Girona’s nutritional plan, similar to Christmas or summer

first_imgIt is time to adapt to the circumstances and During the next few days, the Girona players will follow individualized work plans from their homes with the intention of maintaining a good physical tone. And nutrition is also included in that plan. The first team squad is used to eating and eating breakfast at La Vinya before and after training, and now they must change their habits. Food is very important in the rojiblanco club and the players’ contact with nutritionist Sergi Mateo is almost daily.Controlling the nutrition of footballers is something that worries the coaching staff of Pep Lluís Martí and that is why each footballer received days ago some nutritional guidelines that should be followed until normality returns and they can return to exercise in La Vinya. And the plan that soccer players take It is very similar to Christmas or when they are enjoying the summer holidays. The objective is to provide adequate nutritional compositions to avoid weight gain, although from the entity they transmit that “we trust the players a lot” The steps to follow regarding food in Girona are clear: carbohydrate amounts should be decreased and those of vegetables, greens, proteins, and healthy lipids should be maintained and hydrated well. Another key for these days is ingesting the right amount of food so as not to get hungry because this way players are prevented from biting between meals, something totally discouraged by nutritionists. And finally, it is clear that, over the next few days, since the training level is not as intense, processed foods should be avoided and not eating too much red meat. Girona has long been aware that a good diet is vital for a good performance.last_img

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