Reel Ferangi

first_imgI gave my credit card to the hotel receptionist, knowing there remained only £50 that was reasonably useable, some credit, but it would buy me one night’s sleep in air conditioned bliss 10 floors up and overlooking the Bharati-Disneyland that comprises Ramoji Film City near Hyderabad.I had been cast as the ‘Maitre d’ Hotel’ in an action flick by U.S. producers. The director, a doppelganger of Steven Speilberg with greyer hair, all manic, but focused energy; his assistant, a glamor model and recovering coke addict, so the English production designer told me. He was a broad set tattoed shaman who moved stateside to Los Angeles many years ago. He never looked back, he said, but had been warned by his spiritual guides not to come to India. I assume they were here to make the movie on the cheap, low labor costs, no union trouble, who quite knows. I had been sleeping in the shared rooms of a hostel with the multifarious others who made up the extra list of foreigners as “junior artistes,” making their way around India and happy to be in a fillum for some small remuneration – hippies, yoga-bunglers, travellers, ashramites, the confused, the possessed and the dispossessed. For myself, I was living the life of a Hemingwayed near-vagabond poet on the east coast near Pondicherry and was happy to accept the invitation of a trip to Neverland and help tell a story, embody the myth or explain a dream. I’ve not had a credit card since. Perhaps in that, as British author Arthur Koestler posits, “there are no co-incidences.”As the bell boy drops my rucksack by the bed, he turns on the television set, the first I’ve seen in months. An aeroplane is crashing into one of the Twin Towers in The Big Apple. A worm in the heart of a fruit? The bell boy yelps with glee “Great action-movie!” With some difficulty in my broken Tamil cum Teleguese I try to explain the calamitous real time events as a ticker-tape runs an eastern standard time commentary underneath the astonishing images. I offer my profuse apologies to an American film-producer, checking out in the lobby downstairs, frantically trying to re-arrange a flight back to New York via Canada, “Whadda ya apologisin’ for? Your coun-tree is the Motha and Fatha of my coun-tree!” I acknowledge the gravity of his remark with some incredulity and although English by nativity, I am happy I am home in India at this time.Lucky is the man who has not lived in someone else’s Empire at some point in history. My being a foreign actor in Bollywood, Colly, Tolly and Mollywood is what I suspect it was like for an actor of Afro-Carribean or Asian descent in “the west” during the 1960s or 1970s – there just ‘aint the parts. Even here in Mumbai, with its sea of daily arrivals, I will ever be foreign and never an immigrant or migrant. As life imitates art, so film mirrors India and her myriad villages. On a commercial film-shoot recently in Mumbai, the visiting crew of Bangalorians collectively asked for Bombay’s famous vada-pav for lunch; the local Mumbaikers wanted pizza from Domino’s. I can’t begin to extrapolate the sociological dimensions of that scene. Sometimes I feel I have as much in common with a Tamilian Brahmin as he does with an apple farmer in Himachal Pradesh. The village is a common humanity – that and KFC. Pursuing my burgeoning Bollywood career after a spat in publishing, I am resigned to portraying cameo roles in Saas Baahu soap-operas: as the visiting American Dot.Com millionaire enticing the top desi-IIT’ian to cross the Atlantic with offers of work in Silicon Valley, earning mega-bucks to remit back home to the family; a foreign professor offering a place at a prestigious college overseas; a phoren man on a train; ferangi man at a party; a ferang doctor or a foreign tourist. You should have seen me as Sherlock Holmes or Spaceman and that time I fought Ahmed in a bar with a knife.Abishek Bachchan stood over my blood stained body and asked me how it felt now I had chosen to be an actor. It felt like I had been lying in a pool of blood for four hours waiting for the stunt-director to get the rope trick right. How was he to know I’d given up the mantle of experimental theatre-director “as vehicle for social change,” for this playful lack of responsibility? No socially relevant message to hang on Shakespeare for an audience. Only to profer help to Priyanka “Piggy Chops” as “Steve the Baker” to save AB from the hands of the evil dark-forces on a cave-like film-set in a hangar at Film-City. A classically trained Czech actress of some repute, who the producers have flown in to play a kindly nun for the shot, is astonished at this country, “this this, everything,” having fought through a revolution or two to find herself here in the exasperating heat.Ah, my many avatars, how are you? I have been killed three times in my last three films and am expecting another death at the hands of the Mallayalam superstar Mammooty(ka) next month, clad in a scarlet uniform and sporting the appropriate moustache and side-burns. Of course, I shall kill a few natives before that, hang a few period freedom-fighters and laugh with my colonial accomplices who are also eeking out a living in Mumbai when not dressed as oppressors or penguins and the like. Luckily, I am not oppressed, though it sometimes feels like it, sitting on my backside for 14 hours dressed in scarlet body-hugging uniform in tropical heat waiting for a shot that might last a minute or so.The number of foreign actors waiting patiently by their cell-phones hereabouts can be counted on one hand and a small foot. The rest of those you spy in Hindi dance sequences gyrating their hearts out, are mostly coke-snorting Colaba-hostelled tourists following the Lonely Planet guide for a vacation experience in Bollywood. So come on over boys and girls, plenty to see here, if you can live in Mumbai and its attendant paradox. And bring a panacea. Donned in the uniform of a Muscovite police commandant, during a gun-shooting sequence in the middle of a post harvest paddy field in Tamil Nadu, set-dressed to look like the Siberian bad-lands, I am acting with a couple of Tamil stars whose names I cannot recall. We were not introduced, it was a stand-off and we all killed one another, blood bags exploding in our chests from a small electrical charge. I was holding a revolver which backfired, wounding the knuckle of my thumb. The director instructed me not to move from my death position as the camera man changed his shooting angle. Underneath the mid-afternoon sun, expecting someone with antiseptic wipes to clean my wound, I only find a make-up man adding fake blood to my own to exaggerate the bleeding, for the authenticity of the shot. “Vil make look bettera!” says the make-up man with a smile as demure as a dentist’s advertising campaign. Staring up at the blue sky from my prostrate position amidst the rice stubble, I wonder, fingers tingling, maybe that day job behind a desk is not such an horrific option after all?Some unscrupulous film co-ordinators often send an actor to an audition merely to collect a payment per attendant model from a producer, knowing that the model is unsuitable for the part and wholly unlikely to be cast. Standing in line for six hours amongst 80 young Indian hopefuls, preening themselves with oil, getting that perfect hairstyle and the like in full length mirrors for the part of a cricket umpire is not my idea of cricket. When I was asked to audition for the part of the head of the CIA for a film, no one could explain to me at the time, but my only commensurate local competitors were Gary, Harry, James, Brandon, Simon and Alex. Sorry boys. The two emaciated young Russian men, resembling rough sleepers from the streets of Goregoan (or had they fallen out of the Gulag that we have all forgotten existed), failed the assistant director’s obligatory “look test.” But, maybe undercover CIA? They stare at me walking through the doors of the producer’s office and the less hungry-looking of the two exclaims “Ah, zo you vant to be vamous Bollievood movie ztar too, huh?” Casually feigning indifference, I brush them aside with a “Whaddya mean, wanna be? I am.” Oh, the trappings and conceit of Bollywood bit-parters.“What’s the fillum?” I ask the young man trying to size me up with his video camera, “It’s a fantasy rooted in the global reality of terrorism, post 9/11. Do you carry your photographs?” he says. Like, that is it. Each of us embodies the myth that gives scant regard to geography.Two months later, long after I had forgotten the experience, I was in a rickshaw on a Sunday morning travelling to an abandoned cotton mill in the middle of the city, to meet The President. Unusually I had been given a couple of days notice. The President is called Brent, recently flown in from Kansas City for the gig. “Ah yoused ter be in cohn-struh-cshion,” he will tell me later as we sit in an air-conditioned vanity van rehearsing our repartee for the President’s office aboard a mock-up of Airforce One.At the gate I notice a small barber shop and decide to get an American crew cut worthy of the Secret Services. A small Muslim man in a vest and lunghi greets me at the door and sends his errand boy off to fetch a milk rich chai. He gestures to my head with a pair of scissors in a question only meant to mean “How would you like it sahr. Short, krew cutta,” and he’s clipping away with an exactitude I have only found in India. Afterwards he douses my neck with talcum powder and we exchange “Asallams” and a small amount of money. I feel American.Standing on a train station platform in suburban Mumbai, returning home after an audition to play a blond haired German gentleman in an auction house – don’t mention the war – an apparently frail, but what seemed similar old man, sporting a long wiry white beard dressed in white kurta, pyjamas and skull cap turned, looked up to me quizzically and asked “You Ah-merrikan or You-roh-pean?” “Neither,” I answered, “English.”With that and a rare sparkle in his eyes he began to dance a little jig. Merrily like a bingo-winning dwarf tripping out on a psychotropic substance, singing “Ah-hee, divide and rhule! Ahh-hee, dee-vide and rhule…” As the train pulled out of the station, the old man still jigging on the platform to the amazement of the gathered crowd, I wondered if it was history jabbing my side or just the density of the packed train, bodies crammed beyond capacity. Ah-heeeee…The “fantasy rooted in the global reality of terrorism,” the director explains to the press, in what must be the beginning of a relentless world-wide promotional campaign, is set: “…in a world where Osama bin Laden is the rock star of terrorism. The pace is relentless and the action, mind boggling.”Rock stars of terrorism eh? Bono wielding an AK 47, Bowie blowing holes in the United Nations? Simple minds doing things with semtex. It all seems a very long way from the dereliction of post-industrial Mumbai in the cotton mill.Brent sweating his proverbials off exclaiming, “Ah diddun thank there’d be so murch poverdee here hiv yoh seeyen the sdreeds?”Thirty eastern European turquoise panti-clad dancing girlies are running around from the set next door arguing with a smiling artists’ co-ordinator about the lack of suitable drinking water. On film, I am explaining to The President (he looks extraordinarily like the real thing on the playback images) that “the Turkey siduashion” is not to do with a Thanksgiving bird shortage, more a “country thing” and he’s having a really difficult time pronouncing the name of the Indian Prime Minister, “Mahn, moh, harn Seengh? Coord ah git a glahss o’ wahder?”We must have travelled some distance from that time in Hyderabad, yet perhaps no distance at all, if instead of reacting to images flickering real-time on our television screens we are now portraying them on that silver screen. I hope that somehow we are making history and putting it somewhere in the past where we can watch it in fiction in a darkened room. The chips on both my balanced shoulders tell me to doubt it. As my friend Anne says, each generation will try again to live the dream, save the planet, ease the suffering and bring love and peace to the world. Until they discover what is happening is the dream. For me, I’ll certainly keep dreaming. That – and pay the rent.Peter Handley Evans is an English writer actor and theatre director. He will be seen later this year in Goldie Behl’s Drona, Ketan Mehta’s, Colours of Passion, Apoorva Lakhia’s Mission Istanbul and Hariharan’s Mallayalam magnum opus Pazhassi Raja. Related Itemslast_img read more

ONE: Danny Kingad barges into Flyweight Grand prix after overcoming Japanese foe

first_img‘We are too hospitable,’ says Sotto amid SEA Games woes LATEST STORIES Oil plant explodes in Pampanga town View comments Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte Lacson backs proposal to elect president and vice president in tandem Danny Kingad vs Tatsumitsu Wada in ONE: Hero’s Ascent. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netMANILA, Philippines—Danny Kingad upped his winning streak to four matches after taking a unanimous decision win over Tatsumitsu Wada in their flyweight division contest in ONE: Hero’s Ascent Friday at Mall of Asia Arena.The win, the first for the Filipinos tonight, propels the Team Lakay bet into the Flyweight Grand Prix where the best in the division will fight their way to the top.ADVERTISEMENT Team Lakay’s rough start lights a fire under Danny Kingad PLAY LIST 01:04Team Lakay’s rough start lights a fire under Danny Kingad00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss It was a tightly-contested match with both fighters both getting his respective moments throughout the bout.Kingad (9-1) had the early control from the ground and nearly completed a rear-naked choke but Wada (20-10) had his left hand in the way preventing the Filipino from locking in the hold.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSWin or don’t eat: the Philippines’ poverty-driven, world-beating pool starsWada was then called with a warning in the second round for repeated shots to the back of Kingad’s head in the second round.Both fighters opted to go to the ground for most of the action in the third round. Wada had the better position in the final minute of the fight before Kingad reversed it in the final 10 seconds. US judge bars Trump’s health insurance rule for immigrants Grace Poe files bill to protect govt teachers from malicious accusations ONE: Thai bet Rodtang Jitmuangnon gets love from Filipino fans in convincing win MOST READ Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Oil plant explodes in Pampanga townlast_img read more

Grub Festival- all about food

first_imgNew Delhi, Mar 17 (PTI) After a successful debut last year, Grub Fest is back yet again hosting food lovers at two venues in the city and is gearing up to make its debut in Pune towards the end of this month.Grub Fest, a brainchild of passionate foodies like Aman Kumar, Arjun Jain, Chaitanya Mathur and Mani Singh is executing three festivals — with the first held at DLF CyberHub from March 3-5 with a new concept called the Grub Mile that offered a preview of the festival.The festival would head back to its base Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from March 18 to March 20 with an aim to showcase a bigger, tastier and entertaining festival in comparison to their first festival held last year in April.The festival would see the participation of best of restaurants, artists and chefs of the city with documentary screenings, talks by top food connoisseurs, cook offs for budding chefs, and an all new version of Grub Stories.The organisers aim to host food lovers, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of India and bring them together on one food, fun and entertainment filled platform.”We focus on showcasing new and upcoming cuisines, chefs and brands as well as give a chance to the foodies to savour the incomparable taste of Old Delhi. We aim to introduce new different concept within the festival,” Chaitanya Mathur, co-founder, Grub Fest said.”A Super Fight League (SFL), Asias largest Pro Mixed Martial Arts Promotion known for their Pro MMA fight nights across the globe will showcase at the Grub Fest Delhi providing a VIP experience from the world of Sports Entertainment,” Mathur said. (MORE) PTI RCB ANSadvertisementlast_img read more

23 days agoMan Utd manager Solskjaer slams AZ Alkmaar pitch: Worst I’ve ever seen

first_imgMan Utd manager Solskjaer slams AZ Alkmaar pitch: Worst I’ve ever seenby Freddie Taylor23 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has plenty of concerns about AZ Alkmaar’s pitch ahead of their Europa League group stage clash on Thursday night.United will face the Dutch side at Cars Jeans Stadion in The Hague, a temporary ground after a section of AZ’s stadium roof collapsed. The new stadium has an artificial pitch, and Solskjaer says it’s one of the worst he has ever seen.”I’m surprised they’ve chosen to play on this pitch when I’ve looked at it,” Solskjaer said. “I’m used to it from Norway. It’s not the best I’ve seen.”It’s one of the worst ones I’ve seen for a long while. We’ve al got standards back home in Norway anyway. It’s safe, I’m not saying it’s not. It’s not the newest.”It’s just on the floor so on the carpet more or less, so when you pull the grass up you do that loads, there’s more bounce.”It seems like it’s been used a lot but with my knees I’ve not enjoyed astro turf anyway.”I’m surprised that in this climate you have to use astro turf. It’s OK when you live in the North Pole like we more or less do in Norway and can’t play in March, November or December. But here, I’m surprised.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Mouni Roy makes heads turn in black crop top and pants on day out. See pics

first_imgOther Galleries 9 images Thu, 24 Oct, 2019 Disha Patani is comfortable yet sexy in spaghetti crop top and track pants at Mumbai airport 12 images Thu, 24 Oct, 2019 Kiara Advani to Urvashi Rautela: Best and worst-dressed at award night 9 images Wed, 23 Oct, 2019 Kriti Sanon pairs smart denim jacket with neon green dress for Housefull 4 promotions. See pics 10 images Wed, 23 Oct, 2019 Sara Ali Khan is elegance personified in white dress at airport. See picsOther Photogallery CategoriesIndiaMoviesLifestyleTelevisionAdd new comment Your name * E-mail * The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Comment *More information about text formatsPlain textNo HTML tags allowed.Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Lines and paragraphs break automatically.647×363: 483×271: 370×208: 170×96: 88×50: Section: PhotoLifestyleLifestyleGallery Image: Image: Caption: Mouni Roy was recently spotted out on a shoot day at Madh Island in Mumbai.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 0Image: Caption: For the day out, Mouni sported an all-black look.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 1Image: Caption: Baring her mid-riff, the Gold actor opted for a black crop top and baggy pants.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 2Image: Caption: She paired her ensemble with sunnies and Chanel black slip ons.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 3Image: Caption: Accentuating her outfit with open tresses, minimal make-up and nude lips, she rounded off her look.Syndication: SyndicationThumb Image: Enable: EnableOrder: 4Tags: Mouni RoySource type: photogallerySocial media integration: Facebook Instant ArticlePhoto By: Yogen ShahShort description: Mouni Roy was recently spotted out on a shoot day at Madh Island in Mumbai. Baring her mid-riff, the Gold actor opted for a black crop top and baggy pants.Syndicate: YesPreview_unique_id: preview_5cb1cfd8d559e1555156952_1501101_editCommentContent Publish date: Saturday, April 13, 2019 – 14:30Story Extra Data: eyJzZWN0aW9uIjpbIjEyMDY1NjciLCIxMjA4NTIxIl0sImNhdGVnb3J5IjpbIjEyMDg1ODkiXSwic3ViX2NhdGVnb3J5IjpudWxsLCJzdWJfc3ViX2NhdGVnb3J5IjpudWxsLCJzdWJfc3ViX3N1Yl9jYXRlZ29yeSI6bnVsbCwicHJpbWFyeV9jYXRlZ29yeSI6IjEyMDY1NjcifQ==770×433: Short Headline: Mouni Roy makes heads turn in black crop top and pants on day out. See picsApp headline: Mouni Roy makes heads turn in black crop top and pants on day out. See picslast_img read more

Company threatens to cut off power supply of Pakistan PMs office

first_imgIslamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan faces an embarrassing situation as an electricity company has threatened to disconnect the power supply to his sprawling office in Islamabad if the bills worth lakhs of rupees were not paid by his cash-strapped government. The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) on Wednesday issued a notice to the PM Secretariat that it will cut off the power supply if the bills were not cleared. The IESCO said that the PM Office owed Rs 41 lakhs. The PM Secretariat did not pay Rs 35 lakh of the previous month also, it added. The PM Office failed to respond to several reminders, the company said. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USUnder the law, the company can disconnect power supply by issuing a warning if the bills of the two consecutive months are not paid. Due to the non-payment of bills, the company cannot pay to the private power producers which affects power generation. said the power supply in Pakistan has improved this year after many worst years in the past. Officials say that one of the reasons for low productivity was the unpaid bills by the government departments. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential pollsAccording to estimates, 22,000-24,000 megawatt electricity is needed in Pakistan. This demand increases up to 5 per cent each year. The Pakistan government claimed to produce 24,000MW electricity last year. But even the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), which is an institution of the government, does not confirm it. The difference between demand and supply which was 5,000MW in 2013, has reached up to the level of 6,000MW in 2018, according to reports. In June, Minister for Power Omar Ayub said that power generation improved due to better management. He said there was USD 80 billion investment opportunity in power generation and distribution sector. Pakistan is facing “significant economic challenges” due to a weak and unbalanced growth and that its economy is at a critical juncture where it needs an ambitious and bold set of reforms, according to the IMF, which last month approved a USD 6 billion bailout package to the country. Pakistan has also received billions in financial aid packages from friendly countries like China, Saudi Arabia and the UAE during the current fiscal year.last_img read more

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

first_imgSome of the most active companies traded Friday on the Toronto Stock Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange (15,207.41, down 148.64 points)Neovasc Inc. (TSX:NVC). Medical devices. Up 2.5 cents, or 45.45 per cent, to eight cents on 24.2 million shares.Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX:ACB). Healthcare. Down 34 cents, or 4.03 per cent, to $8.10 on 11.5 million shares.Nemaska Lithium Inc. (TSX:NMX). Miner. Up 20 cents, or 17.09 per cent, to $1.37 on 8.4 million shares.Cenovus Energy Inc. (TSX:CVE). Oil and gas. Down 17 cents, or 1.40 per cent, to $11.94 on 7.3 million shares.Suncor Energy Inc. (TSX:SU). Oil and gas. Down three cents, or 0.07 per cent, to $46.11 on 5.7 million shares.Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX:WEED). Healthcare. Down 80 cents, or 2.81 per cent, to $27.69 on 5.6 million shares.Companies reporting major news:Canadian Pacific Railway (TSX:CP). Transportation. Down $4.14, or 1.84 per cent, to $221.26 on 350,739 shares. The union representing some 3,000 conductors and locomotive engineers at CP Rail says the workers have voted to authorize a strike by a margin of 94.2 per cent. The job action could occur as early as 12:01 a.m. on April 21.last_img read more

French WWII veteran sells photo albums from Hitler manse

first_imgLa Roche-sur-Yon-  A French veteran made more than 10,000 euros on Friday selling four photo albums he took from Adolf Hitler’s mountain retreat as “a souvenir” in the final days of World War II.The albums, which contain pictures and messages of admiration, were presented to Hitler by supporters in the 1930s and early 1940s. Two of them are bound in red leather with the Reich eagle engraved on the cover.The books were sold at auction in La Roche-sur-Yon in France’s western Loire region. They went to a single buyer who paid a total sum of 10,100 euros ($13,700), an AFP reporter saw. Paul Gerbi, 92, who took the four items from Hitler’s library at his mansion, the Berghof, in Berchtesgaden in the southern state of Bavaria, said the proceeds from the sale make a nice gift for his grandchildren.Gerbi, who fought as a sergeant in General Philippe Leclerc’s 2nd Armoured Division, said he arrived at the mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps on May 4, 1945, four days before the end of the war and four days after Hitler’s suicide in Berlin.“We were the first … The Americans arrived a bit later,” he said.“For us these are great memories because to arrive at Hitler’s place at the end of the war was great after all he had done.”Gerbi said that during the two days they spent at the Berghof they also sampled the “large number of excellent French wines” there.“My children did not want the albums, so I thought I might get something for them. I have lots of friends who sold stuff, especially after the war,” he said.last_img read more

Darfur over 300 former combatants discharged through UNbacked programme

The programme is expected to be extended to other parts of Darfur, targeting a total of 5,000 former combatants affiliated with signatories to the 2006 Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) who were disarmed in July 2008 when they formally surrendered their weapons.The Government is providing cash payments of 400 Sudanese Pounds, around $150, for each participant, to be followed by food vouchers and other services after two months. The AU-UN mission, known as UNAMID, is offering logistical support to the exercise, including security, transport and health services. UNAMID’s contribution will help the Government in its efforts to strengthen the peace process and improve the overall security situation across Darfur, where some 300,000 people have been killed and an estimated 2.7 million others displaced from their homes since fighting began in 2003, pitting Government forces and allied Janjaweed militiamen against rebel groups.Beneficiaries of the just-ended programme in the North Darfur capital of El Fasher include members of the Sudanese Armed Forces, People’s Defence Forces, and the Sudan Liberation Army/Mother Wing. The disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) programme is part of the final security arrangement of the DPA, which paved the way for the deployment of UNAMID at the start of last year. 25 November 2009More than 300 former combatants in Darfur, including women and disabled persons, have participated in a three-day discharge programme organized by the Government of Sudan with support from the joint African Union-United Nations mission in Darfur. read more

Leinster House will open its doors to 1650 people tonight so no

first_imgDEMONSTRATORS ATTEMPTED TO climb barricades erected outside Leinster House earlier this week, as around 400 people gathered to protest while politicians returned from their summer break.This evening, however, members of the public will have no problem entering the houses of the Oireachtas, as the gates are opened to 1,650 (lucky?) people who applied for tickets in advance for the ‘open night’.The Dáil and Seanad tour is always one of the most popular events of Culture Night — the annual initiative that sees a wide range of cultural and political institutions open their doors to the public for free.Tickets for access to Leinster House went on offer a month ago, with the last of them snapped up two weeks ago, Oireachtas press officer Cáit Hayes told“It’s always a ticketed event because we’re such a popular venue.”Ticket holders will access the building in pre-assigned groups from 5pm. Each group up to 9pm will get an hour-long tour, with the final tour of the night lasting for up to two hours.In a break with usual practice for visitors, those taking part will be able to take pictures of the Dáil and Seanad, and will be allowed access to areas normally closed off during regular tours.The big question: will people be allowed a photo op in Enda’s chair, wants to know…“No. No, absolutely not,” Hayes says.It’s expected however, that there will be a fair few TDs and senators on hand to welcome guests. “Yes, every year we would have a coterie of politicians coming in and welcoming constituents who have applied,” Hayes says.“There would also be TDs still in their offices working late into Friday evening.”No, you won’t be allowed sit in this man’s chair. But you can look at it (and take photos) – Image: Photocall IrelandEntertainment on the night will be provided by an all female barbershop quartet called ‘Ireland Unlimited’.Interested, but haven’t got a ticket? Leinster House is also open for more limited guided tours on other days. You can find details here > Read: Lockout protest — mini march, TD jostled and pepper spray >Dublin: One City One Book choice of 2014 revealed >last_img read more

Pilot scheme trains airline and airport crew to better spot human trafficking

first_imgThe image of people arriving in containers or as stowaways simply does not always apply, trafficking victims are more likely to be sitting on our flights and go through our airports like any other passengers.This is an opportunity to train crews and staff to be alert to human trafficking, and to encourage them to look for signs of nervousness, uncertainty or of someone being controlled either on a flight, a ferry or in a terminal. As a frontline organisation the Immigrant Council has assisted 50 victims of sex-trafficking, all tell a similar story of being tricked into coming to Ireland with promises of a new life only for reality to dawn when they meet their pimp in the arrivals hall at our airports.Spotting human traffickingThe IMCI said that observant cabin crew, ground staff or customs officers may offer the only chance of escape to these women and children, adding that it’s particularly important as international reports have found that Ireland is weak when it comes to identifying victims.They added that experience already achieved through training initiatives with the gardaí and with trade unions will be passed on.Denise Charlton, Chief Executive of the Immigrant Council of Ireland said that Ireland’s airports are the main points of access through which traffickers bring their victims to Ireland.She said the image of what we “think” human trafficking looks like needs to be challenged. She said: IRISH AIRLINE CREW, airport ground staff, port staff and other transport workers are to be offered training to spot victims of trafficking and offer them an escape from pimps and traffickers under a pilot project being developed by the Immigrant Council of Ireland (IMCI).Under the Stop Traffick project, air crews will be offered a half day training course which will help them to identify women and girls being brought to Ireland for sexually exploitation.Transportation staffThe Immigrant Council, with the support of the European Commission, have developed this project in a hope that airport and other transportation staff will be better equipped to identify women and girls being human trafficked into the country.The Immigrant Council’s recent figures showed that children now account for almost half of all trafficking victims in Ireland.Last year, 48 people were identified as trafficked in Ireland, of which 23 were children with most being sexually exploited.Nusha Yonkova, Anti Trafficking Coordinator of the Immigrant Council said:center_img She added that the IMCI were looking forward to rolling out the scheme Europe-wide.Read: Laws against sex buyers need to be introduced now, says Immigrant Council>Read: Column: Human trafficking and forced prostitution is continuing in Ireland>last_img read more

Supplements used in weight loss and bodybuilding linked to death in US

first_imgPeople are taking a serious risk by taking these products. We know that OxyELITE Pro has, in the past, contained another unsafe ingredient and is now linked as a possible cause of acute hepatitis.Weight loss supplementsJohn Lynchof the IMB has advised anyone who may have consumed these products and has concerns about their health should to seek medical advice:We believe people are seeking these products for a number of reasons including weight loss, energy boosting and muscle building. We seriously urge people not to buy or consume these as they can cause a significant risk to your health.Read: Clinics told to stop advertising ‘weight loss’ fertility drug >Read: Pharmacists dispute health warnings over meal replacement products > CERTAIN FOOD SUPPLEMENTS being sold in the Irish market contain an ingredient that is being investigated for causing at least one fatality in the US.Consumers are being warned not to take four products in the OxyELITE range: OxyELITE Pro Super Thermo capsules; OxyELITE Pro Ultra-Intense Thermo capsules; OxyELITE Pro Super Thermo powder and VERSA-1.The Food Safety Authority Ireland (FSAI) and the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) today jointly said that these products contain an ingredient called aegeline and are being investigated in the US where a large number of cases of non-viral hepatitis have been reported leading to people requiring liver transplants and a fatality.The products mentioned above have been identified for sale in the Irish retail sector and through online sources.The FSAI it telling retailers to immediately remove these products from sale and has told anyone who has these products at home not to consume them and to dispose of them.“Outlets, such as gyms, sports supplement retailers and businesses selling supplements from websites are being asked to remove these products from sale and to clearly display a point-of-sale notice if they sold the products in the past,” said the FSAI’s Ray Ellard.last_img read more

Get in get rich get out McGregor already has his big win

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Paul Dollery Jun 15th 2017, 11:40 AM Short URL 35,853 Views 87 Comments Thursday 15 Jun 2017, 11:40 AM Share78 Tweet Email Follow us: McGregor’s most ardent supporters are adopting the ‘If Conor can land one big punch…’ line in order to remain optimistic about their man’s chances of causing an upset at the T-Mobile Arena.If only Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Oscar de la Hoya and Ricky Hatton, some of the greatest boxers of their generation, had known that getting the better of Floyd Mayweather was that simple.The boxing ring is Mayweather’s domain, where he has dominated for years. Were he to be the one taking the risk by switching codes, the result would be similarly one-sided in McGregor’s favour.Nevertheless, the real victory for McGregor here has now already been secured. As he tweeted in August 2014, the plan is to “get in, get rich and get out”. He has spoken previously of his desire to retire with both wealth and health in abundance. His determination to achieve that objective has surely only been strengthened by the arrival of his first child and the recent retirement of team-mate Aisling Daly due to an abnormality discovered in a brain scan.There’s quite a payday in store for a man who collected his dole cheque on his way to his UFC debut just four years ago and, if that’s at the top of his list of priorities, kudos to him for carving out this opportunity.The McGregor circus rolls back into Las Vegas this summer, but this time it’s unlikely to conclude with a thrilling sporting showpiece.The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Get in, get rich, get out: McGregor already has his big win from Mayweather mega-fight The McGregor circus is back, writes Paul Dollery, but it’s unlikely to conclude with a thrilling sporting showpiece. Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Mayweather v McGregor: stars collide on 26 August. Source: ShowtimeEVEN THOUGH THE possibility of this fight taking place has been mooted for over a year, there was still something surreal about its confirmation when the news broke late last night.Conor McGregor, entering a boxing ring for the first time as a professional, taking on one of the most successful, accomplished and experienced boxers ever to lace up a pair of gloves.As Andy Lee pointed out recently on Off The Ball, it’s a bit like asking a triathlete to swim against Michael Phelps. Or like a tiger fighting a shark in the ocean, as Paulie Malignaggi told Second Captains.For many, this whole saga was never going to amount to anything more than a publicity stunt. Now that it’s set to go ahead, however, they can at least take comfort from the fact that it will — one can only assume and hope — be a thing of the past in 10 weeks’ time.Those at the centre of this fight insist it’s not about money. They’ll attempt to bill it as a chance to finally discover what happens when two combat sports collide — but that’s already been done.For example, former world champion boxer James Toney made the move in the opposite direction in 2010 and lasted just over three minutes before being submitted by ex-UFC champion Randy Couture.Mayweather will talk up McGregor’s chances. He’ll say that the mixed martial arts star is the perfect test for him in his 50th professional bout. A fresh challenge to help him to rediscover his appetite for competition. But in reality, McGregor is merely the perfect man to provide Mayweather with one last enormous pay cheque and a milestone round-number on his record. It’s low-risk, high-reward scenario for the 40-year-old.Las Vegas has been chaotic for McGregor’s UFC bouts in the Nevada town over the past two years, but the weekend of 26 August will take things to another level entirely when the 28-year-old Dubliner’s fanatical horde arrives.Covering a McGregor fight in the days beforehand can sometimes be a chore when the build-up enters circus-act territory. As a sports writer, it’s difficult to muster the enthusiasm to report on a guy in a mink coat threatening to launch a chair at his opponent at a press conference.On fight night, there’s almost a sense of relief that the sport has finally arrived. And for anyone with an affinity for what mixed martial arts stands for in the sporting arena, watching McGregor compete is quite a thrill.While his shtick has certainly played a significant role in his superstardom, ultimately his success has been underpinned by his abilities in the octagon. No fighter in the admittedly brief history of the sport has captivated and entertained audiences quite like he has.To that end, it’s unfortunate that a potential consequence of this Mayweather fight casts some doubt over his future in the UFC. If, as UFC president Dana White has claimed, McGregor collects in the region of $100 million from his professional boxing debut, there will surely be some reluctance on his part to return to the UFC, where he earned a total of $34m — according to Forbes — in the entirety of the last 12 months.Perhaps the UFC have been astute in their dealings with McGregor for this fight by ensuring that his total purse is dependent upon fulfilling his commitments to the organisation, to whom he remains contracted for four more fights, according to comments from Dana White earlier this year. However, respected MMA journalist Jeremy Botter has said that no such clause is present in the contract: Dana White says that McGregor will defend his UFC belt before the end of the yearlast_img read more

Un enseignant sur cinq utilise les manuels numériques en classe

first_imgUn enseignant sur cinq utilise les manuels numériques en classeLe numérique entre dans les salles de classe. Désormais, c’est près d’un enseignant sur cinq qui utilise un manuel scolaire sous forme dématérialisée.Selon une étude TNS-Sofres réalisée sur un panel de 6 183 professeurs, le manuel scolaire numérique est aujourd’hui adopté par un enseignant sur cinq et intégré à leurs méthodes d’apprentissage. “L’utilisation des manuels numériques se développe à tous les niveaux, entraînant l’augmentation des usages du numérique dans l’éducation.” résume l’enquête rapportée par Le Monde.À lire aussiVerdict : les Allemands pourront noter leurs professeurs en ligneCette dernière analyse dans les différents établissements l’utilisation de ces nouveaux systèmes et montrent que le primaire est encore peu concerné (un professeur sur douze se sert de manuels numériques) avec une lente progression, mais que cela s’intensifie au collège et plus encore au lycée. Du point de vue des procédés, c’est très majoritairement par le biais des vidéo-projecteurs que les élèves (92% d’entre eux exactement) accèdent à l’apprentissage par la voie du numérique.Toutefois le tableau n’est pas totalement idyllique et les enseignants font part également des contraintes qu’ils rencontrent à l’utilisation de ces méthodes nouvelles. En premier lieu, le risque de panne pour 40% d’entre eux, suivi du manque d’équipement professionnel (32%) et du manque de formation à ces nouveaux médias (30%). “L’équipement des territoires progresse (haut débit, ordinateurs, maintenance) mais pose avec acuité la nécessité d’une concertation systématique entre l’Etat et les collectivités territoriales” conclue l’étude sur ce point.En progression, le numérique n’est encore très loin de remplacer le papier. Ces manuels dématérialisés ne représentent qu’1% du chiffre d’affaires des manuels imprimés. Mais les éditeurs investissent dans le domaine. En 2011, 950 ouvrages étaient disponibles en version numérique, et chaque nouvelle référence est portée systématiquement sur les deux supports, papier et informatique, avec l’ajout d’interactivité et une orientation pluri-médias. Le manuel numérique, s’il ne prend pas la place du papier, complète et enrichit le savoir donné aux élèves. Le 22 novembre 2011 à 20:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Facebook Twitter and YouTube are broken and Congress is wasting our time

first_img reading • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are broken, and Congress is wasting our time 13:29 Now playing: Watch this: Aug 6 • Trump says he’s watching Google ‘very closely,’ slams CEO Sundar Pichai US Tech Policy Congress rarely agrees on anything. Except that it should regulate the tech industry. But a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal upended Facebook, Capitol Hill is still unable to step up to the plate.Lawmakers this week oversaw six hours of hearings in the House and Senate judiciary committees to discuss the spread of extremism and concerns about censorship on the internet. By the end, after testimony from victims, advocates and even policy people at Facebook, Twitter and Google, there were no major revelations.And there was no agreement about how to move forward. Bupkis.That’s even after a year of screwups that exposed the intimate data of hundreds of millions of people, including what they “liked” on Facebook, their Social Security numbers, passport information and home addresses. It’s even after a year of continued harassment campaigns, punctuated by an attempted attack on a predominantly black church in Kentucky and killings at a Pittsburgh synagogue.It’s gotten so bad that many of us have resigned ourselves to the very real possibility that the disinformation spread by Russia and other bad actors who interfered in the 2016 US presidential race will be replayed to millions of people in 2020. The Senate hearing just became another bit of white noise on Capitol Hill. Jul 28 • Apple’s Q3 earnings are all about the iPhone 11 hints See All We’re still coming to terms with the ways the tech industry has changed the world. But what we do know is that years of monstrous growth with little oversight have created a powder keg. Social media has exacerbated extremism, helping white supremacists and neo-Nazis move into the mainstream political landscape while simultaneously recruiting lone-wolf attackers to kill their perceived enemies. Civil discourse has dropped. People have died.These are tough issues that lawmakers around the globe are grappling with. The European Union has passed privacy laws. The UK is moving to establish its first internet regulator with the power to punish companies that don’t tackle disinformation and terrorist posts. In the US, there are some ideas like the Honest Ads Act, to strengthen online political ad rules, and the Data Care Act, requiring companies to safeguard people’s data. But if this week’s hearings are any indication, there’s little hope for meaningful reform anytime soon.For the foreseeable future, our fates are in the hands of the very companies that led us here in the first place. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai, I’m talking about you.Representatives for Facebook, Google and Twitter, and the chairmen of both committees, didn’t respond to requests for comment.Asleep at the wheelIt began Tuesday, when the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing about the spread of extremism and white supremacy on the internet.Among the witnesses were representatives from Google and Facebook, though the company’s CEOs skipped out. There were activists chosen by conservatives and liberals in the committee. They included representatives from the Jewish anti-hate group the Anti-Defamation League, the head of the civil rights advocacy group Equal Justice Society and the president of the pro-Israeli firm Zionist Organization of America.And there was a grieving parent who said his two daughters and son-in-law were killed, execution style, in their North Carolina home in 2015 because of their religion.Conservative activist Candace Owens drew attention away from the hearing’s focus. Getty Images House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, a Democrat from New York, said that technology from Facebook, Google and Twitter was helping spread hate and that efforts by those companies to fix the problem were falling short. “These platforms are utilized as conduits to spread vitriolic hate messages into every home in the country,” Nadler said. But the hearing soon descended into chaos. What began as an effort to understand why hate incidents are increasing across the country was hijacked by people debating the point of the hearing in the first place. Candace Owens, of the conservative college activist group Turning Point USA, argued that the hearing’s actual goal was “fear-mongering, power and control” on the part of the committee’s Democrats. One lawmaker responded by playing a video of Owens discussing Nazi leader Adolph Hitler’s nationalism.By the end, many of the committee members had left, and all Twitter could talk about was Owens’ fiery rhetoric and the streams of racist and ugly comments left on the committee’s YouTube page. No one agreed on any real solutions, and nothing was tabled for further discussion.Wednesday’s hearing in the Senate was no better. Titled “Stifling Free Speech: Technological Censorship and the Public Discourse,” it became a series of circular debates. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas argued, without evidence, that social media companies were broadly silencing people they politically disagreed with. Facebook Twitter YouTube Tags Aug 6 • President Trump wants social media to catch shooters before they strike. It’s going to be hard 20 US Tech Policy Comments Politics Tech Industry Online 7:49 What Facebook and Google say they’re doing to combat… Share your voice Aug 7 • Trump’s emissions and fuel economy rollbacks will cost Americans money, study says Now playing: Watch this: Senators grill Twitter and Facebook over alleged political… • The House Judiciary Committee called its hearing on the internet’s role in spreading hate after a white supremacist attacked two mosques in New Zealand, killing 50 people and injuring 50 more last month. He used Facebook to livestream his massacre to the world for 17 minutes, and the video was reuploaded to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube faster than the companies could react.The hearing should have been a sober discussion about how we as a country can combat this scourge, and what role Facebook, Twitter and Google should play. Instead, lawmakers and witnesses talked past each other.NPR said it “deteriorated into partisan bickering.” Quartz said it showed the end of decency in US politics. “In a congressional hearing on hate, the haters got their way,” Wired declared. Facebook, which has more than 2.3 billion monthly users, and Twitter, the social media site of choice for President Donald Trump, countered Cruz’s claims. “Suppressing content on the basis of political viewpoint, or preventing people from seeing what matters most to them, is directly contrary to Facebook’s mission,” said Neil Potts, Facebook’s public policy director. “We want Facebook to be a place where people can discover a greater diversity of news and information than they could otherwise.”Twitter said its internal data showed the company didn’t unfairly censor any one group.But it didn’t matter. The two sides couldn’t agree. So, with any serious policy discussion stalled, the hearing just became another bit of white noise on Capitol Hill.”This is politics,” said Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono, during the hearing.CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House of Representatives House Energy and Commerce CommitteeLast year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by uninformed lawmakers. Getty Images At least…If lawmakers accomplished anything this week, they avoided offering up a defiant moment the tech industry could rally around. Last year, they weren’t so lucky.During a closely watched hearing broadcast across the country in April 2018, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch asked how Facebook remains a service that’s free to use. Zuckerberg paused. “Senator, we run ads,” he said and then flashed a smirk. Facebook employees watching back in the company’s Menlo Park headquarters cheered on the politician’s apparent cluelessness. Investors on Wall Street bumped up Facebook’s value. People even put the quote on T-shirts, mugs and bumper stickers.Tech scored a win. And the rest of us were left to reflect on how badly our representatives had failed the American people.How can Congress hope to regulate something it barely understands? US-INTERNET-FACEBOOK-DEMONSTRATIONFacebook’s been under intense scrutiny since initially denying, then accepting, that election interference happened on its service. Getty Images When I asked that of Virginia Democractic Sen. Mark Warner a year ago, his tone shifted from animated to resigned. “I think it will be an evolutionary process,” he said at the time. Warner is one of the few lawmakers who’s offered policy proposals to overhaul political advertising on the internet, strengthen privacy and make it easier for people to move from one social network to the other. As a member of the influential Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Warner’s used his bully pulpit to make tech a key issue.But he knows any policy aimed at Facebook, Twitter and Google will go nowhere unless his fellow lawmakers understand what’s going on.”This is a problem that’s not going to go away,” he said. “I hope there was a step forward on the education process this week and that members will maybe get their staffs or others to brief them up.”A year later, there’s little indication they have. Maybe next year they’ll do better.First published April 12 at 5 a.m. PT.last_img read more

Madhuri Dixit reveals what do she and Sanjay Dutt talk about now

first_imgSanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit in the 90’smovie screenshotMadhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt’s alleged affair has always been the talk of the town and it was being said that the two were about to get married before their break-up. The two had done many films together in the 90s and their on-screen chemistry was something that moviegoers used to crave for. After almost two decades, Madhuri and Dutt will be seen sharing space in Karan Johar’s period drama Kalank and there’s no doubt that the excitement level of their fans is sky high. Things have changed a lot but their mutual admiration for each other has not even a bit. But what’s even more exciting about the former lovebirds is, the way they talk to each other today when their past and present crossesover.During the trailer launch of Kalank, Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit were seen addressing each other as ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’. The unusual exchange of greeting between the two had amused the film’s lead actor Varun Dhawan a lot and was even seen making fun of it. And since Madhuri and Dutt are cordial with each other, their fans wonder what the two must be talking about now.Revealing the details of their conversation these days, Madhuri told Mumbai Mirror, “We enjoy pulling each other’s leg. We both have kids now and discuss their education. It’s been great working with him again.”Earlier, there were reports that Madhuri had some sort of discussion with the makers of Kalank about sharing scenes with Sanjay Dutt before signing the film. Later, it was reported that there was no awkwardness between the duo while shooting the film despite their controversial past. And now Madhuri has revealed that she didn’t even read the script before she signed the film as Karan Johar is a close friend. Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit in Kalank.YouTubeIn the film, Sanjay Dutt plays the character of Balraj Chaudhry who is described as “the most powerful voice of the table, the formidable one”, while Madhuri Dixit Nene will be seen playing the character of Bahaar, “the true Begum”. Her character is further described as “enchanting, ethereal and timeless”.Kalank, which also stars Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Roy Kapur, will hit the theatres on April 17.last_img read more

2 arrested over Rajshahi college girl rape

first_imgPolice on Sunday night arrested two people in Boalia in Rajshahi in connection with the rape of a college girl and taking video footage of the incident, reports UNB.The arrestees are Sohel Rana alias Ekram, 25, son of Abdul Rahim Mollah of Satighata in Joypurhat, and Joynal Abedin, 36, son of Manu Kazi of Sreepur in Baghmara of Rajshahi.Victim’s family filed a case with Boalia Model police station on 9 December over the incident, said officer-in-charge of Boalia Model police station Aman Ullah.He said Ekram, who had love affairs with the victim, violated the girl and recorded the incident in mobile phone with the help of Joynal.Meanwhile, a Rajshahi court on Monday sent the duo to jail after police produced them before it.last_img

Alphas 4th Annual Southwest Community Day

first_imgThe Omicron Eta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity is scheduled to host the Fourth Annual Southwest Community Day on Sept. 16.  Then event will be open and free to the public at Lansburgh Park, located at 1098 Delaware Ave., SW. Community Day activities include health screening, educational resources, financial planning with the goal of spreading mindfulness throughout the community. This event will begin at noon and conclude at 5 p.m.last_img

M6 Southbound closed in Staffordshire while icicles cleared from bridge

first_imgGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailUPDATE: This is now understood to have cleared. The M6 Southbound has been closed on the Staffordshire/West Midlands border while icicles are removed from a bridge. Highways England say they are holding all traffic on the southbound carriageway between Junction 11 (A460 Cannock) and J10A (The M54) while the icicles are removed. A spokesman said: ” Traffic is held on the M6 southbound in the West Midlands between J11 A460 Cannock and J10A M54 while one of our teams remove a number of icicles from an overbridge. “Hoped not to have you held for too long, but obviously we need to get these cleared.” It is unclear how long the motorway will be closed for at this stage. We will bring you an update on this as soon as we get one. Elsewhere a number of major roads are closed in Derbyshire due to snow and ice – while police in Staffordshire and Cheshire are asking people not to travel unless it is absolutely essential. Read MoreSnow and ice hits region overnight as Met Office weather warning remains in force For the latest news and breaking news visit . Get all the big headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion and video on the stories that matter to you. Follow us on Twitter @ SentinelStaffs – the official Sentinel account – real news in real time. We’re also on – your must-see news, features, videos and pictures throughout Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South Cheshire.last_img read more