On Self-Inflicted Wounds

first_imgYou just found out your dream client chose a new supplier. Not only were you not chosen, you weren’t even invited to compete for their business. Because you didn’t make the calls, because you didn’t open the relationships, and because you didn’t nurture the relationships you needed, you weren’t even invited.You were asked to present to what is surely a dream client, even though you weren’t involved with shaping their needs. You were late to the game. You had no real understanding of their problems, and you had no way of knowing the ground truth. Instead of asking your dream client to let you do the discovery work you needed, you presented anyway and missed the mark by a wide margin.You and your dream client are down the home stretch together, and it looks like a certain win. They ask for time to work through the decision themselves, and they promise to get back with you soon. But instead of asking to meet and discuss what might be deal-breaking concerns, you allow the client to decide without your help. You discover later that you lost the deal over concerns that you might have easily resolved.These are self-inflicted wounds. In all of the situations described above (and countless more like them), the decision to take one course of action—or not to take some action—resulted in the loss of an opportunity.Deals You Shouldn’t LoseIn the course of selling, you are going to lose your fair share of deals. You are going to lose deals that you deserve to win, and you are going to win some deals that you probably deserve to lose. But you shouldn’t lose the deals that some simple, known action could have prevented.You shouldn’t lose deals because you never tried to open and nurture the relationships that you need. You shouldn’t lose because you failed to prospect or failed to make yourself known.You shouldn’t lose deals because you failed to ask for the commitments you needed in order to follow your proven sales process. You shouldn’t lose deals when you know what you need to win them.You shouldn’t lose deals because you disengaged from the client at the 11th hour, when all buyers try to resolve their concerns.You shouldn’t lose deals because you failed to fire every weapon in your arsenal, and you shouldn’t lose deals because you failed to play until the final whistle blows (hopefully that’s enough metaphors for you).Choose action over inaction. Choose asking for the commitments you need over taking a flyer. Choose more face-to-face sales calls to handle the sticky issues over fewer (or none). You are going to lose your share of deals, but you shouldn’t inflict that damage upon yourself.QuestionsIf you are being honest with yourself, how have you caused yourself to lose deals?Are most of the wounds you have inflicted upon yourself the result of action or inaction?Think about the last couple deals that you lost? What could you have done differently? What lessons can you take with you to future contests? Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Why Your Truth Is Different

first_imgThe circumstances of your birth are something far more than simply challenging. Not only were you not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you were born without a spoon. The circumstances of your birth are holding you back; that’s what is keeping you from succeeding.But if this is true for you, why isn’t it true everyone whose circumstances of birth were very much like your own?You didn’t get a good education. You didn’t do all that well in high school. You spent two semesters at the community college before you ran out of money. The only way you can succeed is to have a college degree, and you don’t have one. Therefore, you cannot succeed.If this is true for you, why is it not universally true? Why are there so many exceptions?The one thing holding you back is your manager. If it wasn’t for your boss and how difficult he makes your job, you’d be succeeding wildly. He is what’s holding you back. He is a governor of your success.Why, then, are other people in your role succeeding when they share the same manager? Why is what is true for you not true for them?No one can succeed in this economic environment. The conditions are too tough. There are too many government regulations. There is too much competition. Your prospective customers are unreasonable, and no one can please them.This is true for you. Why is it untrue for others? Why are they succeeding in the very same economic environment you believe to be impossible?You could never write your novel, record your songs, or paint the pictures you see in your mind’s eye. There is no way you could start your own business or side hustle right now, with work and kids and other responsibilities. You don’t have the time.How is it that other people are able to do these things with all of the same responsibilities that you have or more? Why is it what’s true for you not also true for them?What you believe to be true for you is only true for you because you believe it to be so. As soon as you believe that something new is true for you, what you used to believe will no longer be true. Well, it won’t be true for you anyway. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Offensive or Defensive Pricing Reveals

first_img Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Now There is a good reason not to discuss pricing until you’ve done enough discovery work to understand the investment that is necessary to produce the outcome your dream client needs. This is especially true in larger, complex deals where different levels of value can be created and different investments required.Destructive Defensive RevealsIn many cases, refusing to share your pricing can make you look defensive, as if you are concealing something. Hiding your pricing is a sign that it is higher than your competitors, even though there is nothing inherently wrong with having a higher price than your peers.That defensiveness gives your prospective client the feeling that you are uncomfortable with your pricing, and that it is so much higher that the act of simply saying your price out loud will cause your prospect to disengage and immediately withdraw from any further communication. When you are defensive, it looks as if you cannot justify the delta, and when you can’t, neither can your prospect.This defensive revealing of your price can work against you when your price is higher.Using Pricing to DifferentiateWhen your price is higher because you create greater value and need to capture more to deliver it, it often makes better sense to go on the offensive and immediately disclose your higher pricing—especially when you can easily justify a higher price.By sharing the price very early in a conversation, you can also share the reason your price is higher than your competitors, how you invest the difference in your prices to create greater value, and why your clients believe this is the right decision to make.You can also explain the concessions, trade-offs, and risks your prospective client is going to be forced to make by selecting an alternative with a lower price. These concessions, trade-offs, and risks are the higher cost your prospect will pay for accepting the lower price.You may believe that a lower price makes it easier to win. This isn’t true. In more cases than not, it’s the value that is being created that matter more than pricing, unless you don’t believe and behave as if this is true.last_img read more

When Second Place Means Winning

first_imgYou may lose the opportunity to serve a company who has never before used what you sell. Second place may make you the real winner.The first time a company uses a product, service, or solution that you provide, they are inevitably disappointed. Not usually at first. During the beginning phases, they are still excited and dreamy-eyed about the potential outcomes that the new product, or service, or solution will do for them.But then things get tough. The realities of the problems and challenges of using whatever it is you might sell start to set in. Some things aren’t as easy as your dream client hoped they’d be. Things that they didn’t expect to go wrong eventually do go wrong. Sometimes things fail.Nobody is perfect. There is no product, service, or solution that doesn’t come with routine, run-of-the-mill, everyday problems.First UpThe first sales organization to serve the companies and individuals trying a solution for the very first time have to deal with the brunt of the company’s disappointment. The first to convert has to deal with managing expectations and managing disappointment.No matter how many hands you hold as the first to covert a company to something new, your dream client generally feels betrayed and let down. Their expectations were too high, their excitement too great, despite your best efforts to manage both.Second In LineIt is easier to go second when a company tries something for the first time. The company has already been disappointed. The bubble has been burst, and their expectations have been brought back in line with the reality of using any product, service, or solution. More still, they’re dissatisfied.Continuing to call on these clients positions you as the person who can clean things up. You can describe how some improvements can be made, but that what you sell will still come with challenges. Their unrealistic expectations were already managed by reality. The improvements you can make sound good compared to what the company already experienced.Second place is often better than going first. Especially if you have a plan to professionally persist while waiting in the wings for what is often inevitable. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

The Single Most Important Objection to a Meeting

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now You hear, “Can you try me back next quarter? We’re really busy now.” Of course your contact is busy. Everyone is busier than ever, doing more with less, struggling to keep up with the frenetic pace of business today.Your dream client asks, “Can you email me some information? I’ll take a look at it and get back to you.” You’ve heard this before. You agreed to send information in the past, and you are still waiting for the prospect to call you back. True?“We have a partner and aren’t looking to change now.” The statement is always true—until it isn’t. You have no doubt had prospective client tell you they are happy only to have them disclose to you in a first meeting that they are not pleased with their existing partner.Prospecting is difficult because of one single, universal factor: Time. You are asking people to give you their time, the only thing they don’t have enough of, and the one thing that, once spent, cannot be recovered. When it comes to time, there are no do-overs.What You Heard and What Is Being SaidThe real concern your dream client has expressed as an objection is that the meeting will be a waste of their time. The words they use may not express the fact that you didn’t not offer them enough value in trade for their time, but had you done so, you would have a meeting scheduled. There is a lot of concepts and ideas and talk tracks around objections, but the concern around wasting time is very real.The way to resolve real concerns is to acknowledge them and let your dream client know that you understand their concern—and that there is no risk of what they are concerned about coming true.last_img read more

It Is An Unconditional No Until It Is A Yes

first_imgIt is always a no until it’s a yes.When your success requires that you ask people for commitments, you can expect to hear no as many—or more times than you hear yes. It is the nature of the endeavor we call selling, and no one, no matter how skilled, is free from this experience. It is essential to recognize that the word no only means not now and that you have not been personally rejected. It is always a no until it is yes.No MeetingNo businessperson wakes up in the morning, hoping that a salesperson contacts them to ask them for a meeting. They aren’t excited by the prospect of giving their time to a salesperson who may waste it. Time once spent can never be reclaimed. There is only one reason a person rejects your meeting: they believe it is a waste of their time.Maybe they say no to a meeting because they already have a partner they believe is satisfying their needs. They could also reject a request for a meeting because they don’t have the time or energy to swap out one partner whose failings they’ve learned to live with for another who maybe even worse? Even if you have real value to trade for a meeting, like a theory about why they might change and the better results available to them, you will still hear no.The no that you hear now is not no forever. It is no for today, and maybe tomorrow. The no covers some time that, no matter how long, is likely shorter than you believe.No Next StepThe no answer you receive also doesn’t cover the rest of eternity. There are all kinds of things that you can ask for and obtain a no outside of a meeting.Your dream client can and will say no to your request to collaborate with you on a solution, asking instead for you to share your best ideas, allowing them to be cold and clinical about your proposal. That no does not have to be a final no, but for that to be true, you have to ask again, explaining how their input improves the solution.There is little chance that your request to build consensus, especially a request for an executive leader, you are asking for something likely to be so difficult for your client to say yes to that they answer in the negative. Even if they know they are going to need help and support, they would prefer not to engage in politics and deal with dissenters. That no is a no until you teach your dream client that without it, they are unlikely to make a change—and if they do, it will fail.The rarest of all unicorns in the world of sales is a deal where the money isn’t a factor. Money is always a factor, and it always will be. Many of the companies you call on will say no to more significant investment, preferring to believe that there is some supplier, somewhere, with the ability to give them better, faster, and cheaper. When you offer them the red pill that would open their eyes to the fact that the better results they need require a more significant investment, they refuse it, taking the blue pill and living with their poor results. Until you justify the delta and resolve their concerns. Eventually, they will pay more.Selling is caring enough to create value for people, and much of the time, that means helping them change their minds.No DealSometimes, you lose. Your dream client says yes to your competitor, which means you leave the content with a no, a loss if you will. No one is immune to this reality. You can do everything right and still lose. You can do many things wrong and still win.Maybe it was no to the experience of the sales conversation they used to determine who they want to work with long term. It could also be that your solution missed the mark, or forgive me for suggesting such a thing, perhaps you didn’t position it well. Your dream client might have hit it off with your competitor, or maybe they just outsold you.Too many people accept a loss as a permanent loss when it is anything but permanent. It’s only a no right now, not forever. You can lose a deal and walk away, and by letting a deal go, not follow up soon enough or frequently enough to discover your competitor is failing.I recently heard from a salesperson who lost an account because the client thought they were underperforming. Then their client, having believed the exaggerated claims only to recognize how good this salesperson’s company was. Guess who is coming home?Understanding the Nature of NoThe nature of no is that it isn’t forever. Situations change. Needs evolve. Context changes preferences. Mistakes can cause people to recognize they made a mistake. What might not have been the right answer is not precisely correct. The nature of no is that it is unstable. It is subject to change at any time.The mistake you might make in sales is believing that the no you hear now covers a longer time than it is capable of covering. It covers a much shorter time than you think. You will have people who will say they will never work with you, who will eventually buy from you. There will be people who will tell you they will never change partners, only to change partners a few months later.Forever is a lot longer than you think it is. And it is a lot shorter time than your client suspects.last_img read more

Mobile app developer kills self

first_imgPune: A 21-year-old IT student, who developed an emergency mobile app that helped connect with thousands of people marooned during the 2015 Chennai floods, was found hanging in his house in Applewood Society in Khodenagar area of Nashik district on Wednesday afternoon.Police said, Kaushal Bag, a second-year Computer Science student of K.K. Wagh Arts, Commerce, Science and Computer Science College, was alone at the time of the incident. The motive remains unknown. Bag’s father, Yogesh, who has a travel agency, and mother, Deepa, an LIC employee, were at work. The body was found by his younger brother who returned home in the afternoon. Bag was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. Bag made news with his mobile app Helping Hands, an offline cellular system application for emergency services. The app helped people make emergency calls in the absence of network connectivity and contributed in rescuing nearly 20,000 people stranded during the Chennai floods. Many people used the app to send SMSes, which Bag and his colleagues routed to their server to identify the location of the stranded people. NGOs working on ground were immediately informed and rescue teams were sent. The app was a result of Bag’s desire to help people without internet connection in their mobile phones reach out to friends in an emergency. A big hitThe app, in its initial stage, was also used during the 2015 Nashik Kumbh Mela to send automated SMSes to emergency numbers already saved on phones. The app was circulated through a free download link, but was not available on Google Play Store. In January 2016, Bag launched as a women’s safety app, which he developed with three colleagues. The app received an overwhelming response with more than 24,000 downloads across the country. Bag’s innovations also drew praise from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. The tech giant had also offered Bag a job as a Product Manager. Last year, Bag applied for a patent for his innovation and in a tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 20, 2016 he expressed his desire to ‘to donate my application to all the sectors of India’.Last month, Bag used Facebook Live to draw attention to a half-marathon organised by the Nashik Police. District Police Commissioner Dr. Ravindra Singhal felicitated Bag after the run.last_img read more

Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launches new BS-IV grade fuel

first_imgUnion Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Saturday launched a supply of BS-IV grade fuel in 12 towns through video-conferencing from here.“We begin a new era of clean transportation fuels that would benefit 1.25 billion citizens of our country by substantially reducing pollution levels in our cities,” Mr. Pradhan said complementing three oil marketing companies for working in unison for launching the BS-IV grade fuels as per schedule.“Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not made commitment under any external pressure in Paris summit. Even though India is not a polluting country, it has shown commitment for reducing vehicular emission,” said the minister.Mr. Pradhan asked oil companies to expedite their efforts to introduce BS-VI standards by April1, 2020“We had started oil upgradation programme in 1991. Oil companies have achieved emission standards by continuously introducing advance technology and making huge capital expenditure. The oil industry has spent over Rs. 28,000 crore after 2010 for supplying BS-IV grade fuel. It was in addition to Rs. 35,000 crore already spent before 2010,” said Petroleum Secretary K. D. Tripathi.Mr. Tripathi said oil companies would further spend ₹28,000 crore to supply BS-VI specification oil by 2020. As of now total investment made to upgrade oil comes to around ₹90,000 crore, he pointed out.The Supreme Court has banned the sale of BS-III vehicles from April 1. “On and from April 1, 2017, such vehicles that are not BS-IV compliant shall not be sold in India by any manufacturer or dealer, that is to say that such vehicles, whether two-wheeler, three- wheeler, four-wheeler or commercial vehicles will not be sold,” a Bench of Justices Madan B. Lokur and Deepak Gupta had ordered.According to Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry, India has reduced its diesel content from 10,000 ppm in the most of the country in 1996 to a maximum of 50 ppm in 2017. The proposed BS-VI regulation will reduce diesel sulphur content to a maximum 10 ppm, enabling the introduction of advanced emission control technologies, including diesel particulate filters and selective catalyst reduction systems, which will be needed to meet BS-VI emission standards. As the technology for BS-V is not very different, it was decided to go straight to BS-VI grade fuels from BS-IV.last_img read more

Purulia tense over social media posts

first_imgPurulia town in south-west Bengal is in the grip of tension after Saturday’s clash between two groups over social media posts that allegedly hurt religious sentiments. According to local residents, a few persons were injured in the violence. Rapid Action Force [RAF] has been deployed in the area.A senior district police official said there had been “a law and order situation” in Purulia town. Police, he said, brought the situation under control. “Tension started brewing about a couple of days back when a member of one community allegedly posted a comment on social media hurting the religious sentiments of the other community,” a resident of the area told The Hindu.last_img

Two Goa women drown near Karwar

first_imgHUBBALLI/PANAJI: Two women from Goa drowned and four other people were missing at Nagarmadi waterfalls at Chendia, 12 km from Karwar in Uttara Kannada district, Sunday. The police fear that more people may have drowned.The Margao police identified the deceased as Francila Pires (21) and Fiyona Pacheco (28). Those missing are Marcelina Estebio (38), Renuka (23), Siddarth Chari, (22) and Sameer Gavde (32).The Margao police said rescue teams were trying to trace the missing people. A group of 50 had gone from South Goa for a picnic to Karwar on Sunday.Superintendent of Police, Uttara Kannada, Vinayak V. Patil said the tourists had come in different vehicles, and hence the exact number of people who were washed away is yet to be ascertained. The police suspect that five or six people drowned. Mr. Patil said some of the tourists had entered a pool of water at the bottom of the waterfalls. The waterfalls are in a forest area, which has received heavy rain. As a result, the force of the water was strong, and some of those in the pool were washed away. The rescue team is facing difficulties as the water flow is still strong, Mr. Patil said.In July last year, a group of 10 tourists from Goa visiting Nagarmadi waterfalls were rescued from drowning by the Fire and Emergency Services.last_img read more

RSS functionary and Dainik Jagran journalist shot dead in Uttar Pradesh

first_imgA journalist with the Hindi daily Dainik Jagran and member of the RSS Rajesh Mishra was shot dead in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday. His brother was also shot at and critically injured.Unidentified motorbike-borne assailants fired several rounds at Mishra while he was sitting at a building materials shop run by his family at the Brahmanpura Chauraha at Karanda in Ghazipur at 7 a.m.The police said there were three assailants, while locals spoke of only two men, one of whom was masked.Mr. Mishra, 38, worked as a block-level stringer with Dainik Jagran and was also a block in-charge of the RSS. His brother, Amitabh Mishra, was rushed to the district hospital in Ghazipur and then referred to a hospital in Varanasi.Brother also injured“On hearing the sound of bullets, Mr. Amitabh Mishra, who was working in the fields behind the shop, came to his brother’s rescue. The assailants shot at him too and fled the spot,” a police spokesperson said.Following the incident, protesters blocked the roads and attacked vehicles. The police later intervened to pacify the crowd and restore traffic. While the motive for the attack is not known, the police suspect that it could be the result of personal enmity.“Suspected enmity is probably the reason…two suspects identified…arrest should happen soon,” said Anand Kumar, Additional Director General-Law and Order. He said the police had already found clues.Family members and colleagues believe the murder could be due to Rajesh Mishra’s RSS background or journalistic work. Mishra had recently organised a week-long RSS camp in Karanda. Manoj, a friend of the victim and fellow RSS worker, also suspects that Mishra’s journalistic work had sparked the attack. “Some people were irritated by his work. Writing news against the wrong people became a cause for his death,” Manoj said.The content of Rajesh Mishra’s reports or journalistic work could not be independently verified, however.last_img read more

Non-Bodos assured on land rights

first_imgBodoland Territorial Council (BTC) chief Hagrama Mohilary has assured the leaders of the All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union and other organisations that the land rights of the Gorkha people of Bodoland Territorial Area Districts will remain intact.Regarding the ongoing controversy over the new land policy of the BTC which governs BTAD comprising four districts, Mr. Mohilary said all land rights of the protected class of the people as defined in Chapter X of the Assam Land Revenue Regulation, 1886 would be applicable in the BTC area like in other parts of Assam.The BTC chief made the statement after meeting delegates of the AAGSU, the Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha and the Gorkha Sanmiloni among others.AAGSU president Prem Tamang said the discussion with Mr. Mohilary “was very positive”.last_img read more

36 people die of fever in U.P.; health officials suspended

first_imgAt least 36 people in Bareilly and adjoining Badaun districts of Uttar Pradesh succumbed to fever in the last 15 days, officials said on Tuesday. Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh, who visited Bareilly, said the State government will do a “death audit” to find out the exact number of people who died due to fever. Taking note of the deaths, he ordered the suspension of Additional Director (Health) S.K. Agarwal and District Malaria Officer Pankaj Jain.Lack of cleanliness Finding lack of cleanliness during his visit, Mr. Singh also suspended District Health Officer Ashok Kumar and Jagatpur Hospital in-charge Sunita Bhardwaj. The government has constituted three teams of doctors to look into the cases in Bareilly and Badaun, U.P. DG (Health) Padmakar Singh said. “Twenty persons have died in the past 15 days due to fever in Bareilly district,” Bareilly Chief Medical Officer Vineet Kumar said. “In the past 15 days, fever has claimed 16 lives in Badaun district,” Badaun CMO Manjeet Singh said. In Lucknow, Medical and Health (Communicable Diseases) Director Mithilesh Chaturvedi said, “A five-member team of the Central government has also reached Bareilly. Preventive and remedial actions have been initiated in both the districts of the State”. He said camps have been set up in the districts and medical tests were being carried out using rapid diagnostic techniques. Necessary medicines are also being distributed and fogging and spraying of larvacides have been undertaken, officials added.‘Something is wrong’ When asked about the incident, Mr. Singh said, “Something had gone wrong. It will come to the fore after reports of the tests come. Lab technicians from other districts are being sent here (Bareilly) so that the reports can be out fast”. He also directed the authorities to provide best health care to the patients.last_img read more

Tripura HC stays order on CPI(M) mouthpiece

first_imgThe Tripura High Court on Wednesday stayed the deregistration of Daily Desher Katha, a mouthpiece of the CPI(M)’s State unit, paving way for the Bengali daily to resume publication.In a letter on October 1, the Registrar of Newspapers for India said the publication of Daily Desher Kathawas being suspended based on a verdict passed by the District Magistrate of West Tripura, Sandeep Mahatme. It cited “unauthorised change of ownership” as the reason behind the step.The stay was granted by Tripura High Court Chief Justice Ajay Kumar Rastogi.“The future effect and operation of the order of the District Magistrate, West Tripura, dt. 01.10.2018, followed with the order passed by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Sadar, dt.01.10.2018, are hereby stayed,” the court said.Counter affidavitHowever, the respondents will be at liberty to file application for vacation/modification of the interim order after filing of the counter affidavit, it added.There is no restriction on publication of the newspaper any more, the daily’s counsel Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharjee told reporters at a press conference here.He alleged that West Tripura District Magistrate’s order was made under political influence and termed it as an attack on freedom of the press.Daily Desher Katha had applied to the RNI to change its ownership details in 2015. The process was not completed due to red tape, Mr. Bhattacharjee said.After fresh papers were submitted, the RNI approved the revised details of editor, printer and publisher on October 1. The DM and SDM issued a notice outside their jurisdiction on the same day and wrote to the RNI to cancel the newspaper’s registration. “This can’t be done without political intervention,” Mr. Bhattacharjee claimed.last_img read more

Maharashtra’s farm loan waiver falls short of target

first_imgA year after it had announced with much fanfare a ₹34,000 crore loan waiver for distressed farmers, the Maharashtra government has disbursed only half of the declared amount. According to latest data from the Cooperation and Information Technology Departments, the State has disbursed ₹16,498 crore as opposed to the initially estimated ₹34,000 crore. The loan waiver scheme has reached 39.08 lakh farmers as against an estimated 80 lakh announced by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis last year. “We have ended the scheme for now and only a few more crores may trickle into it. The estimated transfer is much lesser than our estimates based on the projections made by the bank,” said a senior official of the state government. State officials said the estimated amount could not be disbursed since most of the farmers did not have a loan and savings account, needed for claiming a loan waiver. As opposed to eligible 78 lakh farmers, the government only received 57 lakh applications. Of the total, ₹12,386 crore was disbursed as one time settlement (OTS), another ₹2,544 crore under the incentive-based scheme and ₹1,568 crore as the second instalment of the OTS. Mr. Fadnavis had admitted last year the farm loan waiver will burden the State’s finances for the next two years. Maharashtra had joined Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Punjab to announce the waiver recently. The State has over ₹4,00,000 crore in debts and a recent fiscal report by India Ratings warned that the waiver will push the State’s fiscal deficit to 2.71% of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) in the current financial year. The report has also estimated a rise in debt/GSDP at 17.44% over a budgeted 16.26%.last_img read more

HC reserves order on Lalu’s bail petition

first_imgThe Jharkhand High Court on Friday reserved judgement on the bail petition of RJD president Lalu Prasad in the multi-crore fodder scam cases. After hearing arguments of the petitioner’s lawyer as well that of the Central Bureau of Investigation, Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh reserved his order. Earlier, on December 21 last, the Bench had deferred the hearing on Prasad’s bail plea for January 4.In jail since Dec. 2017 The RJD chief is languishing in Ranchi jail since December 2017 after conviction in the multi-crore fodder scam cases. Noted lawyer and Congress leader Kapil Sibal, representing Prasad, cited his bad health and also his need for distributing election symbol to candidates in the capacity of being RJD president while seeking bail. CBI’s counsel Rajeev Kumar said Prasad should not be given regular bail and referred to denial of bail to him previously in the case related to Deogarh treasury. He further said that Prasad is also being treated in custody and hence bail should not be given to him. The RJD is an important component of the mahagathbandhan of Opposition parties in Bihar and Prasad’s approval on seat-sharing holds significance.last_img read more

‘10 foreigners among 1,742 drug peddlers arrested in Himachal’

first_imgAs many as 1,742 people, including 10 foreign nationals, were arrested in last one year for allegedly peddling drugs in Himachal Pradesh, Governor Acharya Dev Vrat told the Assembly on Monday. He said the Jai Ram Thakur government is committed towards eradicating the drug menace from the State and 1,342 cases were registered under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985. Recently, a conference was also held at Panchkula in which Chief Ministers of Haryana, Punjab and Uttrakhand and senior officers of Rajasthan, Delhi and Chandigarh discussed a joint strategy for tackling the menace, the Governor said.MSP hike hailed He also hailed the Centre’s decision of increasing the minimum support price (MSP) of all notified Kharif and Rabi crops by at least 150% of the cost of production. “This initiative of the Union government will help in doubling the income of farmers,” he said in his address to the Assembly. The Governor said the State government had launched the ‘Prakartik Kheti-Khushal Kisan’ scheme to promote natural farming. Under the scheme, about 9,000 farmers were imparted training during the current financial year and about 3,000 farmers have successfully adopted this farming practice, he said. The budget session of the Himachal Pradesh Assembly began Monday and would last till February 18. The discussion on the Governor’s address would be held from February 5 to 7, Speaker Rajeev Bindal had said. The Jai Ram Thakur government would present its budget for 2019-20 on February 9.last_img read more

Flight operations suspended at Srinagar airport due to heavy snowfall

first_imgFlight operations were suspended on Thursday at the Srinagar airport due to poor visibility and heavy snowfall.“All flights to and from Srinagar were cancelled on Wednesday. No flight could land or take off from the airport today morning,” officials at the Srinagar International Airport said.“Flight operations will start only after visibility improves,” the officials said, adding that snow clearance on the runway was getting hampered by continuing snowfall.The Jammu-Srinagar highway remained closed for the second consecutive day on Thursday due to fresh snowfall and landslides.“No stranded vehicle is parked at any avalanche or landslide prone area along the highway,” a department official said.Authorities decided to allow one-way traffic from Srinagar to Jammu on Wednesday, but the move was halted due to the landslides in Ramsoo-Ramban sector and snowfall in Bannihal.The prices of essentials like vegetables, mutton and poultry products, have skyrocketed in the landlocked Kashmir Valley.last_img read more

Earth’s missing heat may be hiding in the deep Atlantic

first_imgThere’s a new lead in the hunt to explain the global warming hiatus. The mystery is why average global surface air temperatures have remained essentially steady since 2000, even as greenhouse gases have continued to accumulate in the atmosphere. Many scientists believe the answer lies in the Pacific, which is sending massive slugs of cold water to the surface, helping cool the planet. But a new investigation, published online today in Science, presents sea temperature data implying that most of the missing heat has been stored deep in the Atlantic. The work draws on tens of millions of ocean temperature and salinity measurements taken globally by buoys, floats, and ships since 1970. Covering 24 depths from the sea surface down to 1500 meters, the data suggest that over the last decade or so the Atlantic has been absorbing heat (red in the graphic above) that would have otherwise warmed the surface. Over the past 14 years, the authors write, water below 300 meters in the North and South Atlantic oceans has stored more energy than the rest of the global oceans combined. “We found the missing heat,” says one of the authors, oceanographer Xianyao Chen of the Ocean University of China in Qingdao. He and co-author Ka-Kit Tung of the University of Washington, Seattle, postulate that the mechanism is the “conveyor belt” current that moves salty tropical water to the North Atlantic, where it sinks, carrying heat with it.last_img read more

Want to climb the pop music charts? Don’t put science in your lyrics

first_imgIn the hands of a skilled lyricist, science can be the heart and soul of a catchy tune. “Balloons are full of helium, and so is every star/Stars are mostly hydrogen, which may someday fill your car,” the rock band They Might Be Giants croons in their modest hit “Meet the Elements.” Now, a team in Taiwan has put pop songs and lyricists under the lens. They culled 858 science-related phrases from 377 songs sung in Mandarin and three other Asian languages that were nominated for Golden Melody Awards (pictured)—Taiwan’s equivalent of the Grammys—between 1990 and 2012. Astronomy and biology reigned supreme in the lyrics, the researchers report in an upcoming issue of Public Understanding of Science, though in most instances the use of scientific terms was intended not to edify listeners but rather to serve as a metaphor or convey emotion. (“Chemical action is so hard to understand that I cannot guess your formula,” sings Feng-chi Chang in the 2004 song “Chemical Formula.”) The team points out that many songs with meatier science may never have been chartbusters, but they have nonetheless found a home for dedicated listeners in cyberspace.last_img read more