Fan Creates Playable Version of Breath of the Wilds 2D Prototype

first_imgStay on target The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is great for many reasons. One of its standout features is how different mechanics react to one another. Shoot a tree with a fire arrow, and it’ll burn. Chop that same tree down, and it’ll topple over, setting anything it touches ablaze. Thanks to these reactive systems, the game encourages players to be creative when approaching its various challenges.To demonstrate how different game elements would interact with each other, the game’s developers created a 2D prototype in the style of the original Legend of Zelda. Though it looks exactly like the NES classic, it had a lot of Breath of the Wild‘s DNA. Anyone who saw footage of this prototype probably wished that they could play the game. Now, thanks to a dedicated fan, people can.As you can see from the video below, Breath of the NES is very much like the Breath of the Wild prototype. It features a day/night cycle, food you can harvest, and more. Using Game Maker Studio, it has taken developer Winter Drake several months of work to get up to this point.AdChoices广告Speaking with Kotaku, Winter Drake said that “this project is still in its early stages…I’ll be adding more areas with distinct elements and atmospheres, puzzle elements for dungeons, and lots of ways to creatively kill enemies.”Though this game is inspired by Breath of the Wild and the 2D prototype, it will have its own unique twists.“I don’t feel the need to be bound to BOTW’s exact structure,” said Winter. “For example, one of the original items in the game is a ‘Byoki Berry,’ which the game tells you is poisonous to humans. However, if you drop a Byoki berry near some Octorocks, they’ll flock to it ignoring everything else, allowing you to trap them, kill them, or sneak by. I have a lot of plans for original features in the game, and although I’d like to capture the spirit of BotW and NES Zelda, I’m not restricting myself to be perfectly faithful.”A project like this will no doubt garner the attention of Nintendo, who has in the past swiftly brought an end to such fan-made projects. Winter Drake doesn’t seem to be too worried about this, however.“While I’m going to stay hard working on Breath of the NES for as long as I can, if Nintendo asks me to stop using their IP, I do plan to continue development with my own original characters. I’m having way too much fun creating this world to just give up.”If you want to try Breath of the NES for yourself, make sure to follow this link. Rhythm Game Spin-Offs We Want After ‘Cadence of Hyrule’Fan-Made ‘Zelda’ Tabletop Game Returns You to the Wild last_img

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