Forza 5 uses McLaren supercar to create zoetrope promo

first_imgVideo game ads usually have gameplay footage in them, and at least in that respect the new Forza Motorsport 5 ad is like the others. However, it doesn’t show off the gameplay in the way you expect. Microsoft, Turn 10 Studios, and McLaren have teamed up to create an animation sequence of Forza made out of giant aluminum boards. When filmed from a McLaren 12C supercar, the frames blend together into a moving image.The zoetrope effect would be impossible to observe if you weren’t going at ludicrous speeds, but the 12C was definitely moving that fast. The signs were spaced so that the image synced up at 100 mph. Too fast and it would look like the real car was pulling away from a choppy animated car. Too slow and the signs didn’t look like one cohesive sequence.An HD camera was mounted on the car to capture the zoetrope and preserve the effect for posterity. A live feed was also piped into the driver’s dashboard so he could glance at the animation without crashing. The camera mounted on the car actually turned out to be a bigger problem for driver Tanner Foust. The extra 100 pounds bolted to the car’s side caused some control issues.It wasn’t only hard to film, it was a nightmare to set up. The aluminum signs had to be extremely consistent. The center has to be within an eighth of an inch to avoid a bouncing or vibrating effect. It all worked out, and ended up being one of the best game promos I’ve ever seen. Forza 5 will be an exclusive Xbox One launch title, releasing on November 22.last_img

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