MakerBot announces latest model that is capable of two color 3D printing

first_img3D printing has come a long way since its inception in 1984. The technology has gone from the work rooms of large companies to the living rooms of geeks thanks to companies like MakerBot Industries. The folks there have been working hard to bring inexpensive 3D printers to the masses, and have recently announced the latest model in the MakerBot series called the Replicator.Seemingly torn out of the minds of Star Trek fans, the Replicator boasts some new features when compared to its older sibling, the Thing-O-Matic. First it has the capability to print in two different colors thanks to a new dual-extrusion head that can be had in the more expensive model of the device. In addition to two-color printing, you can experiment with using different printing materials at the same time, expanding the already practically limitless creation possibilities. Another added benefit the Replicator has is the ability to make use of a larger printing area. While it would be nice to print actual bread like pictured above, the loaf has been placed there to illustrate the area available to owners of this new device. The Replicator retails at $1999 for the dual-extruder model which comes pre-assembled and ready for use. Take note that there is a six-week lead time to receive the unit. For you non-technical readers out there that think the Replicator is just some sort of expensive geek toy, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are several videos on YouTube of people printing real-world items that work as good as the original. Case in point is the kitchen light bracket this Thing-O-Matic owner printed to replace the one that broke in his home. Medical science is also taking advantage of the technology to print supports that allow patients to grow new bones around them. Check out the video below of MakerBot president Bre Pettis introducing his company’s new printer.Read more at MakerBotlast_img

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