November 14 marks World Diabetes Day to raise awa

first_imgNovember 14 marks World Diabetes Day, to raise awareness about the disease that affects millions of people of all ages worldwide.  This year’s theme focuses on women with diabetes. According to World Diabetes Day’s website, 200,000,000 women are living with diabetes, and that number is estimated to rise to 313,000,000 by 2040. Meredith Cummings, a journalism and creative media instructor at The University of Alabama, said she was diagnosed with diabetes 31 years ago. In honor of this year’s theme, and to raise awareness, she is blogging for about what 24 hours are like for a woman with Type 1 Diabetes. She said diabetes is different for every person; for instance, some need to adhere to a strict diet, while others, like Cummings, can eat whatever they want. She mentions men and women deal with a lot of different challenges when it comes to dealing with everyday life, even something as simple as picking out an outfit for the day.“I wear an insulin pump, and if you’re a woman, especially in the summer in the South, we wear a lot of sundresses, and it’s difficult to find a place to put that,” Cummings said. She points out other differences are more internal.“I think more than men, it can affect men too, is emotions and hormones and young women who are diagnosed in their teens and pre-teens going through puberty that is a rollercoaster that parents do not like to live through because it is so difficult,” Cummings said. “Hormones and emotions effect your blood sugar and it really plays into how we manage diabetes.”To get more information about World Diabetes Day, visit their website here. And you can read Meredith Cummings’s blog for here.last_img

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