China blocks millions from booking flights in Black Mirrorstyle social credit system

first_imgBlog Millions of Chinese nationals have been blocked from booking flights as Beijing seeks to implement its “social credit” system.China’s controversial “social credit” system is already blocking millions of people from booking flights.The program, to be fully rolled out by 2020, would essentially mark any “untrustworthy” citizens found to have violated laws or social codes, making it “difficult to move.”Smoking in non-smoking zones and refusing to pay debts are examples than can lead to a drop in credit score.Whilst undertaking volunteer work and giving blood donations raises an individual’s score.The lifelong social ranking system appears to be straight out of a dystopian Black Mirror episode.According to the state-run news outlet Global Times, as of May this year, the Chinese government had blocked over 11 million people from booking flights.The move comes as Beijing also faces international scrutiny over its treatment of a Muslim minority group.Muslim Uighurs have been told to turn themselves in to authorities if they observe Islamic practices such as abstention from alcohol.It is estimated that up to a million Uighurs have been rounded up and placed in “re-education” camps. December 18, 20180 Commentslast_img

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