The Third Croatian Emigrant Congress in Osijek is about to begin

first_imgFor the third time in a row, in the period from June 29 to July 1, the Croatian Emigrant Congress “Departure-Stay-Return” is being held in Osijek.The Congress was prompted by the long-standing economic and political crisis of the Republic of Croatia, which is reflected in the terrible depopulation of the population. Depopulation, on the other hand, is a rather broad term which, in addition to the often mentioned mass emigration, also includes the disproportion between the number of births and deaths.The issue of emigration, which is fueled by long-term distrust of government institutions, has imposed the need for continuous consideration of the causes and consequences of the situation in Croatia and its emigrants. These are reasons that are a handful of aware individuals like Dr. sc. Marina Sopte, a group of professors consisting of Ivan Čizmić, Ivan Rogić, Mijo Korada and Josip Jurčević and Fr. Josip Bebić and Ana Polklepović encouraged the launch of the Congress of Croatian Emigrants. In contemplating this topic, they launched a series of professional and scientific conferences dedicated to Croatian emigrants with the aim of improving the policy of the Republic of Croatia towards emigration, but also finding a common solution to the opportunities that Croatia is currently facing.The Third Emigrant Congress is dedicated to the systematic study of issues of emigrant experience and relations with Croatia, with special emphasis on the reasons for emigration and the unattractiveness of return. In order to reach the most concrete answers, the congress brings together renowned scientists and experts who study Croatian emigrants from the diaspora and the homeland, business people, returnees and entrepreneurial activities. During the third edition of the Congress, the focus is on members of the second and third generation of descendants of Croatian emigrants and the possibility of their return.The panels cover the following topics: emigration as a potential driver of economic and demographic renewal in Croatia; the relationship between emigrants, returnees and the local population in the economic, cultural, scientific and social processes of the development of Croatian society. They will also discuss financial contributions and direct investments of Croatian emigrants in their home country, as well as the establishment of the Croatian Emigrant Fund for emigrant investments, state benefits to emigrants as an incentive for domestic economy development and the state strategy of the Republic of Croatia towards emigrants. Integration challenges and the adoption of an electronic voting system and greater representation of emigrants in the Croatian Parliament are some of the everyday dilemmas faced by emigrants, and then issues of culture as a connective tissue of domestic and emigrated populations, mapping the necessary preconditions for return and opportunities for national and global integration through the digital environment and the development of the IT industry.Topics study emigration as a capital resource of the Republic of Croatia, community strategy, connections in the digital age, cultural identity, business and more.Emigrants bring more than 20 billion kuna to Croatia annually, which is 3,5 to 5% of the state budget. No dr. Sc. Marin Sopot, one of the initiators of the congress, believes that the potential of Croatian emigrants is much more far-reaching – they are a source of scientific, cultural and sports potential, and not exclusively investors and economic units. That is why emigration must be a bridge between foreign investors and Croatia, and it is crucial to include emigrants in the weaving of the development strategy of the Republic of Croatia. Some of the proposals emphasize the benefits of returning Croatian scientists to their homeland, their exchanges and the creation of a platform that would include foreign scientists. Also, according to Sopot, it is necessary to design cultural and social programs that emigrants would seek to realize with diplomatic societies. This type of cooperation would simultaneously raise Croatia’s rating in the world, but also raise the cooperation between emigrants and the home country to a new level.BUT…All of the above sounds nice on paper, but for real change, the home country needs to show more initiative and activity. First of all, it is necessary to create a positive investment climate. The state needs to regain the lost trust of its citizens and those who declare themselves so. Emigrants are often in a position of wound cancer, instead of highlighting examples of successful emigrants and returnees in the fields of economy, sports, culture, science and abroad. Even if we ignore the complicated administration and bureaucracy that always stand in the way of impermeable membranes, the logical conclusion is that the emigrants do not want to invest in the development of an entity that is left with a bitter taste of statelessness. A lukewarm, more humane and assertive approach to communication and fostering the unity and unity of indigenous and displaced citizens is proposed. In this relationship, Croatia would benefit greatly, without having in mind the financial benefit. Emigrants have a lot to offer: knowledge, work discipline, skills, experience of the rule of law and acceptance of risk, they have an open and responsible attitude towards work, which we lack, notes Sopta.In the end, it all comes down to mutual respect and cooperation that works on the principle of “hand in hand”. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the most common reasons for delaying the return of emigrants to Croatia are precisely the administration, bureaucracy and corruption.The question arises, at the end of such clear demands and arguments, who or what really represents the brake in this typical Croatian story?The congress is held in the premises of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, and you can register as an exhibitor or visitor at the official websites Congress.last_img read more

There were a few dry runs among the auction action today, but agents are still confident of sales

first_imgFortunately, the buyer of 93 Blinzinger Road, Banyo was a builder“There were seven registered bidders and crowd of about 40. It’s sold to a builder whose going to do a reno on the house,” he said. 59 Raven Street, Camp Hill was another winning event todays when it sold for $1.495 million under the hammer to a family that have been looking for two years, according to Place Bulimba agent, Shane Hicks. 43 Hibiscus Avenue, Ashgrove is a stunning family home, but no takers under the hammer today.The home’s owner, Melissa Ryan, said the property had been a great place to raise kids.Her family had completed extensive renovations to the home, so it was a long way from what it looked like when they first purchased 17 years ago.“When we bought it, it was a two-bedroom knockdown but it sold within two hours of hitting the market,” Mrs Ryan said.“We did all the renovations and pretty much tripled its size — a beautiful family will enjoy this,” she said.Auctioneer Phill Broom called for an opener from the crowd of about 40 attendees but failed to get a bid before passing in the property.Mr Broom said there were plenty of interested parties but lending uncertainties had stifled completion today.“It’s reducing confidence among some buyers just a little — they’re interested in making offers but they’re not in a position where they feel entirely comfortable to bid,” Mr Broom said.Peter Hutton, principal of Hutton & Hutton Real Estate, said despite not selling, the Hibiscus Avenue campaign had brought out the potential buyers and within moments of the auction ending, he had a written offer to present to the Mrs Ryan.“They offered prior to the auction and the vendor has now counter offered and signed that contract at their reserve,” Mr Hutton said.“I’ve had another buyer on the phone who said they’d pay close to this amount as well,” he said.“We had five or six potential buyers but they all said the market has been a bit up and down in Ashgrove and they can’t quite get their head around the price,” Mr Hutton said.It was a similar result at 8 Commodore Place, Manly West today where Caiti Shaw, agent at Place Real Estate, saw a huge crowd attend on-site at midday. The auction of 8 Commodore Place, Manly West was well attended but without luckMore from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus1 day agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market1 day agoThere was quite a buzz when auctioneer Paul Curtin called for an opener.The starting bid of $800,000 didn’t hold for long with four parties driving the price to $917,000 before a pause was called for vendor instructions.Mr Curtin reopened proceedings with a vendor bid of $940,000 declaring that any bid at or above this figure would see the home “on the market.”But they wouldn’t budge and the home was passed in.Mr Curtin said he felt a deal was imminent despite not selling under the hammer.“We made it quite clear where they need to be,” he said.“We had five registered bidders and four of them were over $900,000. We ended up around $920,000 and the vendor’s bid is mirroring where we think it will go to on the property,” he said.“You’ll see a sold sticker on this property very shortly,” Ms Shaw added.Among the sold homes todays was 93 Blinzinger Rd, Banyo which achieved $560,000 under the hammer. Auctioneer Phill Broom kept an eye on the crowd at Ashgrove today. Pic Annette Dew‘Going … going … Well ladies and gentleman I’m going to pass the property in at this time.’These aren’t the words sellers want to hear but agents and auctioneers across Brisbane still saw worthwhile results in the wake of unsold auction properties.The family home at 43 Hibiscus Avenue, Ashgrove had all the makings of a hectic event, but failed to attract a bid at auction.center_img 93 Blinzinger Road, Banyo saw plenty of interest and managed to get away at auction.Place Real Estate agent Ross Armstrong said it was a well attended event for the 837sq m site with its very modest three-bedroom home.“It’s opposite a commercial site and it’s on a busy road so it was a pretty good result,” Mr Armstrong said. The family buyers of 59 Raven Street, Camp Hill had been house hunting for two years“It was a very special home and they just loved it,” Mr Hicks said.“There were three registered bidders and a big crowd — there must have been the best part of 100 people in the house,” Mr Hicks said.Follow Kieran Clair on Twitter at @kieranclairlast_img read more

L&G launches blockchain-based pension insurance platform [updated]

first_imgUK insurance giant Legal & General (L&G) has teamed up with Amazon to develop a blockchain-based pension risk transfer process.L&G – one of the leading providers of bulk annuities in the UK – announced yesterday it had launched a new platform, dubbed Estua-re, aimed at covering every stage of insuring and reinsuring a pension fund.Estua-re “will replace multiple processes and systems traditionally used to support each function, with the added security of blockchain technology”, the company said in a statement.L&G Reinsurance will “gradually” transfer its existing clients’ data onto the new system, it said. The company developed Estua-re using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing arm of internet services giant Amazon. L&G said AWS’ blockchain capability would allow all parties involved in a bulk pension transfer deal to deal with each other without intermediaries.Thomas Olunloyo, CEO of L&G Reinsurance, said: “Using AWS we have been able to create a solution that addresses not only the greater speeds at which risks are transacted but also drives transparency and security in an increasingly interconnected market. “We believe that blockchain is uniquely suited to the long-term nature of annuities business as it allows data and transactions to be signed, recorded and maintained in a permanent and secure nature over the lifetime of these contracts, which can span over 50 years.”L&G’s pension insurance arm has backed a number of transactions so far this year, collectively worth more than £5.4bn (€6.1bn). These included last week’s record £4.6bn buyout of the Rolls-Royce pension scheme, and a £500m buy-in deal with educational publishing company Pearson, completed in February.This article was updated on 14 June to amend the fourth paragraph, which previously incorrectly stated that client assets were to transfer to the platform. Estua-re will take on client data only.last_img read more

England star Carberry claims ‘cricket is rife with racism’

first_img Loading… Promoted ContentCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Facts About Black Holes That Will Blow Your MindWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearPortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D GraffitiWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do10 Of The Worst Celebrity Dads In HollywoodWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table TopWhy Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do This “Any black captains [in county cricket]? Yours truly for about six games [for Leicestershire]. The guy who replaced me got to do it for the whole season and lost every game. “Why do you think I lost my career? I could have played on. But it’s important I’m happy with who looks back at me. “Maybe I didn’t play the 50 or 100 Tests people thought I should have done. But I thought it was more important to respect the man who looks back at me in the mirror.” read also:‘I looked too young on my test cricket debut Carberry, who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in 2016, said BAME players feel like they are risking their careers if they confront the predjudice He said: “I think other players who laugh it off want acceptance, they don’t want to get dropped, or put a left hook on that guy. “Not hit him, but have a harsh word with him and say, ‘Listen mate, don’t ever say that to me again’, because that guy may have a massive powerful influence in the team. “If you ask Moeen [Ali] and Rash [Adil Rashid] about their issues in the game, understandably they are not going to come out and say, because they are in the set-up. “This is the decision most people of colour have to make all the time. This thing is eating you inside every single day with what you hear in dressing rooms, what you see, the stuff people get away with and say to you.” In response, the ECB accepted the game has “a long way to go” and that “barriers to enjoying our sport exist”. They confirmed their commitment to the ‘Rooney Rule’ – which insists BAME candidates must be interviewed for head coaching and senior administration roles – at county level. “We truly believe that cricket is a game for everyone but understand that sadly barriers to enjoying our sport exist for many communities,” the ECB said in a statement. “We know we have a long way to go until we are fully representative as a sport, particularly in relation to black communities. “That’s why voices like Michael’s are so important and we will continue to listen, educate ourselves and face uncomfortable truths in order to create action and long-term change.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Former England cricketer, Michael Carberry, claims ‘cricket is rife with racism’ and reveals he stood up to a former coach who made racist slurs. Carberry, 39, who played six Test matches for England, confronted the coach – and says it probably cost him his contract with that county. Carberry told the Cricket Badger podcast: “I’ve almost come close to making a coach spit out 32 [teeth] on the ground for the stuff that he said to me. “‘I couldn’t see you in the dark’ and ‘What are the brothers having tonight? Bit of fried chicken and rice and peas?’” “Bear in mind, I’m putting my career on the line and it probably ended up being the final nail in my coffin at that club. The issue you have in cricket is, the people running the game don’t care about black people in it. Black people are not important to the structure of English cricket. “I won’t name the club. But these are the things you have to weigh up when you hear things like this in your company.” Carberry played for Surrey, Kent and Hampshire before ending his career two years ago at Leicestershire. He also says “cricket is rife with racism” and that “the people running the game don’t care about black people”. Carberry said: “Cricket is rife with racism. The issue you have in cricket is, the people running the game don’t care about black people in it. Black people are not important to the structure of English cricket. “If you look around English cricket at the moment, where the important decisions are made, name one black man in those positions? “You’re talking the Andrew Strauss or Ashley Giles roles. Which black man has ever had the opportunity to make the big decisions on English cricket? Not one. “Then scale down. Look at England head coaches. When has there been a black head coach? Never.last_img read more

Simeone hails Carrasco’s impact in Barcelona draw

first_imgRead Also: La Liga: Barcelona suffer title blow in Atletico Madrid drawThe 26-year old returned to the club in January on loan from Chinese Super League club Dalian Yifang, with his deal subsequently extended until the end of the restarted 2019-20 season.Los Rojiblancos now look well placed to secure a Champions League spot in the coming weeks, with a seven point lead over fifth placed Getafe, with five games to go.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone has singled out midfielder Yannick Carrasco for praise, following their 2-2 La Liga draw at Barcelona. Yannick Carrasco The Belgian international caused problems for Quique Setien’s side right from kick off at the Camp Nou, with the home defence struggling to contain him. He won a 14th minute penalty following a foul by Arturo Vidal, with Saul Niguez converting, after a retake was ordered following Diego Costa’s miss.Advertisement The former AS Monaco star continued to pose a threat after the break, winning a second spot kick just after the hour mark, and Simeone was impressed at full time. “Carrasco did a good job tonight. He has found it difficult since coming back, and he put in a huge effort here,” he told a post match interview with Marca. “He played a decisive role tonight. Against Bilbao he played well, but tonight was his most complete game.”center_img Loading…last_img read more

Tough draw for McIlroy

first_imgTop seed and four-time major winner Rory McIlroy has been handed a tough draw for the new-look WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship in San Francisco after being grouped with Billy Horschel, Brandt Snedeker and Jason Dufner. It is a group stacked with winners, as Horschel was the 2014 FedExCup champion, Snedeker won the FedExCup in 2012, and Dufner won the 2013 PGA Championship. Under the tournament’s new format, the current top 16 in the world rankings were each placed in a different group, and the remaining three players were drawn from pools depending on their current rankings. There will be round-robin matches between the four players in the group between Wednesday and Friday, with the winners advancing to face off in a World Cup-style format. McIlroy will start against Dufner on Wednesday, and will hope to be able to advance to face the winner of Group 16, headlined by Hideki Matsuyama and also featuring Kevin Na, Joost Luiten and Alexander Levy. Masters winner Jordan Spieth, ranked second in the world, has been paired with Lee Westwood, Matt Every and Mikko Ilonen – who was the last player in the field of 64 after Phil Mickelson’s late withdrawal for personal reasons. While Westwood has a long record of success in match play, Spieth can boast two wins and two second places in five starts. Justin Rose, sixth in the world following his victory at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans on Sunday, will be up against Ryan Palmer, Anirban Lahiri and Marc Leishman. Although Leishman finished in a tie for 28th this weekend, he like Rose will have come away from TPC Louisiana with a good deal of confidence following a second-round 63. Group 4 also threw up plenty of intrigue with Bubba Watson paired with Louis Oosthuizen, Keegan Bradley and Miguel Angel Jimenez. Ian Poulter, who has a 22-12 record in match play, is in Jimmy Walker’s group along with Webb Simpson and Gary Woodland, while Paul Casey, 16-9 in match-play, is in Adam Scott’s group with Chris Kirk and Francesco Molinari. Graeme McDowell and Shane Lowry will offer Rickie Fowler a preview of the Irish Open in Group 13 along with Harris English. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

England can win World Cup: Morgan

first_imgMelbourne, Feb 7: England skipper Eoin Morgan insisted on Saturday that his side is capable of winning the World Cup if they are at their very best during the tourment. England are yet to win the prestigious trophy being beaten in the fil on three occasions. They recently lost against Australia in the Carlton tri–series fil, also featuring India. “We’re here to win the World Cup,” Morgan was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.”That’s the bottom line. Like every other team, we’re here to get the best out of ourselves, and us at our best we can win this World Cup.”The 28–year–old praised the talent within the squad and added that the players are looking forward to their campaign.”The talent within the squad is untold. It’s certainly the most talented squad I’ve ever been a part of, and to get the opportunity to lead these group of players in a World Cup is huge. Maybe once, twice in a career you have an opportunity to go and win a World Cup. The opportunity is huge and guys are really looking forward to it,” added Morgan.Morgan ascended to the one–day captaincy in controversial circumstances less than two months out from the quadrennial event after Alaistair Cook was sacked.However, his batting form has been a worrying issue for the England camp. In his last seven One–Day Intertiols, Morgan has crossed the single figure mark only once. IANSlast_img read more

MBB : Nation’s top defense poses little challenge for Syracuse in win over Wisconsin

first_imgBOSTON – The toughest defense Syracuse faced all year was also one of the simplest to break.The Orange just matched up too well with Wisconsin’s man-to-man. Even if the Badgers allowed the fewest points per game of any team in the nation, the defense played right into Syracuse’s hands.‘All our guards know that nobody can stay in front of us,’ Dion Waiters said. ‘Especially in the man-to-man.’Syracuse’s trio of guards – Waiters, Scoop Jardine and Brandon Triche – tore through the Badgers’ defense, at times penetrating at will. The Orange utilized its tried-and-true pick and roll all game, and when the Syracuse center would come set a screen, the Wisconsin big men stayed back rather than defend out to the 3-point line. That gave the Orange guards open space, and the 38 points on 15-of-26 shooting in top-seeded Syracuse’s 64-63 victory over No. 4 Wisconsin in the Sweet 16 on Thursday in the TD Garden was the result.Syracuse became only the second team this season – Michigan State did it twice – to shoot at least 50 percent from the field as a team against the Badgers.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text‘We know, everybody knows, they’re an explosive offensive team,’ Wisconsin guard Jordan Taylor said. ‘Dion Waiters and Scoop, Kris Joseph, all them, make you play with the best of them.’Jardine said the Orange knew they held matchup advantages at the guard position against UW’s man-to-man. Taylor couldn’t defend two guards at once. Plus, Triche and Waiters, at 205 and 215 pounds, respectively, held size advantages over Taylor, Josh Gasser and Ben Brust, none of whom weigh more than 195 pounds.SU’s guards penetrated from the beginning, as Triche drove to the hoop on Syracuse’s first possession and made a layup over Wisconsin’s Jared Berggren, drawing a foul on the center in the process.With Syracuse trailing early, Waiters began to assert his physical advantage on his opponent. He hit a floater over Taylor to put SU up 26-23. Then, on the left wing, his pump fake was too good for Ryan Evans. As Evans tried to recover, Waiters hit a deep 2-pointer to push the Orange’s lead to seven.‘We played pick your spot,’ Jardine said. ‘There was times (Waiters) had the ball, there was times I had the ball, or Triche. And that’s when we’re playing like that and free like that we’re really hard to beat.’Jardine picked his spot when he received a screen from Baye Keita at the top of the key. With Keita to his left, Jardine dribbled around the pick.No center came out to pressure him, and he drilled an open 3, capping an 11-0 Syracuse run to put the Orange ahead 33-23. At the scorer’s table, Triche laughed as the 3 went in, pounding his right fist against the floor.SU had this defense solved.‘Their (center) wasn’t really coming up as much on ball screens,’ Triche said. ‘Even on curls he didn’t really help as much, which gave us space to create. And when you give us space, we’re very good players.’Syracuse’s offense was not on point in the first half in either of its NCAA Tournament games in Pittsburgh. The 33 first-half points the Orange scored against Wisconsin were the most it had scored in a first half since Feb. 25 at Connecticut.And the Badgers’ stingy defense allowed that many points in the first half just twice in its first 35 games. Syracuse’s offense broke through because of its guard play.Wisconsin threw the first punch in the second half, cutting what was once a 10-point deficit to one in the first two minutes. Again, guard play played a factor in Syracuse holding off the Badgers.With Syracuse up 44-40, Jardine drove around a Keita screen on the right wing and cut across the lane, then lofted a right-handed layup as he flew across the basket’s plane.‘Their big men don’t hedge back, and that’s like a free lane for us guards like myself and Triche and Dion, where we can penetrate and get guys shots,’ Jardine said.The Orange only had five assists on Thursday, but part of that is because 59 percent of its points came from the guard position. Jardine had four of the five, and said while he was shooting well, he was willing to dish the ball to Waiters, who also had a hot hand for much of the game.On paper, Wisconsin’s numbers are impressive. But after the game, Waiters didn’t see anything special.‘I mean, no disrespect to them, but that was one of the easiest defenses that we’ve probably played all year,’ Waiters said. ‘… We can drive and try to take the big man or we can penetrate and get out. It definitely worked in our favor.’ Comments Facebook Twitter Google+center_img Published on March 22, 2012 at 12:00 pm Contact Mark: | @mark_cooperjrlast_img read more

Galasso shows progress in midfield, nets crucial game-tying goal against Binghamton

first_imgNicky Galasso has spent much of this season adjusting to the midfield.The junior — who transferred from North Carolina and sat on the Syracuse sideline with a foot injury for all of last season — has moved from his natural attack position to the Orange’s midfield and displayed the strides he’s taken against Binghamton on Wednesday night.“I had a little setback in the beginning of the year and it just takes a little bit of time,” Galasso said. “But I feel like I’m getting more and more comfortable as practice goes on. The first midfield line keeps helping me out during practice and it’s key.“Now when we get to the games I’m just more and more comfortable and ready to play.”Galasso was a working part of the offense for much of Syracuse’s (6-3, 1-3 Atlantic Coast) 10-8 win over the Bearcats (3-6, 1-0 America East) and tallied one goal when he knotted the score at 6-6 in the third quarter. On the heels of that goal, the Orange built a three-goal lead that it wouldn’t relinquish, which underscored Galasso’s importance as a versatile scorer on SU’s second midfield line.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“We started getting more movement,” SU midfielder Scott Loy said of the stretch following Galasso’s goal, “and started putting the ball in the back of the net.”The second midfield line — consisting of Galasso, Randy Staats and Billy Ward — didn’t see the field for the first six minutes of the game, but gained a strong foothold in the lineup as the game moved on.Each player is a converted attack and it was Galasso who showcased that. While he’s waded into the midfield this season, most of his shots have been from distance.But after collecting a feed behind the net, a defender overplayed him and he took advantage. He swooped in to the left side of the cage and released a low shot that bounced past Binghamton goalie Tanner Cosens and into the back of the net.It was a move he has rarely used this season, but certainly isn’t foreign to him.Galasso said: “I used to be an attackman. I’m pretty used to doing that.” Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on April 3, 2014 at 12:19 am Contact Jesse: | @dougherty_jesselast_img read more

Dougherty: Syracuse basketball’s only option is to be fun

first_imgFor one minute and 11 seconds Friday night, Syracuse’s up-tempo 3s-heavy offense was everything the Orange can hope it will be this season.The threat of Malachi Richardson’s outside touch opened a gaping hole in the middle of Lehigh’s man-to-man defense. Tyler Lydon slipped into it. Richardson found him with a deft no-look pass and Lydon dunked two-handed. The Carrier Dome crowd got on its feet. Richardson, wanting more noise, pumped his arms above his head. So did Trevor Cooney, and the crowd listened.A few plays later, as the first-half clock wound down, Lydon swung a pass to Kaleb Joseph for a 3 on the left wing. Joseph spun twice at mid-court as the buzzer sounded and the crowd rose again. His team filed into the tunnel with a 20-point lead and a win to coast to.But the climax of the Orange’s (1-0) season-opening 57-47 win over Lehigh was followed by a loud thud. The Orange missed its first six 3s of the second half and the Mountain Hawks, slowing the game down with a 2-3 zone, clawed to within six points. On one side of the break was a team thriving in a system that promises around 30 3s a night. On the other side was a group of players trying to find a collective shooting stroke that it, for nearly eight minutes, had left in the locker room.In total, SU heaved 34 3s and made just 11. The first look at the perimeter-focused offense wasn’t pretty and set up a narrative for the Orange’s season: Syracuse, with the 3s and unrelenting pace, will be fun. But its’ inability to be anything else could spell trouble.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“We don’t have another option. That’s the best option for us,” Jim Boeheim, SU’s head coach, said. “That shot, we have to make those for a better percentage.”Boeheim, and his players, insisted that all 34 3s came on good looks. That makes it hard to criticize the shot selection, especially because of a run of 3s ultimately helped SU avoid the upset. The Orange also turned the ball over 17 times and, due to breakdowns on the inside of SU’s zone, the Mountain Hawks shot 12-for-22 from inside the arc in the second half to spur their comeback.But if SU hits just a few more 3s, or has a backup plan, the game is never put into question. Instead, its starting frontcourt of Tyler Roberson and Dajuan Coleman played a collective 34 minutes and shot a combined 1-for-5 for two points.So the 3s kept coming. The crowd hung onto each one. And elation turned to deflation after each of the 23 misses.“It’s definitely a lot of fun to go up and down and shoot 3s,” SU point guard Michael Gbinije said. “But at the same time, if we’re not making it then it can become a dangerous game, as well.”Syracuse has five shooters — and can play four at a time for long stretches — but its starting lineup looks wholly one-dimensional. Coleman and Roberson don’t draw their defenders away from the rim or pose much of a threat inside. In turn, Orange drivers will meet a wall of defenders against teams that pack their bigs into the paint. St. Bonaventure, which visits the Carrier Dome at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, promises to employ that approach.That leaves the 3-point shot as the only reliable offensive option. Boeheim said it himself. SU said it by taking 34s against Lehigh, and 61 across its two preseason scrimmages. It’s a flashy style that will draw the attention of the casual basketball fan. It could also win Syracuse a game it has no business winning this season. Or two. Or three. Who knows.But it can also keep you in a tight contest with a Lehigh team only picked to win the Patriot League. When the hot hands go cold and nothing can find the bottom of the net, the Orange’s current plan is a shaky one.Syracuse is going to keep shooting. Buckle up.“It will be an interesting team to watch play,” Boeheim said, clairvoyantly, before the season. “Much more interesting than last year’s team to watch. I don’t know if they’ll be any better, but they’ll be more interesting.”Jesse Dougherty is the Web Editor at The Daily Orange, where his column appears occasionally. He can be reached at or @dougherty_jesse. Comments Published on November 16, 2015 at 8:46 pm Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more