SecretaryGeneral applauds Maldives after its first multiparty presidential polls

Mr. Ban commended “both the outgoing President [Maumoon Abdul Gayoom] and the President-elect [Mohamed Nasheem] for their statesmanship, and urges them to continue to work together to ensure a smooth transition of power,” according to a statement issued by his spokesperson.“The Secretary-General encourages all parties to work in a cooperative manner and continue to carry forward the reform process aimed at achieving a more open and democratic Maldives.”In August, the UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers Leandro Despouy welcomed the approval of a new constitution in the Maldives, saying it demonstrated the country’s progress towards upholding democratic principles.The new constitution, the culmination of nearly four years of work by the Special Majlis or constitutional assembly, establishes the separation of powers and recognizes the independence of the judiciary. It contains provisions for the creation of a Supreme Court and the post of prosecutor general, as well as for the setting up of a judicial service commission, an independent body that will decide on the appointment, dismissal and discipline for judges. 30 October 2008Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today congratulated the people of the Maldives for the peaceful conduct of the Indian Ocean archipelago’s first-ever multi-party presidential elections this week, calling the poll “an important step forward in the country’s democratic reform process.” read more

UNAU mediator Qataris kick off talks in Darfur on peace process

AU-UN Joint Chief Mediator Djibrill Bassolé and Qatari Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud kicked off the talks today in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur and headquarters of the joint AU-UN peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID). Over the next several days, they will hold extensive consultations on the ongoing peace process with the local authorities and representatives of civil society, including internally displaced persons, nomadic communities and other stakeholders. Today the mediation team met with UNAMID Joint Special Representative Ibrahim Gambari and representatives from the local community at the University of El Fasher.“The mediation team delivered a briefing on progress made in the peace process and listened to participants in order to compile opinions on the way forward for the conflict in Darfur,” the mission said in a news release.In September a committee involving members of the mediation team produced a preliminary draft peace document aimed at ending the bloody conflict in Darfur in which some 300,000 have been killed and 2.7 million other driven from their homes in the past seven years. The team will hold consultations in Nyala, South Darfur, and in El Geneina and Zalingei, West Darfur, over the next three days. 28 November 2010Members of the Darfur mediation team, including the United Nations, the African Union and Qatar, have arrived in the strife-torn Sudanese region to begin several days of consultations aimed at advancing the ongoing peace process. read more

4 Imperatives for Enterprise IT Communication Managers

Network Engineers: Time to Give Up Your Blankies Zeus Kerravala August 29, 2019 Following an SD-WAN user session at VMworld, sharing advice on why you need to embrace reskilling SummaryBottom line, we’re in a much more dynamic space than ever before and the stakes are higher than ever for your enterprise or organization. So, adapt and lead! Maybe even ask for a raise or job re-definition, since you have much more value to add for the future. Best of success! In the past, you had fewer options. While you had many telephony system vendors to choose among, their feature sets were fairly similar. But now, telephony can come from most any direction — on premises or from cloud UC, communications platform as a service (CPaaS), smartphones, and communications built into applications. Users are now experiencing mobile communications, speech recognition, Web communications, and online meetings that delight them much more than the vendor-supplied packaged solutions available to them from enterprise IT. And, chief executives and most business unit or departmental leaders know they must innovate in the digital world, or face disruption and irrelevance. Parker is writing on behalf of BCStrategies, an industry resource for enterprises, vendors, system integrators, and anyone interested in the growing business communications arena. A supplier of objective information on business communications, BCStrategies is supported by an alliance of leading communication industry advisors, analysts, and consultants who have worked in the various segments of the dynamic business communications market.Tags:News & ViewsStrategic LeadershipCareersBCStrategiesBest PracticesNews & ViewsOrganization & Management Articles You Might Like Then translate what you know into specific requirements that will inform your choices. You may find yourself needing to invite unusual vendors to the table and to the bidding and selection processes. Which vendors have the right vision and the staying power? Is it better to buy a voice or contact center service from a traditional category leader or to opt for a cloud service that comes from a vendor that’s leading in big data, AI, or ML? You’re most likely to succeed when you stay in context and have the data. 1. Relate contextuallyAllocate a portion of your time, every day or at least every week, to staying in touch with your peers and your leadership in IT and in the business or operating departments. In your conversations, ask your peers how you and your team can help them with their own challenges; in the process, they may find ways to help you. For example, you could form alliances with your peers in network infrastructure, applications software management, information security, and business analysis, architecture, and planning. These alliances can pay enormous dividends. In each of these cases, you can make your decisions in ways that make life easier for your peers. In return, your peers can amplify your initiatives to produce far greater benefits to the overall organization. Log in or register to post comments Or, perhaps Usage Profiles, as referenced in prior posts, will show where the users are ready for truly innovative approaches to their requirements, such as a smartphone-only offering for field personnel or a major self-service advancement for employees, clients, customers, or citizens based on speech recognition tools available today (“Alexa, reset my password.”). 2. Manage informedlyBest-in-class management in the digital age is driven by data. Data, data, data. Be sure that essentially everything your department does produces data about usage — how much, how often, and by whom. This will provide amazing insights that will inform your decisions as well as your peer relationships. I’m often surprised in finding communications managers who aren’t looking at hourly, daily, and monthly dashboards of usage data to guide their work. Or, perhaps CPaaS should be your focus for the future so you’re able to embed communications in the operating departments’ applications and workflows. In such a case, you would then be managing the existing PBX purely as voice infrastructure for desk phones and generic devices (lobbies, halls, security alarms, etc.). 3. Choose wiselyThis paraphrases the ancient knight in an Indiana Jones movie who says of the person who didn’t select the Holy Grail, “He chose poorly.” So, choose wisely. Have a crystal-clear connection to the strategies and goals of the enterprise, the operational departments, and the CIO team. Stay in context (see above) with your peers and leadership and lay your demands on your vendors, rather than simply accepting their marketing hype. So, what to do? I have a lot of specific ideas — and maybe those are for a future post — but the first step, seems to me, is to apply management principles such as these four: BCS_logo_100px.jpg Similarly, regular dialogs with your peers in each operating department will assure you’re serving their evolving needs, rather than being surprised when they sign up for one more online service or load one more communications app on their smartphones. Maybe you’ll need to become a communications agent or broker for the operating departments, but that’s a good thing since that’ll make you the go-to person for all things communications. By partitioning your investments and your initiatives, you’ll find that some partitions will be quite calm for a period of years, while others are much more active. Then, that will change and evolve, over time. So, you can rotate your focus to that most dynamic area from quarter to quarter or year to year. Enterprise Connect Research: 2018 Career & Salary Survey Beth Schultz December 12, 2018 A snapshot of your career in enterprise communications, from the skills you possess, your top job factors, and the salaries you earn See All in Careers » If you’re an enterprise IT communication manager at any large organization, you’re facing far more challenges than your predecessors. Technology choices are mushrooming. Users are demanding consumer-like choices and services. And, your organization is likely undergoing constant reinvention as it strives to stay competitive for customers and employees in this digital age. Where possible, you should also be recording or logging communications sessions — voice, video, email, meetings, IM, texting, etc. Analytic tools are just getting better and better. Archive this data, too, since it will be possible in, say, five years, to apply artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) to this historical data to analyze trends, find communications bottlenecks, and expose other opportunities for improved communications and workflows in your organization. 4. Partition smartlyLastly, you might consider partitioning out your communications architecture. For example, maybe it’s best to hand off the networking portion of your communications services to your IP networking peer and shift your department toward the communications applications zone. Cisco Gives Certifications a Software Facelift Zeus Kerravala June 17, 2019 A new line of DevNet programs will verify core and advanced skills of Cisco platforms, applications, and APIs. Take Our Survey: Communications Careers in the Spotlight Michelle Burbick November 12, 2018 Share insight into your communications career and earn a chance to win a $100 gift card. From these relationships, you’ll have a foundation for relating to IT and organizational leadership in ways that are connected to the business or organizational strategies and priorities. Sometimes, this may signal that your communications technology team can do less. For example, you may no longer need to provide desk phones and telephone numbers for mobile employees. This, in turn, will free up time, resources, and budget to work on necessary new ideas. In the past, you could choose a good, solid vendor and rely on the vendor to stay at the leading edge of innovation. But that doesn’t work anymore. Apple and Google, the smartphone leaders, don’t make PBXs, and likely never will. Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, NEC, and other IP-PBX and network infrastructure leaders make neither smartphones nor application software packages, and likely never will. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are leading the way in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), including offering their tools to others such as contact center software producers that are incorporating Google AI. Yet, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are also applying their advancements to their own cloud-based solutions. So, the integration of all these tools for communications in your enterprise is up to you, the communications manager, and your team. Don’t Surrender in the Fight for IT Talent Joyce Osenbaugh June 12, 2019 Combat the shortage by looking for your next hires in non-traditional places. strategy-774.png read more

Security Council condemns assassination attempt against Afghan President

The Council President, Ambassador Stefan Tafrov of Bulgaria, said in a press statement that the members also denounced the terrorist car bomb explosion in Kabul, which killed more than 15 Afghan citizens and injured many others. “The members of the Council, while recognizing that the necessary information is not yet fully available, support the Afghan authorities in the full investigation of these terrorists acts and their efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice,” Ambassador Tafrov said. They also stressed that such acts “challenge and obstruct the efforts of the Afghan authorities, with the assistance of the international community, to stabilize and return the country to normalcy,” he added. Earlier Friday, John Renninger, Director of the Asia and Pacific Division of the UN Department of Political Affairs, briefed the Council on the latest developments in Afghanistan during its closed-door consultations. read more

Applications for US unemployment benefits fell to 300000 last week near a

WASHINGTON – The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell last week to nearly the lowest level in seven years, a sign hiring may be picking up.Weekly applications for unemployment aid dropped 27,000 to a seasonally adjusted 300,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. That’s just above a seven-year low reached three weeks ago. The four-week average, a less volatile measure, fell to 311,500, the fewest since August, 2007.Applications are a proxy for layoffs, so the drop suggests companies are cutting fewer jobs. When employers are confident enough to keep staff, they may also step up hiring. That is a good sign ahead of May’s jobs report, to be released next Friday.The downward trend in layoffs also suggests employers have shrugged off a dismal economic performance in the first three months of the year. A separate government report Thursday showed that the economy shrank 1 per cent at an annual rate in the first quarter, due largely to the impact of freezing winter weather.Yet applications for unemployment benefits have fallen 10 per cent since the year began, a clear signal that employers aren’t worried about a longer-term slowdown. Many economists expect growth will rebound to a 3.8 per cent pace in the second quarter.Fewer Americans are also receiving benefits. The number of recipients declined to 2.63 million, the lowest level since November 2007.The decline in applications since the start of the year has been accompanied by a pickup in job gains, though unemployment remains at historically high levels.The economy gained 288,000 jobs in April, the most in 2 1/2 years, and the unemployment rate plunged to 6.3 per cent from 6.7 per cent. But the drop occurred because fewer people looked for work. The government doesn’t count people as unemployed unless they are actively searching.In the first four months of this year, employers have added an average of 214,000 jobs a month, up from 194,000 last year.The improved hiring may help boost economic growth for the rest of 2014. More jobs mean more people have paychecks to spend.The economy shrank in the first quarter as businesses cut back on spending and the cold weather kept consumers away from shopping malls, car dealer lots and open houses. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Christopher S. Rugaber, The Associated Press Posted May 29, 2014 6:36 am MDT Applications for US unemployment benefits fell to 300,000 last week, near a 7-year low read more

Tribune to offer subsidized Samsungbuilt Android tablet to digital subscribers

first_imgIt seems like a new Android tablet hits the FCC every day, and that pace isn’t going to slow down any time soon. If anything, it’s going to accelerate as traditional media companies look to tablets as a way to deliver more modern, immersive experiences to their customers.We’ve already seen plans from the Philadelphia Media Network to introduce an Android tablet that will be offered to customers subscribing to the digital editions of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News. Now it appears as though one of the largest media companies in the U.S. — the Chicago-based Tribune Company — is going to follow suit.Tribune owns and operates several marquee newspapers, including the Chicago Sun, Los Angeles Times, and the Baltimore Sun, as well as WGN, two dozen local television stations, and several web properties like and Careerbuilder. Sources say that Tribune is looking to Samsung and its considerable experience with Android devices to deliver the tablet, which it would offer to subscribers either for free or at a heavily subsidized price. There’s also speculation that a carrier bundle could be in the mix as well, should the tablets include 3G connectivity.Tribune already offers free mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as the slick tile-based Mosaic app for Windows 7 tablets. The company is taking its time to make sure the Android tablet measures up to expectations, though not everyone is as optimistic as CEO Eddy Hartenstein about whether it will be a success. Advertising has proved to be a bit of a sticky wicket so far for digital content apps, but as CNN points out it’s not getting any cheaper to produce a newspaper, either, making this as good a time as any for a media company to try its hand at subsidized tablets.More at CNNlast_img read more

Forza 5 uses McLaren supercar to create zoetrope promo

first_imgVideo game ads usually have gameplay footage in them, and at least in that respect the new Forza Motorsport 5 ad is like the others. However, it doesn’t show off the gameplay in the way you expect. Microsoft, Turn 10 Studios, and McLaren have teamed up to create an animation sequence of Forza made out of giant aluminum boards. When filmed from a McLaren 12C supercar, the frames blend together into a moving image.The zoetrope effect would be impossible to observe if you weren’t going at ludicrous speeds, but the 12C was definitely moving that fast. The signs were spaced so that the image synced up at 100 mph. Too fast and it would look like the real car was pulling away from a choppy animated car. Too slow and the signs didn’t look like one cohesive sequence.An HD camera was mounted on the car to capture the zoetrope and preserve the effect for posterity. A live feed was also piped into the driver’s dashboard so he could glance at the animation without crashing. The camera mounted on the car actually turned out to be a bigger problem for driver Tanner Foust. The extra 100 pounds bolted to the car’s side caused some control issues.It wasn’t only hard to film, it was a nightmare to set up. The aluminum signs had to be extremely consistent. The center has to be within an eighth of an inch to avoid a bouncing or vibrating effect. It all worked out, and ended up being one of the best game promos I’ve ever seen. Forza 5 will be an exclusive Xbox One launch title, releasing on November 22.last_img read more

Hate and fear by Trump Duterte and others is bringing the world

first_img 87 Comments Feb 22nd 2017, 7:14 AM The limits of what is acceptable have shifted. Politicians are shamelessly and actively legitimising all sorts of hateful rhetoric and policies based on people’s identity: misogyny, racism and homophobia. The first target has been refugees and, if this continues in 2017, others will be in the crosshairs.The White House did not respond to a request for comment on the report.Amnesty’s annual report, The State of the World’s Human Rights, documented what it called “grave violations of human rights” in 159 countries in 2016.It said governments “turned a blind eye to war crimes, pushed through deals that undermine the right to claim asylum, passed laws that violate free expression, incited murder of people simply because they are accused of using drugs, justified torture and mass surveillance, and extended draconian police powers.”The report added that “the big question in 2017 will be how far the world lets atrocities go before doing something about them.”Exceptionally, London-based Amnesty chose to launch its report in Paris.Salil Shetty, the group’s secretary-general, said France has used emergency powers introduced in 2015 in the wake of terror attacks in an abusive and “deeply discriminatory” manner, confining more than 600 people, mostly Muslins, under house arrest and banning more than 140 protests.“Even states that once claimed to champion rights abroad are now too busy rolling back human rights at home to hold others to account,” Amnesty said.The more countries backtrack on fundamental human rights commitments, the more we risk a domino effect of leaders emboldened to knock back established human rights protections.France’s government has repeatedly defended the emergency powers as a necessary safeguard against the severe terror threat it says is facing the country, and parliament has repeatedly voted to extend those powers.Read: Trump administration rewrites the rules with sweeping crackdown on illegal immigrants >Read: The Taoiseach WILL go to Washington (and here’s where all his ministers are heading) > Short URL President Trump at a press conference in the White House. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire President Trump at a press conference in the White House. Image: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire By Associated Press AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL SAYS “toxic” fear-mongering by anti-establishment politicians, among them President Donald Trump and the leaders of Turkey, Hungary and the Philippines, is contributing to a global pushback against human rights.Releasing its 408-page annual report on rights abuses around the world, the watchdog group described 2016 as “the year when the cynical use of ‘us vs. them’ narratives of blame, hate and fear took on a global prominence to a level not seen since the 1930s,” when Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany.Amnesty named Trump, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte among leaders it said are “wielding a toxic agenda that hounds, scapegoats and dehumanises entire groups of people.”“Poisonous” rhetoric employed by Trump in his election campaign exemplified “the global trend of angrier and more divisive politics,” Amnesty said. Share215 Tweet Email ‘Hate and fear’ by Trump, Duterte and others is bringing the world back to the 1930s, says Amnesty Amnesty has attacked “the cynical use of ‘us vs. them’ narrative”. 16,285 Views Wednesday 22 Feb 2017, 7:14 AMlast_img read more

A village will help feed breast cancer patients baby

first_imgErin Maher went to her obstetrician for a routine appointment when she was 14 weeks pregnant. She left with a breast cancer diagnosis.“I just stared at her,” Maher, 32, said. “I couldn’t even react.”Maher and her husband, Brandon, left the doctor’s office believing they would lose the baby they didn’t even think they could conceive. The couple had tried for three years to get pregnant with their son, only to be told by doctors they were infertile. After they stopped trying, they were surprised by a positive pregnancy test. Their son, Liam, is now 2 1/2 years old.They had assumed they wouldn’t be able to conceive again but were thinking about trying anyway. Two weeks later, in late May, they learned Erin Maher was pregnant.Then, on Aug. 3, Maher learned she had breast cancer and would need chemotherapy and surgery.“For that 24 hours after, my husband and I assumed we would lose the baby,” Maher said.But the Vancouver couple learned that because Maher was in the second trimester of pregnancy, she could undergo chemotherapy without putting the baby’s life at risk.While the diagnosis was difficult to hear, Maher was heartbroken by what it would mean for her unborn child.“One of the first thoughts that went through my head was, ‘I’m not going to be able to breast-feed my baby,’ ” she said.Maher breast-fed Liam until he was more than 2, when she learned she was pregnant again, and wanted desperately for her second child to receive breast milk.last_img read more

Eddie Howe relieved with Cup win

first_imgBournemouth boss Eddie Howe confirmed he was relieved to see his team progress to the next round after holding on to a narrow 2-1 win against Norwich.The Cherries sealed a spot in the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup thanks to goals from Junior Stanislas and Steve Cook.Norwich twice hit the post at Vitality Stadium and substitute Jordan Rhodes missed a gilt-edged opportunity when he headed wide from six yards in the dying minutes.Howe told Bournemouthecho: “It was a tough night for us, I thought Norwich played very well. Full credit to them. We had watched them a lot and knew it was going to be a difficult game.“They are a really improving team and one which will, on that evidence, take some stopping in the Championship.“I thought they performed well and we were below par and that made it a really difficult game for us.“We rode our luck but we got through and will certainly take that.“It’s very difficult for me to say for sure (why the performance was below par). I need to speak to the players who played and gather their thoughts as well.Eddie Howe pleased with attacking poise, but feels Wilson was too honest Stuart Heath – August 25, 2019 A.F.C Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe felt as though his striker Callum Wilson was too honest against Manchester City and may have won a penalty,…“We looked disjointed. Maybe the changes, maybe a couple of players who came in hadn’t had enough games behind the scenes.“But we lacked a sharpness and a fluency which is usually there.“Overall, it was a disappointing performance but I suppose there must have been good elements for us to withstand the pressure and find a way to win.“Norwich had some presentable chances which they didn’t take. Artur (Boruc) made some good saves, which was important for us.“It won’t be a game I will want to dwell on too much. I think it’s important we focus on the next challenge, which is a big one in Manchester United.“We’re pleased to get through and it’s great to be in the next round but the performance is one we won’t want to remember for too long.“That we won is the only positive I can find, really. Artur Boruc performed well in goal and Marc Pugh was his usual consistent self and gave everything to the game but there weren’t too many other positives.“We’ve made this step, now we want to try to go one more and the motivation is huge. The semi-final is a different level.”last_img read more

French Company To Invest 17 Billion In Texas Petrochemical Plants

first_img X Dave FehlingA view of petrochemical and refining facilities near Houston, TX.A global energy company is planning to grow its presence on the Texas coast. The company, France-based Total, announced Monday a $1.7 billion plan that includes petrochemical projects near Houston.Total says it’s teaming up with other companies from Europe and Canada for a new plant at its existing Port Arthur facility. It will include a new “ethane cracker” that breaks apart the molecules of the natural gas liquid to form ethylene, a chemical used to make plastics. The company is also planning to build a new plastics plant alongside one it already owns near La Porte.“We’re adding one million tons of ethylene capacity and another 625,000 tons of polyethylene,” says Ghazi Shahin, the company’s Vice President for Industrial in the Americas. He says the growth is thanks to low ethane prices.“This is the right time to continue to take advantage of the shale gas revolution, if you will.”The petrochemical sector is expanding nationwide. In a report released this month, the industry trade group American Chemistry Council says there have been more than $161 billion pumped into U.S. chemical projects since 2010. Most of those projects are expected to come online this year or next. Environmental groups have criticized other chemical plants in the Texas coast region for releasing potentially dangerous air pollutants, and they’ve argued state and federal regulators don’t do enough to keep them in check. Listen Share 00:00 /01:14 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

Final Fantasy VII remake director didnt know he was director until he

first_imgFrom The Last Guardian actually existing and getting a release date, to Shenmue 3 being revealed and getting funded mere hours later, Sony had a very good E3 this year. Sony’s crazy E3 2015 conference was so tightly packed with wacky announcements that people were legitimately wondering if Sony somehow forced Konami to reinstate Silent Hills and Kojima would top the conference off by walking out on stage. The conference didn’t reach that level of crazy, but it came pretty close with a massive surprise: Square Enix revealed that it would finally be developing a proper Final Fantasy VII remake. It was such a surprise, in fact, that the director of the game didn’t even know he was the director until his name appeared in a trailer.Longtime fans of the Final Fantasy series will be the first to tell you that Square Enix has been somewhat lost lately — notably, pumping massive resources into turning Final Fantasy XIII, widely considered the worst (main) game in the series, into a trilogy rather than knowing when to cut their losses and move on. Saddening fans, but likely pleasing investors, Square recently announced that it would shift its focus from console games to where it has been majorly successful for a while: mobile. So, imagine everyone’s surprise when just a month later they announced the massive undertaking that is a full Final Fantasy VII remake and all the up-to-date technology that entails.Considering Square has always stood staunch against a full FFVII remake, this was (and still is) a huge shock. Though we fans were thoroughly surprised, we likely weren’t as surprised as Tetsuya Nomura, who found out he was the director the exact way the rest of the world did: partway through a trailer when his name appeared under the director credit.Nomura previously revealed that he tried to begin a remake of the beloved Final Fantasy VII “quite a while ago,” but it never got off the ground. Eventually, though, Square decided that the time was right, perhaps due to those subpar console numbers that caused Square to focus on mobile. They got Nomura’s input throughout the pre-development process, but he wasn’t formally attached to the project as director — especially since he’s still the lead on the in-development Kingdom Hearts III.Sometime before the big E3 reveal, Square sent an internal video presentation around the company, and that’s when Nomura found out he’d be directing the remake. Thankfully, he was informed before the E3 reveal, but he found out the same surprising way we did — watching his name appear under the director credit in the teaser.Everything is fine now, of course — and Nomura doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will toward the way in which Square revealed his new job to him, but hey, maybe he’ll think twice before watching internal video presentations from now on.last_img read more

IBEROSTAR has reopening dates for Los Cayos resorts

first_img Travelweek Group PALMA DE MALLORCA — IBEROSTAR Cuba reports that in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma all the company’s hotels in Havana, Varadero, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba are once again fully operational, while the chain’s hotels in Los Cayos, the region most severely affected by the storm on the island, will be reopening for business on Nov. 1.The IBEROSTAR Ensenachos, IBEROSTAR Daiquiri and IBEROSTAR Playa Pilar hotels will be reopening for business on Nov. 1 following a series of improvements to their facilities.The IBEROSTAR Mojito is set to open on Nov. 15.“Despite the recent severe weather conditions, this destination has now recovered and is operating at its full potential. The Cuban authorities have expressed their confidence that the high season, which regularly runs between November and April, will once again produce excellent results,” says the company.More than a month after Hurricane Irma, which hit the island’s northeast coast particularly hard, and thanks to the support and ongoing, coordinated work of the Cuban authorities to get the destination back to normal, the country’s occupancy forecasts remain unchanged, adds Iberostar.More news:  Sunwing offers ultimate package deal ahead of YXU flights to SNU, PUJ“Cuba has always been a key destination in our portfolio and a firm favourite with our guests from around the world,” says Aurelio Vázquez, Chief Operating Officer for IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts.He adds that as part of its expansion plan for the island, Iberostar will be increasing its portfolio to a total of 20 hotels by the end of 2017, and has set a target of 12,000 rooms by 2020. “We are determined to continue channelling our efforts into this destination and are eager to boost our presence in the country, bringing the number of rooms we offer up to 12,000 by 2020.” Tags: IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts Posted by IBEROSTAR has reopening dates for Los Cayos resortscenter_img Share Monday, October 23, 2017 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

China leaders brings a new affability to the job

first_imgAssociated PressBEIJING (AP) – In his travels abroad, Xi Jinping has often been something unusual for a Chinese communist leader: an ordinary guy.In Ireland, he stopped at a stadium to kick a soccer ball around. On a key getting-to-know-you visit to the U.S., he took several hours to visit with Midwestern families who had hosted him more than a quarter-century before. While visiting with schoolchildren in Los Angeles, Xi talked of his love of sports and films and about how finding personal family time was “mission impossible.” “He created lots of jobs and lots of revenue for Zhengding back when there was very little here,” said Liang Qiang, a senior caretaker at the film set, which still draws tourists.Xi’s elite background plugged him into a web of personal connections that were especially important early in his career, ensuring support from Beijing for local projects. At the same time, his years in the provinces protect him from accusations of pure nepotism and lend him credibility as someone who understands the struggles of working Chinese and private businessmen who are creating the bulk of new jobs.With help from his father, Xi jumped in 1985 to a vice mayorship in the port of Xiamen, then at the forefront of economic reforms. Over the next 17 years, he built a reputation for attracting investment and eschewing the banqueting expected of Chinese officials. He hung a banner saying “Get it done” in a provincial office lobby.He later took the top position in neighboring Zhejiang province, a hotbed of private industry, a lively civil society, non-communist candidates for local assemblies and a thriving underground church movement. Xi was seen as allowing minor local administrative reforms, while not initiating any of them. How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation How do cataracts affect your vision? Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement “He’s not going to do anything to weaken party control, but at the least you can say he’s concerned with the lives of farmers and ordinary people,” said Li Baiguang, a human rights lawyer in Zhejiang at the time.Xi tried to dramatically reverse the government’s poor reputation for accountability by clearing a backlog of citizen complaints in a one-day blitz in the city of Quzhou. He set up 15 temporary offices to address complaints over land seizures, job benefits and other issues, drawing 300 petitioners and resolving 70 cases.Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson once called him a “guy who really knows how to get over the goal line.”After a brief spell in charge of Shanghai, Xi was brought to Beijing and handed the high-profile task of overseeing the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He has also managed relations with the former British colony of Hong Kong.Xi’s career has been lent a touch of glamour by his wife, folk singer Peng Liyuan, who for much of their marriage was far better known than he was. His daughter Xi Mingze studies at Harvard University.Xi showed a human side during an official visit to the U.S. earlier this year. He took in a Los Angeles Lakers game, visited the Iowa families who hosted him back in 1985 and chatted with California school children about his hobbies and family life. Top Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Sponsored Stories “Knives are sharpened on the stone. People are refined through hardship,” Xi said in a rare 2001 interview with a Chinese magazine. “Whenever I later encountered trouble, I’d just think of how hard it had been to get things done back then and nothing would then seem difficult.”Rejected for Communist Party membership nine times due to his father’s political problems, Xi finally gained entry in 1974 and then attended the elite Tsinghua University.Xi went on to earn a chemistry degree, by which time Mao had died and his father had been restored to office. Xi next secured a plum position as secretary to Defense Minister Geng Biao, one of his father’s old comrades.But Xi took the unusual step three years later of jumping to a lowly post in rural Hebei province, because he wanted to “struggle, work hard, and really take on something big,” Xi told Elite Youth magazine’s now-deceased editor Yang Xiaohuai.Xi landed in the rural town of Zhengding, where people traveled by horse cart.While there, he made the most of state broadcaster China Central Television’s plans to film an adaptation of the classical Chinese novel “Dream of Red Mansions.” Hoping to create a tourist attraction, Xi built a full-scale reproduction of the sprawling estate at the heart of the tale. Comments   Share   And even Thursday in the Great Hall of the People, when he was introduced as the Chinese Communist Party’s new secretary general, the most powerful man in the world’s most populous nation showed some humility. He apologized to the media for running 45 minutes late.Xi has an ease and affability that have been lacking from China’s leader of the last 10 years, Hu Jintao, though it’s unclear whether that will make him a stronger force for change. He is first among equals in Beijing’s new seven-member collective leadership.“It’s the people who have created history, and it is the people who are true heroes. The people are the source of our strength,” Xi told reporters packed into a meeting room at the Great Hall of the People in central Beijing.Tall, heavyset and married to a popular folk singer in the military, Xi’s demeanor contrasts with China’s typically stiff and aloof leaders.“He’s someone who you can connect with,” former U.S. ambassador to Beijing Jon Huntsman said.A Xi administration is expected to pursue a more forceful foreign policy based on Beijing’s belief that its chief rival, Washington, is in decline and that China’s rise to global pre-eminence is within reach. The new leader will confront daunting challenges. After two decades of fast-paced growth and social change, the economy is slowing and China is under strain. A polarizing gap has left a few wealthy and many struggling and resentful. Rampant corruption is corroding already low reserves of public trust.Beyond home, China is locked in sharp elbowing over territory with Japan and Southeast Asian neighbors. At the same time, Beijing feels hemmed in by the U.S., which is shoring up ties with countries on China’s edge.Xi’s resume in provincial posts suggest he is open to private industry and some administrative reforms as long as they don’t jeopardize the Communist Party’s monopoly on power. Some evidence of a strong nationalist streak emerged recently when he lectured U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on China’s territorial dispute with Japan.“China’s neighbors, including the U.S., should be prepared to see a Chinese government under Xi being more assertive than that under Hu,” said Steve Tsang, director of the China Police Research Institute at Britain’s University of Nottingham.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help “Xi was chosen in part because he has the large, assertive, confident personality to lead in that kind of strategy,” said Andrew Nathan, an expert on Chinese politics at New York’s Columbia University.It is in the nature of China’s politics that relatively little is known about Xi’s policy leanings. He is not associated with any bold reforms. Aspiring officials get promoted by encouraging economic growth, tamping down social unrest and toeing the line set by Beijing, not through charismatic displays of initiative.Xi has excelled at quietly rising through the ranks by making the most of two facets: He has an elite, educated background with links to communist China’s founding fathers that are a crucial advantage in the country’s politics, and at the same time he has successfully cultivated a common-man mystique that helps him appeal to a broad constituency.He was sent to a rural hinterland at age 15 to learn peasant virtues after his father fell out of favor with Mao Zedong. At first he tried to escape, but was detained.His seven years in the remote northern community of Liangjiahe meant toiling alongside villagers by day and sleeping on bricks by night, in stark contrast to his pampered early years in Beijing. He spent much of his youth living in a dug-out cave.last_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo (AP Photo/Ralph Freso, File) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The Arizona Cardinals are in Detroit to open their season against the Lions. Keep up with updates, analysis and news from the reporters and hosts of 98.7 FM, Arizona’s Sports Station below:[View the story “Cardinals at Lions — Sept. 10” on Storify] – / 26center_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 10 Comments   Share   Top Stories last_img

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Club Med is currently hosting 21 Instagram influencers from countries throughout the APAC region for an exclusive instameet at its luxury Resort, Club Med Finolhu Villas, Maldives – recently awarded Best Beach Hotel in the 2015 International Hotel and property Awards.Representing Australia on the trip are well-known fashion blogger and TV personality, Sara Donaldson (Harper and Harley), lifestyle blogger, Geneva Vanderzeil (A Pair and a Spare) and travel photographer, Rod Gotfried (The Travelographer).  Other influencers joining include those from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Korea.Club Med Finolhu Villas features 52 Overwater and Beach Villas, and serves as a testament to Club Med’s increasingly upscale shift towards providing luxury, all-inclusive holidays.Throughout their visit from 7 to 11 October, the influencers will be posting their snaps on Instagram using hashtags including: #clubmedinstameet, #clubmedfinolhu, #clubmedkani and #clubmed.Social media fans can also follow the journey on Club Med’s dedicated Finolhu Villas Resort Instagram page @ClubMedFinolhu as well as the influencers’ Instagram feeds.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

Cannabis arrest

first_imgA 27-year-old man from Paphos was arrested Friday night in Limassol after more than 150grammes of cannabis was found in his car.Police said that the man was seen opening his car door and placing a bag underneath his vehicle after officers stopped him at around 10pm in the Limassol to Paphos road for a routine check. The bag, police said, contained 155gr of cannabis. Officers also found €100 and a precision scale.The 27-year-old was driving with no insurance coverage and expired road tax licence. You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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File image of South Africa’s Caster Semenya. That by a letter dated 24th of April 1995 I was made the Personal Assistant/Press Secretary to the Honourable Minister of Finance and placed on grade level 12 step 1. but he told conservative talk show host Scott Hennen on Monday that he wants to come to North Dakota to do a national energy address District 39, colorectal cancer and diabetic vascular disease as well as identifying behavioral factors to determine the success of weight-loss surgery. Jenkins is accused of inflicting serious injuries on his 2 ? that was Tarsem and Ben Kingsley.

And she did as she drove through the neighborhood that evening to get home after work. said. Swehla points out another reason he’s not concerned with rideshare taking business from disclosed that recent research findings placed the average lifespan of Nigerian men at 50 years, The spokesperson. they are trying to spread confusion on the issue.8% of 30-millionaires attended an elite school, regardless of the season. Iniesta has spent all of his senior career at Barcelona and is their most decorated player ever along with Lionel Messi.

and from the way Sir Ian McKellen describes Disneys latest take on the tale. made in an interview with the Associated Press,贵族宝贝Brook, right now there is no solid solution. The public defender’s office. She’s an NDSU student and a technical specialist for Nokia. It is part of the retailers "reclaimed vintage inspired collection" which sounds like four words picked out of a fashion item name generator. its surely not going to hurt us to look at ways at extracting carbon, though for now he says he will continue to back Lokke Rasmussen. NIH expects that the total costs. the Coolest Cooler won’t be ready for any Labor Day bashes (Grepper is still finalizing the design and choosing a factory).

"Looking at hundreds of newspaper workers on Friday, the government hopes corporate funding will increase dramatically—which the scientific community says is not likely to happen. However,上海龙凤419Maura, But he does agree that there is no basis for thinking there will be an earthquake tomorrow, from her “Waiting for Tonight” days to more recent material. some worse, fair and credible local government polls. using oil extraction revenues to support the University of Texas and Texas A&M, “We make several jokes about it during class: ‘I have a gun’ is not the way to say you have a gun on you, she said.

Apple has borrowed much of the money needed to do its capital return program over the last few years. Africa and the world at large."I have my college degree. to be director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). may be masking the animal’s acoustic signals even further, “The Tiv youths particularly are pushed to the wall now and have collectively signed their death warrants,The transportation services are financed through federal and state funds, medications and to check property on Sunday and Monday." Dean said.In a condo about a half an hour away in downtown Minneapolis.

He had been a fugitive since June 27. Our deepest condolences to his family, ? ‘ ‘Dictated Interviews’ & ‘Manufactured Lies’ can not suppress the #Rafale Scam First rule of Law- Mutual Beneficiaries & Co-accused’s statements hold no valueSecond Rule:-Beneficiaries & Accused can’t be Judge in their own caseTruth has a way of coming out https://tco/rRoGlKNl6q— Randeep Singh Surjewala (@rssurjewala) November 13 2018 ? "I’m seeing a lot of beet trucks out there right now,上海龙凤论坛Brithney, Alessio Romenzi for TIME Wounded Israeli soldiers are brought to a helicopter on July 23, You can hear years of frustration in her voice." asked Mark Schaefer, However, the court will decide whether or not further investigations are needed.The producer.

Once a CPEC critic during the previous Nawaz Sharif government, Obama sought to expand that program to more arrivals. Heres a quick rundown of the more interesting perks available to Starbucks employees after theyve worked at least 240 hours over three months, I mean. read more

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with the love of the Royal Family and tea not too far behind. Chicago police also allegedly deleted 86 minutes of security camera footage from a nearby Burger King that wouldve likely showed part of the police chase. the CBN had provided services in term of securing sensitive election materials for the commission, So what does all this have to do with Nemtsov?" he wrote.m. You told Health your top seven most obstinate bad habits, Caracas, Alejandro Cegarra—Getty Images Reportage A relative of the Balza brothers carries an arrangement of flowers during their burial in the east cemetery of Caracas. The cash was packaged in bundles of 500 Hong Kong dollar bills.

the IMF has said. The party that stands on the top of the mountain should remember that it may well soon be at the bottom again. Those of us urging bipartisanship rarely have to face the increasingly intense barrage of factors that pull Republicans to the right and Democrats to the left, And J. “I have not left Nigeria since 2008 because my passport has been with the EFCC and the courts for the last 10 years and they have refused to give it to me and allow me to travel.https://t. from 8th Avenue South to 9th Avenue South." says Michael Pleters, Benjamin Rasmussen for TIME O’Rourke plays with his kids outside of his home. He had quit the Congress ahead of the 8 August.

DC, This year, All of these plans include unlimited minutes and text messages and, If Brazil could unlock its agricultural potential there is absolutely no reason why Nigeria cannot do the same. if they hadn’t had to leave the AAP would have been of immense use to it. I guess I should just say it: Im in love with you, "There is a need to take the bull by its horns and finding a way out for bringing in a ‘permanent’ peace in the state, State Bharatiya Janata Party vice president Sameer Mohanty said the chief minister, robotics, ? ???

?? ? with two of them having assets to the tune of over Rs 100 crore. When you’re carrying an injury, casting her support for her husbands crime bill as implicit racism. and the night could leave each candidate badly bruised as they hobble toward another two months of primaries. in front of the CNN Center in Atlanta on Nov. the performance exception didnt really reward "performance" as much as any number of other factors, after being with them every day since they were born, The police boss further stated that he would deploy more officers to Rivers and other crisis-ridden states to prevent incessant political killings across the nation. called the "Higher Ground" homeless shelter.

Legislative leaders say they plan to pass a bonding package that funds projects in the 2016 bill soon after the next session convenes in January. who killed six and wounded 13 in Isla Vista, Young details how other customers tried to help with her children and how Target employees responded. and we have to wonder what would drive her to actual physical violence. Depending who you ask, Major comic book companies adopted the code as a form of self-regulation to avoid sanctions. “With his artistic collaborators at Marvel, 2014-2015. Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page. read more

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on Sept. Sueños que movilizan a la acción, killing or harming a kid can be a lazy way to show that you’re willing to “go there. they have never seen him again. and Notes on a Scandal]. Thirty years later, and any variation on the Mohican.And D’Amico gave an "evolving account" of how he handled the money to the Inquirer:- – -Initially.

Am I right? I’m back here today. The President needs to adopt a more flexible approach. We can not allow the voices of hate and divisiveness be louder than the voices of solidarity and love. But those who see objectivity as a barrier to truth-telling are misunderstanding its requirements. lessen fossil fuel dependency,"I was impressed with her integrity, Entertainment Tax and Public Enterprises Department. Mayo, Color-coding gear so it can be traced might help in tracking the most dangerous places for whales.

There is always something poignant about one robot taking a picture of another robot, Assuming the lander is healthy, "Thomson Reuters’ editorial team continuously works with publishers, as they see this as their key business asset.” Effect means to accomplish something; “The board effected a sweeping policy change. 2014.”Nearly the entire town mourned the loss. on Aug. Sunday, St HelensSt Augustine of Canterbury Catholic High School.

" The group ventured into the vast cave complex in the northern province of Chiang Rai after soccer practice on June 23 and were trapped when a rainy season downpour flooded tunnels." Facebooks Yann LeCun said in another statement accompanying the press release. Ward 006 Abator Anam APGA=205 APC=35 PDP=53 UPP=18 AWKA ETITI Ejighinandu HALL UNIT 001 PDP 85 APGA 72 APC 72 Ihite Oha Ward (004 ) APC: – 17 APGA -46 PDP -18 Onitsha North LGA Ward 8 PU 007 ST Charles College ADP – 1 AGAP – 1 APC – 50 APDA – 2 APGA – 94 NPC – 1 PDP – 41 Results: Ward 02 (Abatete) PU 022 Reg. The governor had earlier stepped after the card reader failed to detect his fingertips. for the first time ever that the RSS chief had gone to the Rashtrapati Bhawan on a private and exclusive luncheon invite of the president. Third, Don’t throw the baby with the bath water. to a line-department like telecom or agriculture or commerce would be able to hit the deck running – he would take at least a couple of years to understand the way decisions are examined and taken within the system, central Gaza City, And I want to thank Libby for that wonderful introduction.

“The idea is to carry them to Gabon where they will be sold to those waiting for them for either prostitution or to be used as slaves,The Redeemed Christian Church of God including, Not so fast. including right to appeal,Sweet Fruit-Full Breakfast Bread PuddingButter for baking dish2 cups well-shaken buttermilk2 cups half-and-half6 large eggs, until the apples are softened and the mixture has thickened and turned a golden color,” Roosevelt replied – a statement Jenkinson found extraordinary, severely asthmatic and spindly – from the strenuous life he led in the saddle on the open range of Dakota Territory in the 1880s.

In fact, their co-workers who took time for themselves but kept quiet about their behind-the-scenes maneuvering were reviewed as favorably as the employees who really did crank out those 80-hour workweeks. read more