Over 20m children to be fed vitamin A capsule

first_img.National Vitamin A Plus campaign would be observed across the country on Saturday to feed vitamin-A Plus capsule to over 22.1 million children aged between six months to 59 months to prevent childhood blindness and reduce child mortality.Under the campaign, children aged between six months and 11 months will be given capsule with blue color while children aged between 12 and 59 months will be administered with red color capsule on the day, the health and family welfare ministry sources said.While inaugurating the National Vitamin- A Plus campaign at Dhaka Shishu Hospital on 21 December, health and family welfare minister Mohammad Nasim said health workers and volunteers will feed the vitamin-A Plus capsules from 120,000 permanent and 20,000 mobile centres across the country which will remain open from 8 am to 4pm.He said mobile centres will be set up at bus stops, airports and launch terminals and other transport points to administer the children vitamin-A plus capsules.According to health experts, less than one percent children now suffer from blindness problem while the percentage of blindness for vitamin A deficiency was 3.74 in 1974. “With sincere efforts of the government, we have been able to reduce blindness problem,” they added.The impact of vitamin-A deficiency is not limited to only blindness, the experts said adding it increases death risk by causing various diseases.”We are feeding vitamin A plus capsule two times a year as it deposits up to six months in children’s body. Alongside having vitamin A plus capsule, guardians should feed their children natural foods including vegetable and fish to avoid vitamin A deficiency,” health experts added.Vitamin A is needed for children to prevent blindness problem as well as other diseases related to eye.Infants should be given breast milk within one hour of their births as it contains a large percentage of protein, mineral and vitamin, which greatly will help improve their immune system, they added.last_img

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