Final Fantasy VII remake director didnt know he was director until he

first_imgFrom The Last Guardian actually existing and getting a release date, to Shenmue 3 being revealed and getting funded mere hours later, Sony had a very good E3 this year. Sony’s crazy E3 2015 conference was so tightly packed with wacky announcements that people were legitimately wondering if Sony somehow forced Konami to reinstate Silent Hills and Kojima would top the conference off by walking out on stage. The conference didn’t reach that level of crazy, but it came pretty close with a massive surprise: Square Enix revealed that it would finally be developing a proper Final Fantasy VII remake. It was such a surprise, in fact, that the director of the game didn’t even know he was the director until his name appeared in a trailer.Longtime fans of the Final Fantasy series will be the first to tell you that Square Enix has been somewhat lost lately — notably, pumping massive resources into turning Final Fantasy XIII, widely considered the worst (main) game in the series, into a trilogy rather than knowing when to cut their losses and move on. Saddening fans, but likely pleasing investors, Square recently announced that it would shift its focus from console games to where it has been majorly successful for a while: mobile. So, imagine everyone’s surprise when just a month later they announced the massive undertaking that is a full Final Fantasy VII remake and all the up-to-date technology that entails.Considering Square has always stood staunch against a full FFVII remake, this was (and still is) a huge shock. Though we fans were thoroughly surprised, we likely weren’t as surprised as Tetsuya Nomura, who found out he was the director the exact way the rest of the world did: partway through a trailer when his name appeared under the director credit.Nomura previously revealed that he tried to begin a remake of the beloved Final Fantasy VII “quite a while ago,” but it never got off the ground. Eventually, though, Square decided that the time was right, perhaps due to those subpar console numbers that caused Square to focus on mobile. They got Nomura’s input throughout the pre-development process, but he wasn’t formally attached to the project as director — especially since he’s still the lead on the in-development Kingdom Hearts III.Sometime before the big E3 reveal, Square sent an internal video presentation around the company, and that’s when Nomura found out he’d be directing the remake. Thankfully, he was informed before the E3 reveal, but he found out the same surprising way we did — watching his name appear under the director credit in the teaser.Everything is fine now, of course — and Nomura doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will toward the way in which Square revealed his new job to him, but hey, maybe he’ll think twice before watching internal video presentations from now on.last_img

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