Doing More with Your Cell Phone

first_img Citation: Doing More with Your Cell Phone (2009, August 10) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( — As technology shrinks, and as it becomes possible to unplug and still conduct all of your business from a hand-held device, we demand more convenience. And there are two entities leading the way in developing ways to make it easier to take care of business away from home: The International Air Transport Association and USAA. One is providing airline check-in standards for mobile phones, and the other is providing a way to deposit checks using images taken with a cell phone. Checking In Via Cell Phone Back in 2007, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that it would be developing a way for travelers to use their cell phones as boarding passes. With next year’s deadline for a switch 100% bar-code boarding passes industry-wide, it is little surprise that cell phones might be used as the boarding passes. Already, passengers can check themselves in and print out their own bar-coded boarding passes. (I do this regularly, especially when all I have is a carry-on.) With the IATA system, paper would be completely eliminated. Instead, the boarding pass, with bar-code, would be sent to the cell phone. The bar-code could then be scanned directly from the phone’s display.In addition to being able to check yourself in and use your cell phone as a boarding pass, it is now possible to deposit checks from anywhere using a cell phone — assuming you are a customer of USAA. USAA is a bank and insurer based in Texas, in the United States. However, it boasts customers from around the world. USAA has been aggressive in making it convenient for customers to bank from anywhere, pioneering the Deposit@Home program, which allows customers to scan images of their checks and deposit them remotely over the Internet.Now, USAA wants to let its customers deposit checks using their cell phones. Customers take pictures of both sides of their checks with the cell phone camera, and then, accessing their accounts through USAA’s mobile banking feature, send the images into the electronic check deposit system. Paper checks should be voided and then properly disposed of after the deposit goes through. This is an idea that other banks have been slow to grasp. While other banks offer remote check deposit, they require customers to purchase special equipment and pay monthly fees. USAA offers an example of what true customer-centered banking could be.It is clear that technology is moving forward, and that we might soon be able to carry our entire lives in the palms of our hands. Of course, that brings its own risks — especially if you misplace your cell phone.© 2009 PhysOrg.comcenter_img Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Montpellier team turns tables on robothuman interactions w video

first_img Robots closer to performing bed baths (w/ Video) More information: Research paper online. The robot used in the demo is a Fujitsu HOAP-3 humanoid, which is a compact, lightweight robot. The HOAP-3’s arm had four degrees of freedom, to position the hoop right below the ball.The audience at IROS let out a nervous gasp upon seeing the video, reports the IEEE Spectrum. Bloggers also went to lengths to be funny and entertain the possibility of electrode-armed robots turning to malevolent means to wreak revenge on humans. Developers of this robot have other scenarios on their mind. Bruno Vilhena Adorno, team spokesperson, notes that the reason these robots are being developed is for medical use. Electric stimulation for such patients has both physical and psychological benefits. The goal is for patients with paralysis and other disabilities to regain use of their motor skills. Adorno calls up a simple scenario of a robot bringing the patient with limited movements a glass of water and then helping the patient to reach and hold the glass.The work on this robot is by the Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics, and Microelectronics (known by its French acronym LIRMM). The effort, in turn, is part of Project Assist. The project goal is to develop a two-arm mobile robot capable of assisting quadriplegic people to manipulate common objects. The LIRMM robot is in proof of concept stage, for which the team will continue their work. They plan to improve the electrical stimulation. They are now able to move the elbow in both directions. In time they hope to move the arm to any point in space. Explore further ( — Robots have entered a newer phase of serving, not obeying. for use in medical settings. Chapter one in robotics history encouraged a perception of clever little machines skating around with the mission to obey a human’s commands. Chapter two is upon us where the tables have turned. Robots are being designed to interact with humans who need a helping hand, however mechanical that hand may be. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Montpellier team turns tables on robot-human interactions (w/ video) (2011, November 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from A demonstration of how this works took place at the recent IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS),. Observers were most impressed by what they witnessed.The IEEE Spectrum called it “an experiment that opens a new chapter in human interaction.” What the audience saw was a robot and human in collaboration mode.The person holds a ball, and the robot a hoop; the robot, a small humanoid, has to coordinate the movement of both arms to successfully drop the ball through the hoop.That is where the demo got interesting; the audience watched as the robot controlled the human, not the other way around. The human’s elbow was made to move to bring the ball closer to the robot’s workspace. The robot moved its hoop after the patient’s arm has been manipulated into the “cooperation zone.”Electrodes were attached to the arms of five healthy volunteer test subjects, who were blindfolded to avoid visual feedback, so they would not move their arm on their own. One could see how the human hand was made to open and drop the ball © 2011 Scientists have recently come up with a humanoid robot that proves the point. Researchers at French robotics lab LIRMM have created a prototype of a robot that uses electrodes to move a human arm. The robot has been designed with the functional electrical stimulation (FES) technique of electrical currents in order to activate extremities affected by paralysis resulting from spinal cord injury (SCI), head injury, stroke and other neurological disorders. The robot controls the human limb by sending small electrical currents to electrodes taped to the person’s forearm and biceps. This allows it to command the elbow and hand to move. Image: Bruno Adorno/LIRMMlast_img read more

Jumping spider uses fuzzy eyesight to judge distance

first_imgAnterior view of the jumping spider, Hasarius adansoni. A pair of principal eyes is located at the anteromedial area of the body, lying between two lateral eyes. Image © Science/AAAS ( — One of the ways in which humans determine distance is by estimating the sharpness of an image—closer objects produce a sharp image, while those further away are out of focus. For us, this is a minor additional method of judging distance, but now scientists in Japan have for the first time found an animal that appears to use this method as its primary means of depth perception. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Adanson’s jumping spider (Hasarius adansoni) captures prey by jumping from a distance. The question that has puzzled scientists is, how do their eyes allow them to perceive depth? Their front eyes do not give them the two distinct but overlapping views needed for binocular vision, used by humans. They also do not use the motion parallax many insects use, since their head remains motionless when they are about to jump. (Motion parallax is a system in which the animal moves its head from side to side so that close objects move further across the field of view than those further away.) Now the new study reveals that the spiders use an image defocus system to enable them to judge distances.Adanson’s jumping spider has excellent eyesight, provided by eight eyes: a pair of primary eyes (large and at the front), two anterior lateral eyes, one at either side of the primary eyes and also facing forward, and two smaller pairs of eyes on the top of their heads, one of which is almost undetectable by the naked eye. The research team, led by Takashi Nagata, from Osaka City University, blocked the anterior lateral pair of eyes of the jumping spider and found that they use this smaller pair of eyes to detect motion, but blocking their vision had no effect on the spider’s ability to judge distance.It has been known since the 1980s that the retinas in the principal eyes in jumping spiders have a unique structure that is shaped like a staircase, and they contain four layers of photoreceptors rather than one layer, as human eyes have. The new study revealed that the two deeper retinal layers contain pigments sensitive to green light and the two layers closest to the surface contain pigments sensitive to ultraviolet light. Of the two layers most sensitive to green light, only the deepest receives focused images, and the other receives an out of focus image.To test the idea that the spiders could judge depth from the amount of defocus in the second green pigment layer, the researchers placed spiders one at a time in a container, along with some fruit flies and then tested their ability to catch the flies under red and green lights. The results showed that green light was necessary for accuracy since the spiders were able to judge their jumps successfully in green light, but often misjudged in red light (which does not contain the shorter wavelength green light). The researchers also created a mathematical model to predict how far off the jumps would be under different wavelengths of light, and found that the model did accurately predict the spiders’ performance.The researchers concluded that the spiders were indeed using the extent of defocus in the second green pigment layer of the retina to judge distance, and they are the only known animals to use this system as their primary means of depth perception. Since other jumping spiders have the same type of retina, they may also use the same method.In a paper published in the journal Science, the researchers conclude that further study of the vision system used by jumping spiders is necessary and that it could have applications in robotic and other computer vision systems. © 2011 Citation: Jumping spider uses fuzzy eyesight to judge distance (2012, January 27) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further More information: Depth Perception from Image Defocus in a Jumping Spider, Science 27 January 2012: Vol. 335 no. 6067 pp. 469-471. DOI:10.1126/science.1211667ABSTRACTThe principal eyes of jumping spiders have a unique retina with four tiered photoreceptor layers, on each of which light of different wavelengths is focused by a lens with appreciable chromatic aberration. We found that all photoreceptors in both the deepest and second-deepest layers contain a green-sensitive visual pigment, although green light is only focused on the deepest layer. This mismatch indicates that the second-deepest layer always receives defocused images, which contain depth information of the scene in optical theory. Behavioral experiments revealed that depth perception in the spider was affected by the wavelength of the illuminating light, which affects the amount of defocus in the images resulting from chromatic aberration. Therefore, we propose a depth perception mechanism based on how much the retinal image is defocused. The eyes have it for perfect predatorlast_img read more

Arizona solar plant achieves six hours after sun goes down

first_img Citation: Arizona solar plant achieves six hours after sun goes down (2013, October 11) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: … r-sun-goes-down.aspx © 2013 Explore further Solana is one of the largest power plants of its kind in the world. Beyond size, what makes Solana special as a solar power plant is the ability to store the heat from the sun for electrical production at night, using substantial thermal storage to keep the juice flowing for hours after sundown. In a report on the Arizona plant by IEEE Spectrum, the point was made that proving that this storage tech can work is a huge step for the solar industry. Intermittency, said the report, is still among the most common complaints about industrial-scale renewable energy.According to Abengoa, “Solana’s thermal storage system, without the use of the solar field, can produce clean energy for six hours at maximum power.” These six hours, said the company, can satisfy Arizona’s peak electricity demands during summer evenings and early night hours. Abendgoa added that “Dispatchability also eliminates intermittency issues that other renewables, such as wind and photovoltaics, contend with, providing stability to the grid and thus increasing the value of the energy generated by CSP.”Abengoa is an international technology and engineering company, which began construction of the plant in 2010. A power purchase agreement with Arizona’s biggest electricity utility, Arizona Public Service, is in place covering the full solar plant’s output for its customers. Electricity generated by the plant at its peak would power around 70,000 homes. IEEE Spectrum refers to Gila Bend, Arizona, as a “solar power wonderland,” with four solar plants approved in the area. Don Brandt, APS President and Chief Executive Officer, said he regarded Solana as providing a boost toward the APS goal of making Arizona “the solar capital” of America. With the addition of Solana, APS will have 750 megawatts of solar power on its system by the end of the year, enough to serve 185,000 Arizona customers. Ivanpah solar plant in California starts energy feed to grid ( —Abengoa’s Solana plant in the desert near Gila Bend, Arizona, passed commercial testing this week The 280-megawatt Solana solar thermal power plant producing electricity without direct sunlight made the announcement on Wednesday. Abengoa said Wednesday that the facility, about 70 miles southwest of Phoenix, can store the sun’s power for six hours via thermal energy. The three -square-mile facility near Gila Bend uses concentrated solar power (CSP) technology to collect the sun’s heat. Thermal energy storage is Solana’s distinctive feature. At 280 megawatts, Solana is one of the largest plants using parabolic mirrors. Its 2,700 parabolic trough mirrors follow the sun to focus heat on a pipe containing a heat transfer fluid, which is a synthetic oil. The heat transfer fluid flows to steam boilers, where it heats water to create steam. The steam drives 140-megawatt turbines to produce electricity. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Rs firms up by 18p to 6143 against

first_imgThe Indian rupee ended higher by 18 paise to 61.43 against the American currency after the long weekend holidays on sustained selling of dollars by banks and exporters.The rupee resumed higher at 61.41 per dollar as against the last Wednesday’s closing level of 61.61 per dollar at the Interbank Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market and hovered in a range of 61.3025 per dollar and 61.4700 per dollar before finishing at 61.43 per dollar, showing a rise of 18 paise or 0.29 per cent.Pramit Brahmbhatt, Veracity Group CEO said,’ the rupee appreciated to 61.3025, taking cues from the dollar which is at present is trying to recover from Monday’s fall in the global market. Investors preferred to book profit in the already elevated dollar’.last_img

Costa Rican striker Yendrick Ruiz joins FC Pune City

first_imgThe 28year old brother of Costa Rican legend Brian Ruiz, is the star striker for Club Sport Herediano which plays in the Primera Divisi?n de Costa Rica, the top tier of the Costa Rican football league system.Yendrick began his career in the Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, where he formed part of the minor leagues since 2003. He made his official debut in First Division with Alajuelense He also represented Puntarenas Football Club in 2010, where he obtained the sum of 13 goals in 36 games. Also Read – Khel Ratna for Deepa and Bajrang, Arjuna for JadejaIn 2012 he joined Club Sport Herediano where he has raised his reputation of being an intelligent player with lethal goal scoring abilities. In the last 3 years at Herediano, he has scored an impressive 43 goals in 100 games, his last season being his most impressive one where he was lethal upfront for his team scoring 23 goals and assisting in another 12 goals for his team.Gaurav Modwel, CEO FC Pune City said, “After having a successful auction where we got the players we needed, we have gathered steam with regards to foreign player signings. We are very happy to announce the signing of Yendrick Ruiz, a talented striker from Costa Rica. Also Read – Endeavour is to facilitate smooth transition: Shastri”Yendrick is an intelligent player with good eye for goal and his reading of the game is excellent. He has been on a goal scoring spree in last couple of seasons for CS Herediano. He will surely be an asset to the club and a star for the Pune City fans.” Coach of FC Pune City, David Platt said, “Yendrick’s reading of the game and his skill in front of the goal will certainly be an asset to the team. Yendrick is a proven goal scorer and we are hoping his addition to the team bundled with his overall technical ability will make our attack line a force to reckon with.”Expressing his joy on joining FC Pune City, Yendrick Ruiz said, “The seriousness of the (FC Pune City) management for having me onboard and part of club was one of the primary reasons for me to join FC Pune City. This will certanly be one of the biggest challenges of my career sofar and I look forward to this challenge.last_img read more

An unconventional Mothers day celebration at old age home

first_imgSenco Gold & Diamonds, the largest jewellery retail chain from Eastern India, celebrated this Mother’s Day with a difference, by spreading happiness in the lives of residents of Sanjivani old age home in Raipur. The officials of Senco Gold & Diamonds visited the old age home to spend time with the residents, and celebrated the day by cutting cake and organizing various fun-filled activities. It was an emotional occasion for the elderly women at the old age home who were extremely touched by the gesture and responded with joy and enthusiasm. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfSpeaking about the initiative, Shaankar Sen, Managing Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds, said, ‘At Senco Gold & Diamonds, we keep doing small and big initiatives for a larger social cause. It was a humbling experience to see how little things make a huge difference to the residents of Sanjivani old age home in Raipur. The activity has instilled a commitment within us to conduct such programmes more often to make a meaningful contribution towards the society.” Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveSenco Gold & Diamonds, founded in the year 1938 by late MC Sen is one of the oldest jewellery organizations in India. Headquartered in Kolkata, Senco Gold & Diamonds has 89 stores spread across India and is the largest jewellery retail chain from Eastern India. Senco Gold & Diamonds has an array of products on offer for every occasion, with more than 10,000 new designs being developed every year. Their popular Everlite Collection has exquisitely designed light-weight jewellery available at extremely affordable prices. Senco Gold & Diamonds exports to countries like USA, UK, Singapore and Middle East.last_img read more

Voters may experience stifling heat and humidity on May 19

first_imgKolkata: Rains accompanied with thunderstorm will lash some of the south Bengal districts till Friday following which the temperature will continue to rise, the Regional Meteorological Centre in Alipore predicted.The weather office said the last phase of election in the state will be conducted amidst hot and humid condition as the mercury is expected to soar from the next Saturday. “The thundershower will take place in various South Bengal districts in the next 48 hours. There is a possibility of lightning in South Bengal districts. A gusty wind of around 40-50 km per hour speed along with rain will hit West Midnapore, East Midnapore, Jhargram districts,” a senior official of the MeT office said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataPeople in the city and other districts had been under a tremendous heat spell for the past few days. They heaved a sigh of relief after rain and thundershower hit various South Bengal districts in the evening of May 13. People from the districts such as Birbhum, Nadia, Bankura and Malda witnessed moderate to heavy rainfall along with gusty wind on repeated occasions since Monday. It can be mentioned here that the temperature touched 42 to 43 degree Celsius in the Western districts such as Bankura, Purulia and West Midnapore. Many other districts of South Bengal also had been under tremendous heat spell. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe temperature in the region remained high throughout the day due to the inflow of northwesterly wind to the state from the neighbouring states. There has been little moisture incursion into Gangetic Bengal and thereby preventing the formation of a storm-triggering system. A Nor’wester brought the recent heat spell under the control. A thundershower triggered by Nor’wester lashed North 24-Parganas, Hooghly Howrah and adjoining parts of the city late on Monday night. The mercury dipped by a few notches bringing temporary respite to the people. The discomfort level may again shoot up as the humidity is expected to be on the higher side from next Saturday. Various North Bengal districts may however witness hailstorm and thundershower in the next couple of days. A prediction of hailstorm poses a concern for the team garden owners as it may damage the tea production in various North Bengal districts.last_img read more

Noted poets to be conferred with Mystic Kalinga Literary Award

first_imgTo celebrate the creative spirit of Bhubaneswar and commemorate the literary diversity it offers, Odisha Diary Foundation (ODF) and Odisha Media Info Service (OMIS) Private Ltd organise annual Mystic Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) every year, bringing together best minds in the world of literature within and outside of Odisha and India.This festival of verse, music, dance, and discussion dedicated this year to the concept of Bhakti and will be held in Bhubaneswar and Chilka from January 5 -7, 2019 Also Read – Add new books to your shelfNoted poet Ashok Vajpeyi and Harihar Mishra will be conferred with prestigious Mystic Kalinga Literary Awards this year. This was informed by the Mystic Kalinga Festival, Director, Rashmi Ranjan Parida. The award has been instituted to recognise and celebrate three prolific writers, poets, and performers in Odia, in one Indian language, and in one international language. The awardees have been chosen keeping in mind their contribution to their specific language and genres. The awards will be announced on January 3, 2019. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveAshok Vajpeyi is a noted Hindi poet, critic, essayist and translator, and a dynamic presence in the Indian cultural scene. He is the author of thirty-eight books of poetry and criticism in Hindi and the founder/editor of eight journals in Hindi and English. He is the recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award (1994) for his book Kahin Nahin Vahin. Harihar Mishra is known for his versatility as a dramatist as well as the writer of prose and poetry. As a dramatist, he has worked on major works such as Chilika Tire for the radio and among his famous poetry books – Dibya Asantosh stands tall. He had won the Odisha Sahitya Akademi Award way back in 1977 for his drama Ratira Duiti Dena. Prateek Pattanaik will also be felicitated with the Mystic Kalinga Literary Award (Special Citation) during the festival. Prateek Pattanaik is a young researcher of Odia literature and Odissi music. Prateek’s work consists of several projects to create digital documentation of vulnerable cultural practices including performing arts, musical traditions, lesser known monuments, neglected languages, and palm leaf manuscripts. Apart from that, Prateek research and write about Odisha’s ancient culture on the lines of mythology, the arts, and ethnomusicology. It should be noted that for the last three years Mystic Kalinga Festival has set a global benchmark in literary festivals. This year more than 100 celebrities from the world of literature, music, cinema, dance, the theatre will assemble in the temple city of Odisha to deliberate on the theme of ‘From the Carnal to the Cosmic: A Celebration of Bhakti Poetry’. Eminent writers and Odisha’s living legends like Sitakant Mahapatra, Ramakanta Rath, Pratibha Ray, and others will join the festival as guests of honour and speakers. Renowned writer Hindi poet and critic Ashok Vajpeyi will be the keynote speaker of the event and several Sahitya Akademi and Padma Awardees will be joining to discuss how literature transcends boundaries of artificial human creations and emotions. “Mystic Kalinga Festival is a celebration of bhakti. In a festival that is both celebratory and exploratory, the aim is not merely to discuss bhakti, but to distill its very essence. And hence we will see the remarkable diversity of modes and styles at this festival. Poets, dancers, storytellers, and musicians are as integral to this unique event as scholars and academics”, said Mystic Kalinga Festival, creative director, Arundhathi Subramaniam. Mystic Kalinga Festival – Director and Founder, Rashmi Ranjan Parida said, “Literature has the potential to connect a divided society and it can transform self-centeredness to world-centeredness. Kalinga Literature Festival was first launched in 2014 to celebrate this potential of literature. Mystic Kalinga Festival, an international festival of poetry and performances, emerged out of the need to connect to people’s hearts through poems, songs, dances, performances, and meditations”.last_img read more

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 – A Look at the Best Conspiracies

first_imgFor many, the moon landing will forever be tied to moon landing denial and a grand cosmic hoax. The fiftieth anniversary of the summer 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon is being celebrated this year, with celebrations, parades, special exhibits, lectures, and re-enactments taking place across the country, plus TV specials and documentaries scheduled for broadcast and a special gala starring surviving mission astronaut Buzz Aldrin on July 13th in California. But in the shadow of this prestigious anniversary season is a belief that, while not quite 50 years old, sprang up long ago and has never died: That the Moon landing was an elaborate hoax. These two parallel worlds have not co-existed happily.A 1999 Gallup Poll said that 6 percent of the American public supports the Moon-hoax theory or some form of moon landing denial. Some say that the Internet has fostered and broadened the belief and that percentage is much higher today. Former NASA chief historian Roger Launius told The Washington Post that disbelievers have showed up whenever he gave a lecture on the topic: “They’re very vocal — and they love to confront you.” In 2002, Buzz Aldrin punched a man who had been harassing him and accused Aldrin of being a liar.Buzz Aldrin salutes the U.S flag on the Moon20 July 1969. Photo taken by Neil Armstrong.The Apollo 11 landing took place in the midst of the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. In Russia, the number of people who believe the U.S. landing was faked is reportedly 28 percent.Doubters say the U.S. government, desperate to beat the Russians, faked the lunar landing, with the late Neil Armstrong and Aldrin acting out their mission on a secret film set. There is even a subtheory that Stanley Kubrick oversaw the concocted film, based on expertise gained in 2001: A Space Odyssey, released in 1968.Still from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Photo by Matthew J. Cotter CC BY-SA 2.0In 1976 a book was published, We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle. Written by Bill Kaysing, the book claimed that NASA concocted the Moon landing after realizing its chances of success were 0.0017 percent. Soon other doubters were heard, speculating that the American government wanted to not only beat the Russians to the Moon but also distract a divided nation from the Vietnam War with a “win.”Photo of Neil Armstrong taken by Buzz Aldrin. One of the few photographs of Armstrong on the moon; most of the time he had the camera.In 1978 a mainstream thriller film, Capricorn One, costarring James Brolin, Elliott Gould, and O.J. Simpson, was premised on astronauts faking a Mars landing in a film studio. Scientist Hal Holbrook had told the astronauts, “We found out two months ago it won’t work. You guys would all be dead in three weeks. It’s as simple as that.”The Apollo 11 lunar landing mission crew, pictured from left to right, Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot.The main points of the disbelievers are that they’ve identified inconsistencies in photographs and televised snippets of the Moon walk. The flag should not flutter in the wind because there is no wind on the Moon; shadows are wrong; stars are missing in the sky. These ideas have been discussed at length in various documentaries, youtube videos, and social media threads.Apollo 11 insigniaA core belief of the resurgent Flat Earth Society is that “government space agencies are taking creative liberties with your tax dollars and producing misleading materials.” The society is planning a conference in Dallas in November 2019 to discuss its evidence that humans live “on a flat, stationary plane” and there were no Moon landings.Related Video:NASA has long vigorously defended itself against moon landing denial. In response to the Washington Post, spokesman Allard Beutel issued a statement saying there is “a significant amount of evidence to support NASA landed 12 astronauts on the Moon from 1969-1972,” and specified some of that evidence: NASA has “842 pounds of astronaut-collected Moon rocks studied by scientists worldwide for decades; you can still bounce Earth-based lasers off the retroreflector mirrors placed on the lunar surface by the Apollo astronauts; NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter imaged the landing sites in 2011 . . . ”Related Article: Why is it that in 45 years we haven’t gone back to the Moon?NASA historian Bill Barry said in an interview in 2018, “I try not to worry too much about conspiracy theories although it is, frankly, a consideration as we plan for Apollo’s 50th anniversary.” How conspiracy nurturers react to the intense anniversary celebrations this summer remains to be seen.Nancy Bilyeau, a former staff editor at Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, has written a trilogy of historical thrillers for Touchstone Books. Her new book, The Blue, is a spy story set in the 18th-century porcelain world. For more information, go to www.nancybilyeau.comlast_img read more

VIDEO Trash talking MMA fighter gets knocked unconscious

first_img Advertisement Karma always catches up with you in the end, for MMA fighter Jordan Powell, it came in the form of a brutal left foot.During his fight with Dominick Reyes last night at something called LFA 13, Powell engaged in some trash talking after withstanding a flurry of punches. He got so caught up talking smack, Reyes was able to catch him with a left foot directly to the head that knocked him out cold.Watch Powell get zipped up:Maan RT @AXSTVFights: Taunting usually leads to instant karma ??? #LFA13 @LFAfighting @DomReyes— ERV (@ervcas) June 3, 2017last_img

Entrepreneurs Remix the iPhone App

first_img 6 min read February 18, 2009 This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowcenter_img Austrian Michael Breidenbruecker had the same idea in his head for nearly 10 years: Create a software application that provided a personal soundtrack to your mood, movement and speech. His app would be reactive, using pre-programmed electronic music that would change according to sensory input.The problem for the 37-year-old was that available hardware wasn’t up-to-speed. The traditional desktop, laptop or mobile phone didn’t provide the sensory interface required. Then the iPhone came along.”When I saw the iPhone, I knew this was the perfect device,” says Breidenbruecker, who co-founded the music site “Its processors can do everything we need it to do. It has sensory input. And the thing that makes the iPhone really, really attractive for music apps is simply the fact it is a music device–people use it to listen to music.”Indeed, while many iPhone software startups focus on making a quick buck through simple games and novel gimmicks (iBeer turns the gadget into a virtual mug o’ brew), many savvy programmers are focusing on the burgeoning world of iPhone music programs and have only scratched the touch screen of possibilities. The iPhone’s tactile interface, motion-sensing accelerometer, wireless capabilities and built-in iPod music functions make it an ideal device for new legions of pocket producers and music fans alike.Musicians ranging from Brian Eno to DJ Deadmau5 have created and endorsed iPhone music apps. Though it’s not clear how many of the Apple iPhone App Store’s 20,000-plus programs focus on music, it is true that, even in this recessed economy, this new mobile platform is making instant moguls of savvy developers. The technology, startup costs and workforces involved are not as daunting as they would be if you were launching full-service software.”I think it’s such a great business model that Apple has set up for us creators,” says Jeff Muncy, creative director of Psyclops LLC, a Los Angeles-based app developer. “I don’t want to say it was completely smooth, but it wasn’t too hard. You just need to be creative and be unique. There are so many ‘me-too’ apps out there.”Breidenbruecker’s RjDj app, perhaps more than any other, exploits the iPhone’s musical capabilities. The $2.99 “album” version (there’s also a free “single” variant that’s rudimentary) lets iPhone users chose a musical “scene,” which then mutates as you speak into a connected, microphone-equipped headset. The music can also react to your movement, as it reacts to the handset’s bearing-sensing accelerometer. RjDj’s often-ambient electronic sounds are calm in conditions of silence and stillness but grow more cacophonous as volume and action ensue. Users can record the program’s reactions.”We’re pushing the boundaries of the hardware and the platform,” Breidenbruecker says, “using sound input and output and real-time signal processing.”He says his company, Reality Jockey, consists mainly of himself, one programmer and five supporting employees, and that it has yet to make a profit. But at 150,000 downloads and counting, Breidenbruecker thinks the app is well on its way to becoming an artistic and commercial success.And it could lead the way toward a new paradigm for music consumption, where fans download an ever-changing app rather than static songs, he says. Music stars could be programmers, not singers, rappers and rockers. In fact, RjDj is open to developers who want to create their own musical scenes to add to the album version. The only hurdle–one that Breidenbruecker hopes will be addressed by Apple–is that new music added to the program can’t be sold and downloaded individually. Software music production suites such as Reason usually come with standard instruments built in, but if you want a specific hip-hop drum kit, for example, you have to purchase an add-on disc. Add-ons for iPhone apps, on the contrary, don’t come packaged individually. For now, RjDj comes bundled with its music.”What we want to be is a platform for artists to produce reactive music,” Breidenbruecker says. “In order to do that right now we don’t have many options with Apple because they don’t support itemized downloads.”Still, developers are flocking to the App Store to peddle their music wares. Product developer Joy Kovaleski paired up with TV producer Muncy to get in on the action. Their product, Psyclops, launched this month and encourages children ages 8 to 14 to pair custom music tracks with animated dance moves of their choosing.”What we saw as we looked at our market was [TV’s] Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance,” Kovaleski says. “We felt our unique combination of music and dance that could be turned into a creative video was something that wasn’t being done.”Gaming apps seem to be the biggest sellers at the App Store, so Psyclops is a wise blend of music and game-like aspects. And the resulting music videos can be e-mailed to friends in a whirlwind of viral marketing that benefits the makers of the $1.99 program. The company’s founders hope to expand the app so that it includes a karaoke-like sing-along function, a personal photo feature and mass e-mail-blast capabilities.Like other iPhone app entrepreneurs, Muncy and Kovaleski kicked things off with zero full-time employees and have so far contracted for services such as programming and marketing. Angel investors helped them get off the ground. “We hope to sell millions,” Kovaleski says.Of course, there’s one more model when it comes to making an iPhone music app: Free. Eric Redlinger, researcher-in-residence at Brooklyn Polytechnic University’s Integrated Digital Media Institute, used the school’s resources to develop Mrmr, an app that allows electronic musicians to control digital gear wirelessly with their iPhones. It can be used, for example to control a DJ’s set via Ableton Live software, or it can even be the remote control for a live VJ. It also allows collaboration with more than one iPhone user during a performance.”It’s not been my calling to make 99-cent apps,” Redlinger, 35, says. “I’m much more interested in building a platform that people will use.”Because Mrmr is open-source, programmers can join in its evolution and add useful features by contributing to its code. It’s free at the App Store, so anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch can benefit from the work of others. And so can Redlinger, as it turns out.”Of course I’m the world’s expert on this technology,” he says, “being the author of it.”This allows him some entrepreneurial leverage. Companies that want to use Mrmr for custom jobs–say to control an in-house multimedia presentation–would need to hire Redlinger or someone like him. And having the app all over the world as a free download only helps advertise his services.”What I’m able to do is make specific Mrmr builds for specific purposes,” he says. “You need to pay the rent.” Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

3 Biometrics Startups Heating Up the Password Security Race

first_img 4 min read Register Now » March 31, 2014 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Globalcenter_img No-brainer alphanumeric passwords are child’s play for hackers and bots to hack. Voice signatures and password-emitting pills, tattoos and skin implants, well, not so much. At least not yet.The race to replace too-easy-to-crack password-based user authentication with something more bulletproof — or altogether impossible to breach — is on. Corporate heavies like Apple, eBay, Google and Microsoft are predictably leading the charge, but dozens of smaller startups are making some exciting strides, too.  Here are three disruptive startups shaking up the high stakes user authentication game with bleeding-edge biometric tech:Related: Your Password is 123456? Wow. Seriously?1. Bionym With Bionym’s Nymi Bluetooth bracelet on your wrist, the key to unlocking all of your connected doodads and devices lies within your heart. (Seriously. We’re not just trying to be cute.)The Toronto-based startup, co-founded by Karl Martin in 2011, created the world’s first wearable user authentication technology that uses the one-of-a-kind electrical activity thumped out by your ticker via electrocardiogram cardiac rhythm recognition to make sure you’re really you.The wristband, which looks a lot like fitness tracker Fitbit Flex, wirelessly communicates your unique ECG to your nearby connected gadgets and systems — your smartphone, laptop, car, home security system, etc. — in a way that lets you and only you unlock them.If you lose your Nymi, your heart will go on, but the wristband won’t. It doesn’t work without your distinct ECG input. So, if someone steals it, they won’t get very far.Bionym pledges to keep Nymi users’ private data private. Their information will be stored locally, though the company said it might eventually offer an opt-in cloud storage option.To get your pulse wrapped in a Nymi, you’ll have to pre-order one. They aren’t scheduled to ship until “late summer/early fall” this year, Martin said. The first 25,000 are available for $79.For a closer look at the Nymi on the go, check out Bionym’s demo video.Related: 3 Tips for Beefing Up Password Security (Infographic)2. KeyLemonYour face is your password with KeyLemon’s user authentication tool. Until someone can actually steal your face, KeyLemon’s facial recognition and speaker verification tech combo seems to be pretty darn secure.  The Martigny, Switzerland-based startup, a 2008 outgrowth of the Idiap Research Institute, lets people use their mugs (technically the visual patterns of them) to log into their desktop and laptop computers.To start, users have to first accept KeyLemon’s “sharing camera” from a web browser. The webcam software works with their device’s embedded video camera. Next, users create a face model, when FaceLemon captures a sequence of images via webcam.The company said it now has more than three million registered people who use its product to securely “access their devices, online services and financial transactions.” It also offers authentication solutions to online education providers, e-commerce websites and hardware manufacturers.KeyLemon’s tool is available for Mac and Windows operating systems for $39.95.   Watch the video below to see someone build and verify a KeyLemon face model in a matter of seconds:  Related: Why You Should Skip the Password and Try These Things Instead3. ArkamiPassword fail — losing or forgetting passwords — is a common problem. According to Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based Arkami, up to 60 percent of people can’t remember all of their passwords. The company’s Kickstarter-launched product, myIDkey, solves that problem, putting all of your important passwords literally at your fingertips.  Arkami’s myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint-scanning Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled USB password storage drive.The $249 portable biometric device securely stores, displays and manages your online and offline passwords (internet banking passwords, home security system PIN numbers, etc.). You can also store up to 16 GB of confidential digital documents, images and videos on the military-encryption grade drive.  To upload passwords, myIDkey users enter them on a free companion Android or iOS app. To access them, they swipe their finger on the device’s fingerprint scanner, then say which one they’re looking via voice search. The desired info then appears on its backlit OLED screen.Related: Should You Be Worried About Apple Having Your Fingerprints? If the three-inch-long, 14-gram password depot is lost or stolen, or if there are multiple failed attempts to access the data it holds, myIDkey automatically self-erases your data.Here’s a video that shows how myIDkey works: Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more

5 Software Platforms That Host Online Communities

first_img 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. June 22, 2015 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Online communities are a great way to meet and engage with like-minded individuals. There are communities for almost anyone — from sports fanatics and foodies to business professionals and entrepreneurs.A successful online community provides excellent content and a user experience that encourages frequent return visits. My company researched every option available while determining what platform to use for our latest project, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Community. Related: 7 Lessons for Building Powerful Networking CommunitiesWhile we found community software that provided the best base for our specific project, there are many great options available. Here are five resources that serve as great starting platforms for building an online community.1. XenForoXenForo is widely known for its security, and this is an important thing to consider when using third-party software. Along with being secure, this forum software is fast loading, which contributes to providing an excellent user experience. When you have an online community there are going to be members logged in around the clock — reading content, starting discussions and searching — and since XenForo uses fewer resources than most, it results in pages that load quickly.This is actually the platform that my company chose to use for our new project, due to two main reasons. First, the software is mobile-friendly right out of the box — there is no need to create a mobile app, as the forum looks great on all devices. Second, the customizing options are virtually endless — we took full advantage of this with our install and completely transformed the look and feel for our needs.2. vBulletinOne of the most popular community software platforms, vBulletin, offers two options — a self-hosted version as well as a cloud version, where it handles the hosting, maintenance and upgrades. This software is very easy to customize and many of its users rave about how simple it is to set up. If you lack the technical knowledge to maintain and self-host a community it’s possible to get set up quickly using the vBulletin cloud plan. While the entry cost is less, the cloud option doesn’t offer same customization features as a self-hosted install offers.For smaller communities that aren’t concerned with being able to create a complete custom look and feel, the cloud option is both simple and affordable. If complete control and customization is desired you would need to host the software and handle the upkeep. Related: 4 Can’t-Fail Ways to Grow Your Professional Network3. bbPressWordPress was used by more than 23.3 percent of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015 — it’s by far the most popular blogging and content-management platform available. The creators of WordPress are also behind bbPress, which is forum software that allows anyone running on the WordPress platform to set up a discussion forum almost instantly.This is a great option for WordPress users that want to easily integrate a forum with a single click. It also allows the webmaster to manage the forum from the same main website administrative area. One of biggest benefits, aside from the simple installation, is the price — like WordPress, bbPress is completely free.4. MyBBMyBB is open-source software that delivers a powerful product completely free to use. Open-source projects survive and thrive when they have a solid community, which MyBB does. You can access tutorials, custom themes, plugins, modifications and software support within the community.Many people assume that open-source software comes with very few features, but MyBB isn’t lacking in that department. It’s easy to customize the look and feel through different themes and templates and there are several hundred plugins that allow the addition of new features and functions.5. Vanilla ForumsVanilla has both a cloud version as well as an open-source version of its community software. The free open-source option requires the user to host and maintain the software — and fix it in the event an issue arises. The cloud version of Vanilla offers optimized hosting as well as customer support.Powering more than 816,000 discussion forums, Vanilla is clearly a viable option that many businesses go with. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and feedback on the Vanilla platform — overall it was our second choice, as nearly every review I read highlighted the customization capability.Do you have a favorite online community? Share your favorites in the comments section below or tweet them to me.Related: Before You Purchase Software for Your Business, Consider These Do’s and Don’ts Register Now »last_img read more

Microsoft Message Analyzer

first_imgMicrosoft Message Analyzer by Martin Brinkmann on July 21, 2016 in Software – Last Update: May 22, 2018 – 6 commentsMicrosoft Message Analyzer is a tool for Windows 7 and newer Windows versions that is been designed to assist users in troubleshooting and diagnostic scenarios.The program ships with functionality to capture, list and analyze protocol traffic, e.g. http and https connections, events, as well as system or application messages.It replaced Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4, and may be used to capture live local or remote traffic, and to load previous captures for further analysis.Installation of the program should not pose any problems. The program displays a prompt after installation which you use to configure updating behavior and the participating in surveys.Microsoft Message AnalyzerPlease note that you need to run the program with elevated rights. Failure to do so will result in error messages and broken functionality.The program interface is quite noisy, there is a lot going on. Microsoft Message Analyzer displays lots of links at the top, and quite a few panels in the lower half.The program does load a start page by default which lists news and a couple of scenarios to get you started.You may click on a scenario, local network interfaces (Win 8.1 and later) for instance, to start capturing traffic right away.Each capture is listed in a tab in the program interface, so that you may switch between them easily.Starting a sessionYou may click on New Session to start a custom session on the other hand.The configuration screen that opens lists data sources that you may pick one or multiple from, and a couple of options below that.First, you may enter filters to list only matching traffic, e.g. only traffic to a specific IP address. Additionally, you may define how the data is presented to you, and the parsing level.As far as data sources are concerned, you may start a new live trace, or use various other sources including event logs, PowerShell, SQL, or Azure Table.The configuration screen changes once you make a data source selection. If you select Even Logs for instance, available sources are displayed to you on the next screen.Live Trace on the other hand gives you options to pick from a selection of ETW Providers. Select VPN, Remote Network Interfaces or Pre-Encryption from a large list of options, and add custom or system providers during the step as well.You may add multiple data sources to a session. Once you are done configuring the session, hit start to run it.You get the usual controls to pause or stop the capturing, and save the data so that it can be loaded again at a later point in time or moved to another system.The program displays data in realtime as it is happening if you have selected to run a live capture. You may use filters at the top, or click on one of the column headers to sort the data accordingly.A click on a message number displays lots of information about it in the lower panel. This may include the message stack, details, and field data.You may customize the display, for instance by adding or removing columns, configuring color rules to highlight events, or switching to a different layout.There is also a search built-in, and an option to jump to a specific message.Message Analyzer Intro VideoClosing WordsMicrosoft Message Analyzer is designed for network and system administrators. It is feature-rich and can be confusing at times, especially if you are just getting started.It is recommended to go through the Microsoft Message Analyzer Operating Guide at least briefly as it provides you with a wealth of information.All in all, this is a mighty program for Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows that admins and regular users may use for a variety of troubleshooting or diagnostic purposes.Summary12345 Author Rating1 based on 9 votes Software Name Microsoft Message AnalyzerOperating System WindowsSoftware Category AdministrationLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Bulk Image Downloader 50 released

first_imgBulk Image Downloader 5.0 released by Martin Brinkmann on August 26, 2016 in Software – Last Update: August 27, 2016 – 17 commentsBulk Image Downloader 5.0 is the latest version of the excellent image (and video) downloading program for Windows devices that I consider best of its class.I reviewed Bulk Image Downloader 4.65 back in 2013, and release of the new major version justifies a new look at the program to see what is new and changed.First of all, Bulk Image Downloader is not a free program but commercial. I think it is worth every penny if you happen to download images regularly, especially if that happens in bulk, as it will save you lots of time doing so.The licensing is one of the best in the industry though: you may use it on all of your PCs, and licenses get you one year free of upgrades to any version that gets released in the meantime (and there are plenty, check the release history).Bulk Image Downloader 5.0The interface has not changed in the latest version of the program. You may still paste or enter URLs that display images to have the program analyze the page for images.Bulk Image Downloader hides certain images automatically and gets it right usually to display only large image versions. It hides page navigational images for instance or avatars.You may display those as well with a single click in the interface though.Downloads happen automatically once you make a selection. You may add all to a queue by checking the “append to existing link” option in the interface. This allows you to get Bulk Image Downloader 5.0 to crawl multiple pages instead of just one.You may find the variables that the program supports useful as well. You may use [n-m] in the url to replace a single number to have the program crawl all pages of that range. This is mighty useful if a website offers different galleries that are all numbered in order (page1.htm, page2.html, page3.htm).You are probably wondering what is new in Bulk Image Downloader 5.0. The following list offers a short selection of improvements from Bulk Image Downloader 4.65 onward.Support for various websites updated. Websites include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Deviant Art, Google Image Search, Google Plus,, Flickr, 500px and many more.Internal web browser memory handling improved greatly. Also, memory handling improved on 64-bit versions of Windows.Chrome cookie handling improved (Bulk Image Downloader can read cookies from Chrome to make sites that require logins work).Improved HTTPs cookie handling.Support for windows 10.Improved redirection handling.Option to enable or disable JavaScript.You may log in to sites directly from the program using Ctrl-Alt-F while its window is active, or selecting BID > Bid Site Login from the menu.Updated extension to work with Opera browser as well.The program is compatible with the bulk of sites you could possibly want to download images from. The developer of the program is very responsive, and there is a good chance that he will add support for sites, especially if paying customers ask for integration.Closing WordsBulk Image Downloader gets better with every release. The developer makes sure that support for downloading media from popular sites is guaranteed by releasing regular updates that fix issues (for instance when sites change code that blocks the program’s downloading or scanning from working properly).Now You: Do you download images from the Internet?Summary12345 Author Rating2.5 based on 13 votes Software Name Bulk Image DownloaderOperating System WindowsSoftware Category MultimediaLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

About Sync Firefox Sync troubleshooting addon

first_imgAbout Sync: Firefox Sync troubleshooting add-on by Martin Brinkmann on November 25, 2016 in Firefox – Last Update: June 25, 2017 – No commentsAbout Sync is a free add-on for the Firefox web browser designed to reveal information about the Firefox Sync account and its data.Firefox Sync is the integrated data synchronization feature of the Firefox browser. You can use it to sync data such as browser bookmarks, the browsing history or passwords across connected devices.The add-on is designed for developers and advanced users as it provides an overwhelming amount of information when installed and run.It may however be useful to regular users as well, especially if they run into issues with Sync that they either want to investigate themselves, or assist someone else by providing advanced data to look at.About SyncYou can load the About Sync interface directly by loading chrome://aboutsync/content/index.html in Firefox’s address bar, or by selecting the option from the Tools menu.Since Firefox does not display its menu bar by default anymore, you need to tap on the Alt-key before the latter options becomes available.The interface is divided into several parts. The header area displays information about the loaded Sync account, and filters that define the level of details that the data is presented in.You find options at the bottom to load other data, either local Sync data or a JSON URL. The data is anonymized by default which is handy if you want to provide third-parties with it.The main part displays the Firefox Sync data. It is sorted into groups such as add-ons, passwords, prefs or bookmarks for easier access.Each entry lists various data fields for you to explore. You may look at client records or the records table for instance. If you do so for add-ons, you get information about add-ons installed on the client system.You may also open validation to find out whether there have been any issues validating the data, or browse raw validation data instead.Closing WordsAbout Sync is a specialized add-on for the Firefox web browser that the majority of Firefox users won’t have a need for probably. It can be useful to check the Sync data, for instance what gets synced, and also troubleshoot the synchronization process if it is not working as intended.Now You: Do you use Firefox Sync or a comparable sync solution?Summary12345 Author Rating5 based on 1 votes Software Name About SyncSoftware Category BrowserLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Remove Reconnect to Sync from Firefox menu

first_imgRemove “Reconnect to Sync” from Firefox menu by Martin Brinkmann on June 20, 2017 in Firefox – 6 commentsFirefox Sync is Mozilla’s official data synchronization service for the Firefox web browser. Firefox users need to sign up for it using an email address before it becomes available.Once it does, browser data such as bookmarks, the browsing history, tabs, passwords or preferences are synced automatically across all devices that you sign in with the account.Useful if you use Firefox on multiple devices, and want access to the same set of information on all of these devices. Also handy as a remote backup option for your Firefox data regardless of the number of devices that you are using.Firefox Sync lets you select what data you want to sync, and it works automatically once setup.Reconnect to SyncFirefox displays a “Reconnect to Sync” reminder in the main Firefox menu, and in form of a modified menu icon if the connection to Sync breaks.What this suggests to you is that Firefox cannot sync data anymore from the device because you need to reauthorize the account. Firefox does remember the Firefox account user email address though, and that is the reason why you see “reconnect to Sync” and not nothing at all.The problem with the display is that it is very prominent; you may want to get rid of it one way or the other because of that.You have two main options to deal with the issue:Establish the connection to Firefox Sync again.Remove the email address associated with Sync on the local device.Both options are available on the Sync page of the Firefox preferences. You can open the Sync page directly by loading about:preferences#sync.Note: Mozilla plans to ship a redesigned Firefox Preferences page soon. The screenshot above shows how the redesigned settings page looks like. The Sync menu will be renamed to Firefox Account, but that is the only change to Sync. The actual Sync preferences page looks identical.To reestablish a connection to Firefox Sync, click on the Sign In button on the Sync page. You are asked to enter your Firefox Account password to authorize the request. Once you have done that, “reconnect to Sync” is removed from the browser as you are connected to Firefox Sync at that point.The other option that you have is to click on the “forget this email” button instead. This deletes reference to the email address in Firefox. It removes the reconnect to Sync menu item and icon as well, but has the effect that Sync is not set up for this particular Firefox profile.Now You: Do you use Firefox Sync, or other means to sync data?SummaryArticle NameRemove “Reconnect to Sync” from Firefox menuDescriptionThe article provides you with detailed instructions on removing “Reconnect to Sync” from the Firefox web browser’s main menu.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Windows 10 GPU performance in Task Manager

first_imgWindows 10: GPU performance in Task Manager by Martin Brinkmann on December 28, 2017 in Windows – Last Update: January 22, 2018 – 4 commentsMicrosoft added a bunch of smaller features and improvements to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.One of the new features displays the GPU performance in the Task Manager provided that a compatible driver is installed.You can launch the Windows Task Manager with the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-Esc. If this is the first time opening the Task Manager, you need to switch from the — completely unusable — default display mode to the full Task Manager by clicking on “more details”.GPU PerformanceGPU is displayed as a column under Processes. I checked multiple devices running Windows 10, and the GPU and GPU Engine columns were displayed each time by default.The first you need to do is make sure that the Fall Creators Update version of Windows 10 is installed on the device (or a newer version).Tap on the Windows-key, type winver and hit the Enter-key. Doing so opens a small About Windows window that lists the version among other things. Make sure the version is at least 1709.You can try and right-click on another column to see if GPU is offered as an option there. If it is, select it and the GPU and GPU Engine columns should be listed.The reading of GPU data needs a particular driver version. If it is not installed, you won’t get the functionality either.Tap on the Windows-key, type dxdiag.exe and hit the Enter-key.Switch to the Display tab.Check the Driver Model value under Drivers on the page that opens. It needs to be at least WDDM 2.0.The GPU listing in the Task Manager adds another reading to the default management application on Windows 10. You can use it to find out if a game maxes out GPU, or if other processes impact video performance on the device.Microsoft did not only add GPU as a column under processes but also under Performance. The performance tab lists values of the CPU, memory, disks or networking, and now also the GPU.GPU values include memory utilization and total memory, driver details, and historical data. Handy to find out if the GPU is a bottleneck on the device; this can be the case if the available memory is maxed out whenever you play a game, or if GPU usage hits the 100% load mark regularly.While you may notice GPU performance issues directly on Windows PCs, for instance when you get frame drops, low frame rates, or prolonged load times, it may sometimes be important to find out more about those. While Windows 10’s Task Manager won’t provide you with all the details, a quick look at the GPU history may reveal if the card lacks memory, power, or both.SummaryArticle NameWindows 10: GPU performance in Task ManagerDescriptionThe Windows 10 Fall Creators Update lists GPU performance of any process and the GPU performance history in the Task Manager.The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update lists GPU performance of any process and the GPU performance history in the Task Manager. We take a look at the feature, and help you troubleshoot it.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Lesbian student at Florida school shooting blasts Trump in viral tweet

first_imgGot a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… A lesbian student wants President Donald Trump to implement stricter gun control laws after a deadly school shooting in Florida. GAYSTARNEWS- Photo: Government of Prince Edward Island / Flickr Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : At the time of writing, the tweet has over 156,000 retweets and 373,000 likes.In light of the tragedy, Sarah’s been retweeting commentary on stricter gun laws.But her tweet inevitably attracted the attention of gun-loving Americans.One responded: ‘Gun control won’t fix anything. It’s not a gun problem it’s a mentality problem. Criminals don’t obey the law.’#LGBTbabesHey I’m lesbianI thought u were American— sarah (@chaddiedabaddie) December 21, 2017But friends and sympathizers want justice. One then replied: ‘Can you please not make any obnoxious comments to someone who lost their friends today? I mean it’s just basic human decency.’See related articles:Gays Against Guns: It’s time to ‘come out’ against gun violence eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) WATCH: What Ellen had to say about Las Vegas tragedy Sarah Chadwick, 16, quote-tweeted Trump and said he’s not doing enough in response to the shooting that killed 17 people at her school yesterday (14 February).19-year-old suspect Nikolas Cruz stormed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland at about 2.30pm.He shot and killed three people outside the school, then went inside and killed 12 more. Two more people also died after being taken to hospital.In light of the news, Trump tweeted: ‘My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.’And then Chadwick responded: ‘I don’t want your condolences you fucking price (sic) of shit, my friends and teachers were shot. Multiple of my fellow classmates are dead. Do something instead of sending prayers. Prayers won’t fix this. But gun control will prevent it from happening again.I don’t want your condolences you fucking price of shit, my friends and teachers were shot. Multiple of my fellow classmates are dead. Do something instead of sending prayers. Prayers won’t fix this. But Gun control will prevent it from happening again.— sarah (@chaddiedabaddie) February 14, 2018last_img read more