“Maradona is the best ever, without a doubt”

first_imgDiego Fernando Maradona Ojeda son of Diego Maradona went through the microphones of “El Larguero” of the BE before Messi Play in the stadium where your father played. Messi in Naples? “Messi was signing him for Naples right now. That tonight he was going to concentrate with Naples. Messi is a phenomenon … If Messi is a player who chooses to score five goals in a match he puts them in. There is no drama , he plays with peace of mind and incredible quality. I adore Messi. Those who criticize him don’t understand anything about football. “Criticisms of Messi in Argentina. “I always say the same thing. The only player who won a World Cup was only my father, the rest were helped. In recent years, Messi was not helped.”Maradona-Messi. “He never spoke badly to me about Messi, on the contrary, he always spoke to me well. My father loves Messi very much. It’s fair that my father loves him because they always had a good relationship.”Both together. “Together we could close everything and give the cups to the team that had them.”Messi better than Maradona in something? “In the countryside I think not and it was not either. I love my father for what he is, I would not change him for anyone. Good things and bad things. But I make it clear that I like Messi a lot and hopefully one day I will raise my cup of the world”.Messi-Christian. “I get up from the table and leave because I can’t be comparing Messi with Cristiano. With Cristiano I take my hat off because he is a great striker but he has no comparison with Messi. Messi has no comparison with anyone today.”Coach title. “I have already started training, I hope I can fulfill my dream of training in Primera or in a big club.”Coronavirus. “In Naples for now the issue is calm and under control. To the north we have more problems. Here for now we are quite good. They are still inflating the issue a lot, in the south for now we had few cases and most were saved.” Maradona the best in history?. “But without any doubt. Whoever says otherwise has no idea of ​​football.”Messi, the one who comes closest. “Messi is obviously approaching him, I always said that Messi is much better than Cristiano and is close to him, but they cannot be compared to terrestrial with extraterrestrials.”Welcome to Messi. “We are going to receive Messi well because he is obviously a crack, today he is the best in the world. Hopefully he will return the good reception with goals but that does not happen for us anymore.”The figure of Maradona in Naples. “Here my old man is God without any doubts. In Naples my father loves everyone. You know what he left in the countryside for Naples. He fills me with pride because they spent many years and still worship him. Everyone’s dream the ones we love is that he trains in Naples. He would like it but for now it didn’t happen and we have to have respect for Gattuso and Gymnastics. “Did something hit your father? “Tell me who was hit half of what he had on his left leg? I had bad luck in this being his son. I played football was a good player. I give you an example: the son, had comparison, but of course with Maldini. Most of the time I don’t want to say it, but apart from that I am proud to be Maradona’s son for everything he gave to football. I was a good player but the expectations were too many, they didn’t let me grow Quiet. There were too many reasons. “center_img 10last_img

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