of more than 40 abstracts… read more Photo courtesy of Philips Healthcare News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | August 01, 2019 | Jeff Zagoudis, Associate Editor FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Medical Device Safety in MRI Environment August 1, 2019 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new draft guidance titled… read more Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. One of several 3-D printed models at Stratasys booth during RSNA 2018. Photo courtesy of pixabay Technology | Contrast Media | July 15, 2019 FDA Approves Bayer’s Gadavist Contrast for Cardiac MRI in Adult Coronary Artery Disease Patients July 15, 2019 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Gadavist injection for use in cardiac… read more News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | August 06, 2019 Canon Medical Introduces Encore Orian MR Upgrade Program August 6, 2019 — Canon Medical Systems USA Inc. is helping to provide low-cost patient care solutions for its… read more Image courtesy of Lior Molvin Click here to view the supplement. Innovations in Radiotherapy and Radiology at Henry Ford Hospital Henry Ford Hospital thought leaders regularly speak at the radiation oncology and radiology conferences about new research and technology innovations they are using. 12345PreviousNext Two brain metastases from primary lung cancer are contrast enhanced in the brain of a 61-year-old male. Speakers at AHRA 2019 will state that ProHance and other macrocyclic MR agents present a very low risk to patients. Images courtesy of Bracco News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | November 13, 2017 Supplement: The Benefits of High-Field Open MRI A new 24-page publication from Hitachi Healthcare details the benefits of High-Field Open MRI and is now available… read more MRI creates images from the resonance created in hydrogen atoms when they are polerized and an electromegntic pulse is used to knock them off axis. This section includes MR analysis software, MRI scanners, gadolinium contrast agents, and related magnetic resonance accessories. Sponsored Content | Blog | Radiology Imaging | June 19, 2019 BLOG: Rural Imaging Requires Affordable And Versatile Equipment Access to healthcare by rural-living Americans can be difficult. Part of the reason is the wide geographic expanse… read more Sponsored Content X-ray images such as the one on the left fail to indicate many cases of advanced bone destruction caused by multiple myeloma, says the author of new guidelines on imaging for patients with myeloma and related disorders. Image courtesy of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Sponsored Content Sponsored Content Technology | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | June 14, 2019 SyMRI Software Receives FDA Clearance for Use With Siemens MRI Systems June 14, 2019 — SyntheticMR announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for clinical use of its… read more News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | June 07, 2019 Amsterdam University Medical Center Wins MR Solutions’ Image of the Year Award June 7, 2019 — The Amsterdam University Medical Center has won MR Solutions’ Image of the Year 2019 award for the… read more Figure 1. A high-fidelity 3-D tractography of the left ventricle heart muscle fibers of a mouse from Amsterdam Ph.D. researcher Gustav Strijkers. Technology | Virtual and Augmented Reality | June 04, 2019 Ann Arbor Startup Launches Augmented Reality MRI Simulator June 4, 2019 — SpellBound, an Ann Arbor startup specializing in… read more Sponsored Content News | Focused Ultrasound Therapy | July 10, 2019 Insightec’s Exablate Neuro Approved With GE Signa Premier MRI in U.S. and Europe July 10, 2019 — GE Healthcare and Insightec announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and CE mark… read more 123456789…next ›last_img read more

American Airlines celebrates 75 years of flying to Canada

first_imgAmerican Airlines celebrates 75 years of flying to Canada Waheeda Harris Tags: American Airlines << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted by Share TORONTO — American Airlines gathered an intimate group of employees and business partners in Toronto yesterday to celebrate a milestone: 75 years of flying to Canada.Raising a glass of champagne to toast the airline’s history and success, American Airlines’ Donna Paladini toasted the country and its current roster of employees which was American Airlines’ first international flight on June 24, 1941. The DC3, named ‘Flagship Toronto’ started the airline service to Toronto. In 2016 American Airlines is serving nine cities in Canada, with 400 weekly departures and 60 daily flights from Canadian airports to the U.S.Celebrating its 75 years in Canada, American Airlines recognized the longtime contribution of tenured Canadian employees, including three in attendance last night at the evening soiree at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Chantal Boucher (37 years with American Airlines), Esther Dowds (40 years) and Catherine Turner (42 years and the most senior employee in Canada) were honoured as was recently retired senior employee Pierre Cote.L-R: Richard Muise, AA Director Canada Airport Operations; Donna Paladini, AA Vice President of Stations and Canada; Catherine Turner, AA tenured employee; Esther Dowds, AA tenured employee; Chantal Boucher, AA tenured employee; Jerry Caler, AA Managing Director of NE Region and CanadaAs a token of appreciation from American Airlines employees in Canada, a donation of $10,000 was made to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.More news:  Kory Sterling is TL Network Canada’s new Sales Manager CanadaWith over 300 employees in Canada, and 200 based at Toronto Pearson Airport, American Airlines pioneered many changes to Canadian airports, including the introduction of U.S. pre-clearance. Recently, American Airlines, the second largest carrier based at Toronto Pearson Airport after Air Canada, has renovated its check-in areas, updated its technology and is currently undergoing refurbishment to its Admirals Club lounge, part of the ongoing changes happening at Terminal 3.As the largest airline in the world, American Airlines celebrated 30 years of flying out of Montreal Trudeau Airport in 2007 and in 2017, will celebrate its 30th anniversary of flying from Vancouver International Airport.The event was held at Fairmont Royal York Hotel, see Wednesday, October 5, 2016 About Latest Posts Waheeda HarrisA traveller from a young age, Travelweek contributor Waheeda Harris is pop culture obsessed, loves spicy food and is happy to wander around our planet with her camera in hand. Latest posts by Waheeda Harris (see all) Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Edge stars of JetSet3 fam – April 23, 2019 Unleash the power of cross-company digital transformation to revolutionize your CX – February 8, 2019 On location: Cabo San Lucas welcomes the stylish Riu Palace Baja California – December 20, 2018last_img read more

Organic food spending €5 per capita annually in Cyprus

first_imgWITH only to up to €2 million per annum, Cyprus is the EU country which has the lowest turnover from sales of organic food to the public, though the number of organic farmers has increased significantly in recent years.In four EU countries (Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria and Sweden) the per capita consumption of organic food per year is over €100, while in some other EU countries (e.g. Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria) it is less than €5.The number of organic farmers is up from 45 in 2002 to 743 in 2014. This relative success is mainly due to the cultivation of organic olives which make up 28.4 per cent of organic production. However, Cyprus is ranked 20th of all EU countries regarding the total area of organic cultivation. Only three per cent of its agricultural land is used for this purpose. At the top of the scale is Austria with 19 per cent.The limits of organic food production despite objectives and incentives by the EU were presented on Thursday at a conference on ‘Organic Agriculture: Prospects for the development, climate change and public health’ organised by the Agricultural Research Institute, the Department of Environment and the university of technology Tepak.As TEPAK professor Konstantinos Makris pointed out at the event, though Cyprus is included in the EU action plan to supply 50 per cent of food to schools, army camps and hospitals in the form of organic products, this has so far not been achieved.“In contrast, in many EU countries the percentage of the use of biological products is large,” he said, adding that in Italy the government offers organic food in all kindergartens.At the conference Makris also introduced a new project by the Cyprus International Institute for the Environment and Public Health which works under Tepak. The institute is looking for 200 children in the fifth and sixth grade from Limassol primary schools who will be provided with five free meals a day all made with organic raw materials for 40 days by their school and families.Tests will be carried out before and after the project to determine whether the consumption of organic products can lead to reductions of the amount of pesticides in children’s systems and whether it is effective in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.The innovative programme, the first of its kind in Europe, is supported by the EU Commission, the education ministry and the Organic Producers Association of Cyprus.You May LikeInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more