This 55 Million Livable Yacht Lets You Ride Out Climate Change

first_imgStay on target A NASA report released earlier this month announced 2018 as fourth warmest year on record, part of a long-term global warming trend. But the impacts of this warming are already being felt — from coastal flooding to shrinking glaciers, which contribute to sea level rise.For many living in low-lying cities, this is a particularly worrying trend. But one company is debuting a livable, solar-powered, self-sustaining yacht that will allow them to ride out floods and sea level surges — in serious style. The cost? A cool $5.5 million.Presented at the Miami Yacht Show this week, the 75-foot Arkup #1 from Arkup LLC is a luxurious, fully solar-electric, mobile, and self-elevating floating home.The livable yachts feature silent electric propulsion to provide mobility and maneuverability. Its automated hydraulic jack-up system, which allows the vessel to put down a stable foundation in up to 20 feet of water, ensures stability even amid Category 4 hurricane winds, according to a company press release.To achieve its sustainability objectives, the Arkup design is also 100-percent solar-powered, and has systems for harvesting and purifying rainwater.Want family with you while riding out the sea level surges? The floating home has four bedrooms in 2,600-square-feet of indoor space, with 4,350-square-feet in total, including its terraces and balconies.Side view of the Arkup #1 livable yacht. (Photo Credit: Arkup)But based on renderings n the Arkup website, it seems that the company envisions whole villages and resorts comprised of these floating homes.One of the livable yachts will be docked in Star Island in Miami Beach. Florida in the next couple of months, according to the company, and will be available for rental. Charter services will also be available starting March 2019.More on Futuristic Mini Yacht Fits 12 People and Travels Up to 70 MPHWatch: How Engineers Change a Wheel on a Boeing 747 Watch: Is This Robotic Hotel Room on Wheels the Future of Travel? This $5 Million Solar-Powered Super Yacht Cruises in ‘Pure Silence…This Futuristic Mini Yacht Fits 12 People and Travels Up to 70 MPH last_img

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