Abelardo paid 30,000 euros to a network that threatened his family

first_imgThe first complaints arose in the province of Turolense. Two people, Massinissa F., aka Erik, and Ishmael B., aka Salva, who are now in prison, served as leaders. According to Diario de Teruel, extortion has been carried out since at least 2016. Erik’s group threatened and extorted money from victims who deposited money in accounts provided by other people in exchange for remuneration. Salva’s group extorted with another team organized with their own “mules” to get the money and three other people bleached these amounts, including the Levante Toño García player, who was arrested in February 2019, who was in provisional prison for a month and was released, once the Provincial Court of Teruel considered his appeal.Among the different groups, there would also be another dedicated to the scam and documentary falsehood of bank checks. Given the high number of people affected throughout the country, which can reach 4,000, the head of the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Teruel has raised a question of jurisdictional jurisdiction for the case to be taken by the National Court. The Espanyol coach, Abelardo Fernández, paid the amount of 30,000 euros to an extortion network to users who called a contact website, after receiving telephone threats from a man. The technician paid the amount in four transfers, the same number of calls made by the extortionist, who threatened to harm his family, as can be seen from the summary of the case, known as ‘sextorsion’, which is instructed by the Court of Instruction number 3 of Teruel, whose owner has already lifted the secret that weighed on it, according to the Herald of Aragon on Tuesday. The plot, which has left victims throughout Spain, was organized into six different groups, although connected to each other, and with a main nucleus located in the Valencian Community.last_img

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