BUSACSenate welcomes new members after byelection

The votes are in, and there are seven new Brock University Students’ Administrative Council/Senate members after last week’s byelection.2014 BUSAC/Senate by-election results (elected in bold):Senate (1-year term):• Antonio Sergi (1,031)• Carlin Jessop (986)• Jennifer Rubbra (518)Senate (2-year term):• Spencer Dawson (1,224)• Jeremy Steinhausen (871)• Sam Piccolo (836)• Hanan Moussa (243)Faculty of Social Sciences:• Monique Blake (145)• Geraldine Rieger (136)• Jad Nasser (106)• Ali Hammoud (88)• Megann Friesen (4)Faculty of Business:• Deeksha Sharma (187)• Someer Verma (136)Campaigning began Oct. 20, and voting took place from Oct. 28-30.BUSAC is a branch of the elected student government within BUSU. BUSAC is a faculty-based electoral body that governs over decisions such as bylaws, club funding, capital requests, political policies, elections, and has several committees across a number of spectrums that BUSU oversees.The Senate is responsible for the educational policy of the University, and with the approval of the Board in so far as expenditure of funds is concerned, may enact bylaws and regulations for the conduct of its affairs.

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