Identifying predictable foraging habitats for a wide-ranging marine predator using ensemble ecological niche models

first_imgAim Ecological niche modelling can provide valuable insight into species’ environmental preferences and aid the identification of key habitats for populations of conservation concern. Here, we integrate biologging, satellite remote-sensing and ensemble ecological niche models (EENMs) to identify predictable foraging habitats for a globally important population of the grey-headed albatross (GHA) Thalassarche chrysostoma. Location Bird Island, South Georgia; Southern Atlantic Ocean. Methods GPS and geolocation-immersion loggers were used to track at-sea movements and activity patterns of GHA over two breeding seasons (n = 55; brood-guard). Immersion frequency (landings per 10-min interval) was used to define foraging events. EENM combining Generalized Additive Models (GAM), MaxEnt, Random Forest (RF) and Boosted Regression Trees (BRT) identified the biophysical conditions characterizing the locations of foraging events, using time-matched oceanographic predictors (Sea Surface Temperature, SST; chlorophyll a, chl-a; thermal front frequency, TFreq; depth). Model performance was assessed through iterative cross-validation and extrapolative performance through cross-validation among years. Results Predictable foraging habitats identified by EENM spanned neritic ( 0.5 mg m−3) and frequent manifestation of mesoscale thermal fronts. Our results confirm previous indications that GHA exploit enhanced foraging opportunities associated with frontal systems and objectively identify the APFZ as a region of high foraging habitat suitability. Moreover, at the spatial and temporal scales investigated here, the performance of multi-model ensembles was superior to that of single-algorithm models, and cross-validation among years indicated reasonable extrapolative performance. Main conclusions EENM techniques are useful for integrating the predictions of several single-algorithm models, reducing potential bias and increasing confidence in predictions. Our analysis highlights the value of EENM for use with movement data in identifying at-sea habitats of wide-ranging marine predators, with clear implications for conservation and management.last_img read more

Shambolic evictions ban U-turn ‘not acceptable’ say landlords and agents

first_imgMany agents and landlords are furious over the government’s evictions ban U-turn on Friday, which extends the stay on court possession hearings by four weeks and introduces minimum six-month notice periods for those wishing to give notice to tenant.Agents in particularly are angry that they have spent time and money preparing eviction paperwork ahead of the ban ending, only for the government to change its mind at the last minute.“We knew that something was about to happen when the government took down the website on Friday preventing landlords being able to prepare the necessary paperwork ready to start evictions next week,” says Kathy Britton of Brittons Lettings in Norfolk.“For the government to do this without any warning is totally unacceptable for all the landlords who are suffering financial hardships throughout this pandemic.“Just a few tenants do abuse the system by using this as an excuse thinking that this is a green light not to pay their rent.”Rent arrearsLandlords and letting agents had hoped that, even if the government did execute a U-turn, possession hearings involving evictions prompted by rent arrears built up prior to the Covid pandemic would be allowed after August 23rd.Paul Shamplina (left) of Landlord Action says: “We have been working with landlords whose tenants have racked up thousands of pounds worth of arrears.“Many of these landlords have been having to cover two mortgages for more than nine months now and we have just finished issuing the re-activation notices on behalf of these landlords as directed by the Government!“Why have they left it until the Friday before the courts re-open to give a further extension? I do not believe enough consideration has been given to people in these set of circumstances and perhaps rather than a blanket ban, existing cases should have been allowed to restart as planned.“In my view, the Government needs to seriously consider offering landlords, whose tenants have fallen into arrears relating to Covid-19 and can prove loss of employment, some financial support, for example three months of rent contribution.”The U-turn decision also leaves several questions unanswered and reflects the government’s last-minute, behind-the-scenes cobbling-together effort prior to the announcement at 3pm on Friday.These holes include:Notice periods: Can landlords and lettings agents give notice after five months or have to wait until after the sixth month before issuing an eviction notice?Redundant regs: What happens to the pre-action rules including the ‘reactivation notices’ that the government had originally said would be introduced today but that are now redundant following Friday’s U-turn?Existing notices: What happens to eviction notices that have been served already? There are thought to be up to 40,000 cases currently stuck in the court system after possession hearings were frozen or ‘stayed’ back in March.eviction ban Brittons Lettings Kathy Britton Paul Shamplina of Landlord Action August 24, 2020Nigel Lewis3 commentsRyck , Ryck Ryck 24th August 2020 at 12:09 pmThank God that my tenants left on 4 July 2020 and had no arrears. Simple answer now is we will not be renting the property out. Cannot face the risk of a non paying tenant racking up debts, not paying the Council Tax etc. with no recourse to justice. Plan is to sell it instead. The Government is anti-landlord.I feel for those pensioners who rely on rents from their property to supplement their pension.I don’t know of any other possession that is loaned or rented out where the law can be suspended for failure to pay what is due and the person can ignore the original contract they signed.If I rent a car and after the agreed rental period I kept it and did not pay anything further I would end up in Court!Log in to ReplyPossession Friend, Possession Friend Possession Friend 24th August 2020 at 9:04 amIts long past the Time when ALL Landlords and everyone in the PRS involved with renting ( Letting Agents ) need to come together and Fund Legal Action against this government for sequestration of their property and an abuse of Article 1 of human Rights.The govt have said they’re expecting a challenge.Log in to ReplyFriendly local agent, Friendly local agency Friendly local agency 24th August 2020 at 11:16 amWhy not start a crowdfunding appeal Possession Friend, I’m sure plenty of landlords would contribute, we would.Log in to ReplyWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021 Home » News » Shambolic evictions ban U-turn ‘not acceptable’ say landlords and agents previous nextRegulation & LawShambolic evictions ban U-turn ‘not acceptable’ say landlords and agentsThe Government’s decision to ignore its own advice and extend the stay on possession hearings has angered almost the entire private rental sector in one go.Nigel Lewis24th August 20203 Comments2,224 Viewslast_img read more

Gender-segregated talk in Oxford causes controversy

first_imgA gender segregated talk on Monday caused concern among Oxford students.The talk, entitled ‘Quran and Sunnah: The Final Revelation’ was held at the City Council-owned Asian Cultural centre. A poster circulated online read “Men and Women welcome – Fully Segregated”.The talk was advertised online by the Interesting Talks in Oxford Facebook page. However, the advert caused concern among visitors to the Facebook group because of the  planned gender segregation of the event. Subsequently, the original poster withdrew the advert from the Facebook page. The Interesting Talks Oxford website is run by eight volunteers, six of whom are Oxford students. An ITO spokesperson said, “ITO does not condone or condemn the talks it lists on its website and calendar, but recognises that the content or arrangements of some talks may cause upset. We feel that it is important that all talks are listed so long as the information they provide is accurate and clear.”DaruTawheed, a group which organises lectures and prayer groups for the Muslim community in Oxford, arranged the talk. A DaruTawheed spokesperson told Cherwell “The majority of our attendees feel that it is necessary to segregate between sexes because mixing between men and women is prohibited by Islamic legislation…due to our religious beliefs we won’t be able to offer this or offer partial segregation either.”Earlier this year, a UCL society caused controversy by enforcing gender segregation during an “Islam or Atheism” debate. The Islamic group was subsequently banned by UCL’s governing body.DaruTawheed is not a university-affiliated group, and the event did not take place on university premises.Chiara Giovanni, a Magdalen student, commented, “I think it’s appropriate if everyone attending is absolutely fine with it, but I think as it’s not a prayer meeting but a seminar, full segregation is unnecessary.”“Another key factor is how the segregation was enforced: side by side is fine, but relegating women to the back smacks very strongly of a gender hierarchy. As this is a rather niche event, I doubt the segregation will cause any problems and whether or not such division should be a factor of a social event at all is another question entirely”.last_img read more

Food calendar

first_img1-7 Feb: National Salt Awareness Feb 7 March: Fairtrade March: Veggie Monthwww.veggiemonth.com1-31 March 2010: Coffee Break Month8-15 May: National Doughnut Week May: British Sandwich June: National Craft Bakers’ September: National OrganicFortnight www.soilassociation.org13-19 September: National Cupcake Week September 3 October: British Food Fortnight October: National Baking October: Apple Daylast_img

Stop the Week: online

first_imgWe look at a revolutionary flour that keeps toast warm for an hour and Ed Miliband’s winning bacon sandwich photo resurfaces in our tongue-in-cheek Stop the Week. A Brand New World? Maybe notYou might have heard that off-beat TV presenter and comedian Russell Brand opened a council estate café last week. You might not have heard much further – and there’s a reason for that.British Baker has not yet ventured to the outer reaches of Hackney to see this phenomenon in the flesh, but luckily for us The Sun on Sunday saved us a job. The roving reporter found that The Trew Café lacked a menu, a kitchen, savoury food and was fast running out of cake. To top it off, the juicer, which promised to make £4 glasses of healthy trendy drinks, was broken.Its problems don’t stop there as its customers were also said to be in short supply, despite the packed launch day. So – no menu, little food, no juice and no customers. What was there?A shameless wall of Russell selfies, it seems. As long as his ego doesn’t take a hit. He looks pretty pleased with himself…Oh, a saving grace! Apparently, the cakes, while in short supply, were “delicious”. Still, it may not be enough to give this mission the longevity Brand foresaw, if his grand opening statement was any indication of long-term plans: “We are going to create our own systems, our own federations, our own currencies, our own authorities. We have an opportunity to create something better and it will start with small enterprises such as this.”We can but try.Cold toast no moreApril Fool’s jokes were out in force in the baking industry this week – we are a funny bunch. One of our favourites came from Dr Zak’s, the protein-rich bread brand. It claimed that Flair Loop, a Chinese technology and innovations company, has developed a bread flour that keeps toast warm for up to one hour – wouldn’t that be nice? The flour was used in a high-protein loaf by Dr Zak’s.Speaking on behalf of Flair Loop Inc, Dr Opal Fir Lo, one of the founding partners of the business, said: “To see the fruits of our labour actually launched in a commercial loaf in the UK is an amazing feeling. No longer will we have to worry about eating our toast within five minutes before it goes cold. This is truly a revolutionary day for the bread industry and for Flair Loop.”Dr Lo explained that the flour works through causing a chain reaction within the proteins when heated, causing them to vibrate.Dr Zak’s managing director Ray Brilus said: ”Dr Zak’s likes to be at the forefront of innovation so when we heard that ThermoFlour was available in the UK, we jumped at the chance to trial this amazing product. Two months on and we are using this flour in our lead product, the Dr Zak’s High Protein bread. I can tell you categorically that toast will never be the same again. My breakfast sat on the table for 25 minutes this morning and the toast was still piping hot. Truly amazing technology.”THAT bacon sandwichWho remembers THAT photo? The one of Labour’s esteemed leader eating a bacon sandwich in a manner and with an expression that can only be described as #awkward: see below.Well, if that were us we’d do our best to ignore the fact it went virtually viral, and put it behind us – not Ed. As he gears up for another general election – and let’s hammer home the point that every vote counts – he insists on bringing up that fated day of bread and bacon consumption.Like in a speech to party members in July, and in a speech in January, and last week’s Channel 4/Sky News pre-election debate – twice. First he joked about the moment when asked about Cameron during an audience Q&A. “I don’t know if we’d have a pint. We’d share a bacon sandwich or whatever.”And then he went for it again, saying of Cameron: “I’m not going to win a contest for who looks best eating a bacon sandwich, I think we can all agree about that.”British Baker can take two positives out of this: one – he possesses self-awareness; and two – he is eating bread, unlike David Cameron (see our #WeLoveBread campaign).This picture of the audience also neatly sums up the reaction on Twitter. A picture paints 1,000 words…last_img read more

Pink Talking Fish Teleports Back To Phish’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Show In Las Vegas [Recap/Audio]

first_imgFor those unfamiliar, Pink Talking Fish is a hybrid tribute act that melds the music of Phish, Talking Heads, and Pink Floyd. With these three bands as inspiration, PTF fuses and intertwines songs from each bands’ catalogs to create a musical cocktail unlike any other. With an emphasis on storytelling, Pink Talking Fish offers the funky grooves of Talking Heads, the epic emotion of Pink Floyd, and the high-energy jamming and unique compositional structures of Phish—making for fun, high-energy, fan-focused shows.Over Halloween weekend, Pink Talking Fish performed two late-night afterparties on November 1st and 2nd, following Phish’s highly anticipated and beloved Halloween run shows. The PTF shows were hosted by Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, located in the heart of Las Vegas, less than a mile away from Phish’s venue at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.For the first night of their run on November 1st, Pink Talking Fish performed their “PTF Is Bowie” concept, which combines the music of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Phish, and David Bowie. The show specifically celebrated Phish’s own tribute to David Bowie during their 2016 Halloween show, where they performed The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars in its entirety for their traditional “costume set.” Pink Talking Fish worked through David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, “Space Oddity”, “Golden Years”, “Heroes”, and “Moonage Daydream”, while also throwing in choice covers of Little Feat’s “Skin It Back”, Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime”, “Cities”, “Once In A Lifetime”, Phish’s “Alumni Blues > Letter To Jimmy Page”, “Gotta Jibboo”, “Simple”, and Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall”, “Fame”, and “Comfortably Numb”, to name a few.On November 2nd, Pink Talking Fish commemorated the 20-year anniversary of Phish’s impromptu performance of Dark Side Of The Moon. After a Las Vegas Halloween Run in 1998, Phish played West Valley City, Utah, on November 2nd, 1998, to a half-full “E” Center arena. Many fans on tour chose to skip the out-of-the-way show, so the band treated the lean audience that did make it to a full rendition of Pink Floyd’s 1973 album, Dark Side Of The Moon, sandwiched in the middle of “Harpua”. To this day, fans still regret high-tailing it to Denver and skipping the infamous Utah ’98 show.Pink Talking Fish’s bassist Eric Gould was one of the fans in the “snooze you lose” category, missing Phish’s mind-bending “E” Center show, so PTF interestingly decided to incorporate their “Harpua” narrative with Jimmy meeting a Las Vegas genie at Excalibur, while being granted only three wishes. Jimmy’s third wish was being able to see Phish’s November 2nd, 1998 show, played 20 years ago to the date, and Pink Talking Fish sailed on from there, offering favorite Pink Floyd cuts for the remainder of the show. Guitarist Marcus Rezak joined PTF for a remarkable solo on “Great Gig In The Sky”, with saxophonist Seth Eisenstein later joining in on “Money > Girlfriend Is Better > Us And Them”.You can listen to full-show audio of both of Pink Talking Fish’s Las Vegas shows below:Pink Talking Fish – Las Vegas – 11/1/2018[Audio: Keith Litzenberger]Pink Talking Fish – Las Vegas – 11/2/2018[Audio: Keith Litzenberger]Setlist: Pink Talking Fish | Vinyl at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino | Las Vegas, NV | 11/1/2018Set: Skin It Back, Let’s Dance > Life During Wartime, Happiest Days Of Our Lives > Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 > Alumni Blues > Letter To Jimmy Page > Slippery People > Fame> Slippery People, Letter To Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, Wish You Were Here/Space Oddity Mashup* > Cities, Golden Years > Gotta Jibboo Jam**, Pigs (3 Different Ones)*** > Once In A Lifetime > Heroes > What’s The Use? > Another Brick In The Wall Part 3 > Burning Down The House% > Simple%%> Burning Down The HouseEncore: Moonage Daydream > Comfortably Numb Jam** > Frankenstein*  w/ Slave To The Traffic Light tease** solo and ending** w/ Bathtub Gin tease% w/ Another Brick In The Wall tease%% 1st VerseSetlist: Pink Talking Fish | Vinyl at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino | Las Vegas, NV | 11/2/2018Set: Nothing But Flowers, Harpua* > Speak To Me > Breathe > Psycho Killer > On The Run > Maze, Time > Moon Rocks > Great Gig In The Sky** > Timber**, Money% > Girlfriend Is Better% > Us And Them%, The Curtain > Any Colour You Like > With > What A Day That Was > Brain Damage > Eclipse > HarpuaEncore: Smells Like Teen Spirit*Story about Jimmy meeting a LAS Vegas Genie In Excalibur and being granted three wishes. The 3rd wish was being able to see the 11/2/98 phish show 20 years ago**w/ Marcus Rezak on guitar%w/ Seth Eisenstein on saxophonelast_img read more

Reimagining ‘Summertime’

first_imgIt was summertime, and the livin’ was easy. But maybe not the acting.“Let me see the inner conflict,” yelled Osh Ghanimah, a first-year student at the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.)/MXAT Institute for Advanced Theater Training, addressing a group of eager, rambunctious students at the Boston Collegiate Charter School in Dorchester.Fish were jumping — well, one fish was jumping, played by Jordyn Paomer-Mattier, who bounced to great effect, before being “caught” by fellow fishermen/thespians, who cracked up as they wrestled the 15-year-old to the ground. “We’re not laughing. This is serious,” Ghanimah shouted, as intense as any Broadway director. “You’re going to feed your family for three weeks because of this fish. We don’t respect ourselves as actors by laughing.”Paomer-Mattier and about 40 of his classmates were reinterpreting the classic tune “Summertime” from George Gershwin’s opera “Porgy and Bess” as part of a two-day workshop on Sept. 12 and 13, conducted by the A.R.T./MXAT Institute. “Reimagining Porgy and Bess” is part of the A.R.T.’s outreach program to introduce high school students to the 1935 opera, which is on stage at the A.R.T. now as “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess.” About 600 students will see performances of the opera.Acting student Amen Igbinosun works with the students. What was gratifying for both “actors” and “directors” was the energy that the students put into their mini-productions and how each interpretation was unique. Organizing the Boston Collegiate students into groups in the school courtyard and getting them to focus on creating one- to two-minute productions was a bit like herding cats. Working with the students were Ghanimah; Brendan Shea, A.R.T. outreach and education associate; Jenna Clark Embrey and Tyler Monroe, both A.R.T. second-year dramaturge students; and Amen Igbinosun, an acting student. Also helping were two special assistants, including Nathaniel Stampley, an actor who plays “Robbins” in “Porgy,” and volunteer Sarah Patrick, the daughter of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.What was gratifying for both “actors” and “directors” was the energy that the students put into their mini-productions and how each interpretation was unique.One group used an outside balcony to create a fishing scene, another turned “Summertime” into a rap tune, and a third made it into a dance production. One group used the song to create a tender depiction of friendship, another to show community child-rearing. Some students highlighted the bump-and-grind potential of the line: “Your daddy’s rich, and your ma is good looking.” Another added its own line: “Summertime and the living is high; now we’re back in school, summertime goodbye.”“That was so, so great,” Shea enthused during applause at the final “curtain.” “One thing I noticed, there was no repetition. They were all totally different.”Embrey, who was the dramaturge for the A.R.T. production, was astonished that the students picked out rhythms and movements that reflect choices made in the stage production. “One of my kids did something; she started doing this movement — and we DO that in the show,” she said.A.R.T. Artistic Director Diane Paulus’ reimagining of “Porgy and Bess” has stirred debate in theater circles, but Stampley saw the students’ work as reinforcing the power of reinterpretation.“We all had the same song, but clearly it resonated differently among everyone, just like in the real world, and that’s the beauty of this production of ‘Porgy and Bess’ that we’re doing every night,” he said.The exercise turned what could have been presented as a dusty artifact from the 1930s into a 2011 statement. Sophomore Milan Anderson had vaguely heard of “Porgy and Bess” before, but now she knows the background story. “They’ve done so many different productions. I’m betting that a lot of people would still like it,” said the 15-year-old, who is interested in acting and singing.Second-year dramaturge student Tyler Monroe (wearing hat) leads the high schoolers through an exercise.“Mining the personal out of an existing piece of art makes you feel more personally connected to the piece itself,” Shea said. “When [students] see the production, it will be rewarding talking to them after the show to see how they were able to feel a little more invested in it.”Even a brief acting stint was memorable for Paomer-Mattier. “I like playing a fish,” he said. For the record, members of his group did not laugh once while “onstage.”last_img read more

Power feed problem causes electrical outage

first_imgA power feed malfunction caused a power outage in 13 buildings at 12:25 a.m. Saturday, University spokesperson Dennis Brown said in an email. Of the 13 buildings, six residence halls were affected — Lyons, Carroll, Fisher, Pangborn, Dillon and Alumni. “All but Fisher were back online by 6:07 a.m.,” Brown said. “Fisher was put on a generator while repairs are made.”Tags: fisher hall, power feed malfunction, power outagelast_img

John Turturro, Tony Shalhoub & Jessica Hecht Set for The Price

first_img Related Shows Arthur Miller’s The Price Monk Emmy winners John Turturro and Tony Shalhoub, along with Broadway favorite Jessica Hecht, have been tapped for the previously announced revival of Arthur Miller’s The Price. Directed by Terry Kinney, the Roundabout production will play a limited engagement February 16, 2017 through May 7. Opening night is scheduled for March 16 at the Main Stem’s American Airlines Theatre.Turturro will play Victor Franz. For his theatrical debut he created the title role of John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. An Emmy winner for a guest role on Monk, his additional TV credits include Monday Night Mayhem, The Bronx is Burning and The Night Of. Turturro’s multiple film performances include Do the Right Thing, Jungle Fever, The Color of Money, Quiz Show, La Tregua, The Good Shepherd, Box of Moonlight, Mia Madre, Miller’s Crossing, The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou, Barton Fink, Mr. Deeds, You Don’t Mess with Zohan and three of the Transformers films.Shalhoub is to appear as Walter Franz. Tony nominated for Act One, Golden Boy and Conversations With My Father, he has also been seen on Broadway in Lend Me a Tenor, The Heidi Chronicles and The Odd Couple, as well as off-Broadway in The Mystery of Love & Sex. Shalhoub won the Golden Globe and three Emmys for Monk; additional screen credits include Nurse Jackie, Too Big to Fail, Wings, Brain Dead, Big Night, The Siege, Galaxy Quest, Men in Black, Men in Black II, Pain & Gain. Cars, Cars II and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie franchise.Hecht takes on the role of Esther Franz. Currently starring on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof, she was nominated for a Tony for A View from the Bridge; other Great White Way appearances include The Assembled Parties, Harvey, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Julius Caesar, After the Fall and The Last Night of Ballyhoo.One of Miller’s most personal plays, The Price is a story about the struggle to make peace with the past and create hope for the future. When the Great Depression cost his family their fortune, Victor Franz gave up his dream of an education to support his father. Three decades later, Victor has returned to his childhood home to sell the remainder of his parents’ estate. His wife, his estranged brother, and the wily furniture dealer hired to appraise their possessions all arrive with their own agendas, forcing Victor to confront a question, long-stifled, about the value of his sacrifice.Additional cast and design team will be announced soon. Show Closed This production ended its run on May 14, 2017center_img View Comments John Turturro, Tony Shalhoub & Jessica Hecht(Photos courtesy of Robert Zuckerman & Polk & Co.)last_img read more

Duque: Maduro “Confirms Venezuela Is A Sanctuary For Terrorists And Drug Traffickers”

first_imgBy Voice of America September 25, 2019 A day prior, Maduro said fugitive leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are welcome, eliciting criticism and repudiation from Colombian Foreign Affairs Minister Holmes Trujillo.Duque said in China that Maduro committed “the silly act” of protecting former guerrillas Seuxis Paucias Hernández, better known as Jesús Santrich, and Luciano Marín Arango, alias Iván Márquez.“What we’re seeing here is not only that he’s harbored Colombian terrorists for many years, but once again confirms that Venezuela is a sanctuary for terrorists and drug traffickers,” said Duque.The Colombian president was on an official visit to China, one of the countries that recognizes Maduro as Venezuela’s legitimate president, unlike more than 50 countries, among them the United States and Colombia.“Leaders of the National Liberation Army are there. Now, some of the heads of FARC dissidents are there too, and there’s no doubt that Santrich is also protected by that dictatorial regime,” said Duque.Santrich and Márquez participated in the peace negotiation in Cuba between the government of former President Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC to end a conflict of more than half a century that left 260,000 dead and millions displaced.Márquez disappeared in mid-2018 without assuming his role as a congressman, while Santrich took over as legislator in June 2019 after regaining freedom in the midst of a process in which he is accused of taking part in a scheme to send 10 tons of cocaine valued at $320 million to the United States.Santrich disappeared at the end of June and failed to appear before the Supreme Court of Justice as part of an investigation into the case, for which the court ordered his arrest. Before disappearing, the fugitive and former FARC negotiator denied the accusations against him and said it was a “montage.”“I believe he once again made the silly mistake that has characterized him of continuing to harbor terrorism, and in the eyes of the world this is just one more incentive to continue strengthening the diplomatic siege and quickly stop scourging the Venezuelan people,” Duque concluded.(With information from Reuters)last_img read more