“Let’s trust Zidane”

first_imgTrue to your appointment every year, the Nacex Challenge brought together ex-Madrid and Barcelona for a combined morning of paddle and talk about the impending Bernabéu Classic, with the defeat of Madrid before him City in Champions still fresh The exmadridistas, good connoisseurs of the history of the white club, refuse to give the tie for loss, despite the stick that the two goals of Gabriel Jesus Y From Bruyne. “Touch a manor, I trust Zidane. You have to play it, “he explained. José Antonio Camacho. “You have to believe, although apparently in the first leg does not seem easy,” he said Ramón Calderón, former president of Madrid. “If someone can lift this, it’s Madrid,” he said. Ramis.As expected, the arbitration controversy also monopolized the statements, especially with the focus on the City’s draw, in which Madrid claimed Gabriel Jesús’s lack of Ramos. Alfonso Pérez, formerly of both Madrid and Barcelona, ​​was especially blunt: “I am very surprised by the VAR, I understand that those who are behind do not have great knowledge of football. The referees should have played minimally, I understand that there is no bad faith. You can put there to people who have played, to consult. I see errors so clamorous that I do not know what to think, if they are on purpose or have no idea. ” “Nothing would have happened to review it and decide more calmly,” according to Ramis; “The VAR is beneficial, but you have to clarify the concepts; in football there will always be controversy,” he said Santillana; Y Forest, always cautious, he barely showed his thinking about video arbitration: “It doesn’t seem bad at all, it has good things and others to improve. I think it helps a little …”. Already thinking of the Classic, the common denominator seems to be the instability in which both teams arrive. “I have never seen a Classic in which the two stagger, it will be a match to reaffirm the identity. Whoever gets better in the Champions League can take the cat to the water,” he said Sergi Barjuan, lateral culé for nine years. “Whoever wins will look like a champion, will hit the table,” he explained. Victor Muñoz, which also made a clear defense of Ernesto Valverde: “Of course he went unfair to him, he had the team first. But that is not the fault of Setién, now he has to leave his mark on the team. Barcelona still lacks intensity …”In the Classic’s club, almost everyone gave a winner (although many, without entering markers; victory is enough and plenty); alone Schuster, who played in Madrid, Barcelona and Atleti, he bet on the tie: “I am politically correct …”. The German was critical of the role of the Spanish in Europe and bet fully on the Bayern. “Look at him, he has recovered players, he is a very good team.” On the track, the win was white: De la Red and Javi Guerrero were imposed in the final to Óscar Arpón and José Manuel Yanguasex Osasuna invited to the event; He wasn’t the only one: they were also Pantic and Roberto Fresnedoso.last_img

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