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first_img[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ook over there, Blog. Can you see it? Can you see the old lion, with it’s battle scars, and beautifully worn mane? He lies in the shade, occasionally enjoying the afternoon sun, whilst licking his coat, letting life go by, and surveying the scene of all of the younger cubs, running about, trying to find their way. And he smiles to himself. He smiles with an aura of complete self-satisfaction.That lion, Blog, is Star mega-punter; The Dark Knight.He still likes to play. He still likes to jostle a bit, scrap with the new generation, and then occasionally; stand on top of the mountain, and roar out, over all the jungle. The jungle he has not just inhabited, but ruled, ruled by fear, for so long.Did you say that he looks gentle? Did you say that he must be tame by now, and just wants to play?Yes, but he’s still a lion, Blog. And that must never be forgotten. Its in him. He’s still got deep inner-strength, of not just muscle, but also extreme character.Sometimes, when he’s playing, he doesn’t mean to. He really doesn’t, but he keeps going, and he keeps going, and he never stops. And with a final swipe of his claw; he kills without thinking. Blood cold.He has recently grown frustrated. For the first time, in a long, long, long time, he has actually backed a few losers. When playing with Star, he has to have certain shackles placed upon him, and a muzzle, firmly held back around his enormous jaws.He can’t lie still. The frustration has overtaken his being. Unable to cope with not getting his own way, he feels like his mind is going to explode.He doesn’t understand. Why can’t he find an equal? An equal, that will let him run free, completely wild, and fight, at full force, just one more time.Dark Knight, you have done your work. Try and remember how great your strength is. Just accept it. Its not for me to set you free. Free to kill. Free to kill…kill…err…me.REST, LION. REST.Over and out, B xlast_img

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