13 horror movies to watch online right now

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Twitter Advertisement Login/Register With: Facebook Guillermo del Toro’s love letter to the Gothic romance genre – starring Mia Wasikowska as a turn-of-the-century Buffalo naïf spirited away by an English gentleman (Tom Hiddleston) to live with him and his weird sister (Jessica Chastain) in a haunted house – is screening at the AGO next month, and that’ll be a great place to see it. But it’s also a scary movie, and scary movies should be watched at Halloween – so set it up on the largest screen you can find, pump the surround sound and let the swooning Technicolor nightmare wash over you. It’s ever so creepy.Available on iTunes, Microsoft, Cineplex and PlayStation3. GET OUTThe best way to see Jordan Peele’s Get Out is with an audience that has no idea what’s coming. But if you missed it on the big screen, grab some friends, turn off the lights and dive into one of the best genre works in a very long time. Much as Edgar Wright’s Shaun Of The Dead used a zombie apocalypse as the backdrop to a meditation on arrested development and emotional growth, Peele takes a standard horror premise – a nice young man meets his girlfriend’s parents and finds himself trapped in an inescapable nightmare – and rips it open to engage with its seething class and racial subtext. What’s happening in that nice suburban basement is just the latest expression of something a certain segment of America has been trying to do for centuries. And while Peele offers some comic relief, he’s deadly serious about the story he’s telling.Available on iTunes, Microsoft and PlayStation We wouldn’t be doing our duty as cultural gatekeepers if we didn’t offer you a list of horror films (and one television series) that will keep you up late into the night on October 31 – or any other night, come to think of it.1. BLAIR WITCHPeople seemed to take a lot of pleasure crapping on Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s secretly produced sequel to The Blair Witch Project, in which the kid brother of the long-lost Heather Donahue mounts his own documentary mission into the woods outside Burkittsville. But they’re wrong: Blair Witch is pretty damn good, playfully deconstructing its source text while also reminding you how potent it was. Using advances in camera technology (earpiece cameras, drones, smartphones, etc.), Wingard and Barrett create a more sophisticated experience that expands the mythology of the series while still delivering the requisite jump scares and atmospheric tension. And James Allen McCune and Callie Hernandez commit fully to their terror.Available on iTunes, Microsoft and PlayStation2. CRIMSON PEAK 4. IT FOLLOWSDavid Robert Mitchell’s high-concept nail-biter stars Maika Monroe as a college student whose new boyfriend infects her with a sexually transmitted demon that will stalk and kill her… unless she passes the curse along to someone else. It’s a metaphor worthy of early Cronenberg, and the movie runs with it, building unnerving tension with long takes of mundane activity that aren’t interrupted so much as invaded by something walking into the frame. (Watch it with the lights off, please.) Writer/director Mitchell has thought his monster through to the last detail, teaching us the rules as we go and letting his characters be as smart as the menace they face. And Monroe is terrific in a complex role, moving from confusion to terror to steely resolve as she rallies herself to fight the almost-incomprehensible threat.Available on Shudder, Netflix, iTunes, PlayStation, Microsoft, Google Play and CineplexREAD MORE Advertisement Expandlast_img


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