Indonesia culls pigs, tests two men for avian flu

first_imgJul 25, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – In a response to Indonesia’s first three fatal human cases of avian influenza, officials killed some infected pigs and poultry yesterday, but not as many as they had planned to, according to news services.Plans had called for culling about 200 pigs in a village near the Jakarta suburb of Tangerang, the home of a man and two daughters who died of avian flu this month. But officials instead killed only 18 pigs, along with “dozens” of chickens and ducks, according to a Reuters report yesterday.The agriculture minister, Anton Apriyantono, told a radio station that the original plan would have hurt the local economy, the story said. But his spokesman, Hari Priyono, said the plan was to kill only the pigs that tested positive for avian flu.He said only 18 pigs tested “truly positive” for the virus, and those 18 were slaughtered, according to the story. “In days to come, whenever we find a positive one here, we will slaughter it straight away,” he was quoted as saying.Indonesian officials reported to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) in May that the H5N1 avian flu virus had been detected in some pigs at two sites in Tangerang.Indonesia’s first human victims of avian flu were a 38-year-old man and his two daughters, aged 1 and 8, who died between Jul 9 and 14. Authorities have said they have no clear evidence that the three had had any contact with sick poultry or infected pigs.Reports from Jakarta today said two men hospitalized in the city are being tested for avian flu even though indications are that they have some other illness.A Reuters story said initial signs are that the two men, one of whom is a photographer who recently photographed chicken farms, have typhoid fever. The men were suffering from “high fever and flu symptoms,” the story said.But Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said the men were “suffering from an ordinary flu,” according to a report in the Jakarta Post.A World Health Organization (WHO) spokeswoman in Indonesia, Sari Setiogi, said samples from the two men would be sent to Hong Kong for testing, with results expected in 7 to 10 days, according to the Reuters report.Reuters quoted Evi Zelvino of Jakarta’s public health agency as saying the patients’ “temporary diagnosis” was typhoid.Zelvino also said authorities planned to investigate the case of a Malaysian who died earlier this month. Doctors have said the person died of typhoid, the story said.Meanwhile, Chinese authorities say they have ruled out avian flu in the investigation of a mysterious disease that has killed 17 farm workers and afflicted 41 more in southwestern China’s Sichuan province, according to reports. The workers all fell ill after handling sick or dead pigs or sheep, reports said.China Daily quoted Zeng Huajin, a senior provincial health official, as saying that the illness was probably caused by Streptococcus suis, a bacteria usually found in pigs.”I can assure you that the disease is absolutely not SARS [severe acute respiratory syndrome], anthrax or bird flu,” Zeng said.The Chinese news agency Xinhua said yesterday that the patients all had high fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and bruises under the skin. Other reports mentioned hemorrhaging.Of the surviving patients, two had recovered, 27 were in stable condition, and 12 were in critical condition, Xinhua reported.Bob Dietz, a WHO spokesman in Manila, told Reuters the disease didn’t sound like avian flu because it didn’t seem to involve “a large pneumonia content or a large respiratory problem.”last_img read more

New promotional film of Gospić – Gospić Full of Energy presented

first_imgA new, attractive tourist video of the Gospić Tourist Board – Gospić Full of Energy was presented in Gospić.It was filmed in very attractive locations such as the Velebit Nature Park, the Nikola Tesla Museum Center, the Ante Starčević Memorial Home, and the video is dominated by beautiful shots of nature. The Osijek company FILM 54, the winner of many awards for tourist videos, led by director Boris Šeper, faithfully presented all the beauties of Gospić, emphasizing the emotional experience of visitors. Our famous cellist, Ana Rucner, whose music is from the album, also participates in the video eXpression perfectly fitted into the dynamics of the video itself, and her dress in this video is adorned with a characteristic belt and cuffs with elements of Lika embroidery made by the Association for the Preservation of Traditional Culture Dota.In order to bring the viewer closer to a unique pleasure, the film is made of short, meaningful shots that show the entire offer of Gospić; tradition, gastronomy, beauties of Velebit peaks and trails, adventurism and coexistence of locals with nature that they love and appreciate endlessly. Along with the beautiful landscapes of the city and its surroundings, Velebit occupies a very important place in the film, namely the video was shot on Visočica, at an altitude of as much as 1619 meters. „Kroz each segment of the film is drawn to the emotional experience of the guests. The film was shot for almost two months, during which we walked almost 100 km. In search of the best day and night shots, we were part of a paragliding team, drove through almost untouched parts of Lika and spent many nights in nature waiting for the right moments. We also used modern timelaps, and one of the important elements is the music, which often changes rhythms, which gives the film dynamics and curiosity.” said video director and cameraman Boris Šeper. Today, the tourist video is a “must have” tool for the tourist promotion of cities and regions, said the director of the Tourist Board of Gospić, Mrs. Strilić added that the various motives and activities that make up the totality of the tourist offer of the city of Gospić were shot according to the ideas of the Tourist Board of the city of Gospić and believes that this film, which faithfully represents the traditional, cultural and natural beauties of this city. .Ana Rucner, who has embraced new challenges in filming this video, such as playing on high rocks, is already the winner of many awards for tourist videos. Recently, the video Alkarski ponos, which she recorded for the Knights of Alkar Society from Sinj, won first prize at the Zagreb Tour Festival, while the second festival won the second prize for the video Kopački rit, which she presented last year in cooperation with the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board.last_img read more

Ivo Klinac, Veronika Group: Combining private accommodation is the future

first_imgAccording to the available data of the Croatian National Tourist Board from the eVisitor system, the number of facilities in the household, as well as the number of accommodation units, beds, but also taxpayers, is constantly growing. Thus, the number of facilities in 2017 increased by 12% compared to the year before, while in the first two months of this year alone, 700 more were registered, which makes a total of 93.194 facilities.Family accommodation in Croatia is our advantage, which they must use wisely, increase quality and brand. Also, Croatian family accommodation in Europe is recognized as the best in Europe, according to the European Holiday Home Association – EHHA. Also, according to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, family accommodation each year is responsible for generating total tourist traffic in the amount of 2,5 billion euros.Increasing the quality and professionalization of family accommodation, ie the association of family accommodation in households, is one of the key goals of the Tourism Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2020. For this reason, a few years ago, in 2014, the Ministry of Tourism presented diffuse and integrated hotels as new and innovative tourist products, with the aim of developing and improving the quality of accommodation, joint market presence and professionalization of private accommodation.One of the development and raising of quality in family accommodation are integral hotels. An integral hotel is a form of accommodation consisting of three or more accommodation units in different locations in the same settlement. All accommodation units are united by a central reception with various additional facilities. Part of an integral hotel can be all natural and legal persons who have a categorized room, apartment, studio apartment or holiday home.Although integral hotels are relatively new on the market, ie they have not yet experienced a major expansion in our market. I talked about the development of integral hotels as well as the whole concept of the same with Ivo Klinc, director Veronica Group, property management company in the tourism sector, which in 2013 embarked on a pilot project of “integrated hotel”, ie real estate management in tourism, and since 2017 offered the concept of integrated hotels on the market. Today, they operate in the area of ​​Makarska and Zagreb, and encouraged by increasing inquiries from the market, the plan is to expand the successful business model to other cities in Croatia.The association of private accommodation is the future, Ivo Klinac points out and adds that their vision is to become the leading property management company in the Republic of Croatia, which specializes in the management of accommodation capacities in tourism. “We want to give as many people as possible a sense of carefreeness and financial stability by building a brand that people will trust, a brand that will provide more, better with its innovation. ” points out Klinac.How does an integral hotel work in practice and what are your experiences in the field?The complete business concept through an integrated hotel is based on connecting the existing accommodation capacities of different owners into a single facility and their joint appearance on the market. This type of association is easier, simpler and much more professional in the market, which brings the benefit of opening opportunities for cooperation with agencies and other service providers, something that renters individually might not be able to achieve, mostly for quantitative reasons.The fact that the tourism sector is generally characterized by dynamism is confirmed by the fact that over the last 5 years of business the pattern of behavior has changed markedly. With the growth of the share of private accommodation in the Republic of Croatia, guests from private renters increasingly expect a service more similar to that in a hotel, such as credit / debit card acceptance services, breakfast services, bicycle rental, etc.To stand out from the competition, you need much more than just giving the guest the key to the apartment and leaving him alone until the day of departure. On the other hand, many renters have recognized the need to stand out from the competition and are therefore increasingly dedicated to their guests. As personalized service can take a lot of time, associations such as integral hotels can greatly help renters by ensuring their safe growth and professionalization through joint market presence.What services do you offer to partners, ie what do private renters get in cooperation with you?We offer all our potential partners two different ways of cooperation.First, we offer the possibility of managing their property in tourism. We sign a long-term contract with our partner and, if necessary, adapt their property to be ready for short-term rental to tourists. We take care of obtaining all necessary permits, selling, cleaning and maintaining the property. It is up to the partner only to receive a fixed monthly amount. This way of cooperation is suitable for partners who do not have time to deal with renting to tourists, and own real estate for which they have no purpose.Another, we offer cooperation to existing renters in terms of which of their accommodation capacities we join our integral hotel. As part of an integral hotel, the landlord gets access to various services at the hotel level such as breakfast, excursions, bicycle rental, massage services, gym, etc., depending on the services currently available at the location of the landlord’s business while we take care of sales and presentation of their accommodation capacity within our facility.Do you have any statistics or specific indicators regarding the extension of the season, ie the longer duration of the lease in cooperation with the Veronika Group through the concept of an integrated hotel? Since 2013, we have been providing guests with accommodation as private renters in Makarska, and in 2017, taking into account the experience gained by renting in Makarska, we decided to continue our business through the company and expand our business to Zagreb. As our business is characterized by professionalism and systematicity, we have often conducted research to improve our business.Through research we conducted on the accommodation market in Makarska, we learned that the hotel season usually lasts from April to October, while the season in private accommodation lasts from June to September. These data indicate a lack of agency sales channels through which renters could fill their accommodation even in months of low demand, as hotels do. It is not the same to agree on cooperation with agencies when you have few apartments and when you are associated with other renters in an integral hotel, or a unique facility that can compete with hotels in the number of accommodation capacities.It is important to emphasize that the content that renters will be able to offer their guests through an integrated hotel will greatly increase their professionalism in the eyes of the guest and thus increase the quality and price of their overnight services. As a part of the integral hotel, a quality presentation of accommodation capacities and professional pricing in accordance with various parameters is ensured, with the aim of increasing occupancy and sales.We are rightly given the data collected during the last 5 years of business, from which it can be concluded that, after our takeover of the accommodation capacities of the partners, sales increased by more than 50%. After the optimization of the business we carried out and the stabilization, the average annual turnover growth is around 10% where the initial base was not small. It can be seen from the above that the growth of traffic is twice as high as the annual growth of the destination itself.We completely take care of the property and in that case we also deal with sales and cleaning and welcoming guests and all other services. This way of cooperation is ideal for people who do not have time to engage in tourism – Ivo Klinac, Veronika GrupaWhat are the conditions and obligations of cooperation between private landlords and Veronika Group, ie what are all the models of cooperation? If the partner decides to give us his property for management, he signs a long-term contract with us that defines the terms of cooperation as well as a fixed monthly amount that we will pay him regardless of the turnover that the accommodation capacity realizes. This way someone who does not have the time or does not intend to engage in tourism can carelessly receive a monthly rent while we will take complete care of the property including potential renovation, obtaining all permits required for work, professional photography and repairs.In case the partner decides to join the integral hotel with the desire to continue to be involved in the business of its accommodation capacity, it signs a contract with us that defines the terms of cooperation, method of payment from the guest, model of salary payment to the partner, etc. services provided. We depend on the personal needs of each individual partner, we define the best way of cooperation and conditions by agreement, and in mutual interest.What are all the advantages and benefits for private renters, if they are part of an integral hotel?One of the primary advantages of joining an integrated hotel versus independent business is the facilitation of the administrative part of the business. We take care of sales, advertising on relevant accommodation booking sites as well as marketing in order to increase the number of direct bookings while the renter focuses on what is important – hosting guests. We perform complete communication with guests, issuing invoices, registering guests in eVisitor, charging reservations via credit / debit cards and much more, which is an additional relief for renters.As a hotel, due to the number of accommodation capacities at our disposal, we are able to enter into contracts with travel agencies and other companies specializing in filling accommodation capacities in the pre- and post-season. In addition to the fact that longer business brings higher revenues, we hope that through joint efforts we will turn tourist destinations of a seasonal character into year-round ones.You are currently present in Zagreb and Makarska. Do you have plans to expand?Our current focus is the formation of integrated hotels in Makarska and Zagreb, tourist destinations in which we are already present, and expanding the offer of accommodation facilities through cooperation with renters. Long-term plans are based on safe and quality expansion to several tourist destinations throughout the Republic of Croatia.We would certainly like to encourage all interested private renters to contact us via our official website in order to, based on the interest of renters from individual destinations, move our service to locations where it is most needed. We keep a database of received applications just to be able to choose our next destination.Quality family accommodation is a job from 0-24h, and requires more and more knowledge, from marketing, sales, communication, branding… what is the great potential for further development as well as challenges for the hosts?It is indeed true that more and more people who embark on the business of renting accommodation to tourists give it up after gaining insight into the workload and scope of work as well as the commitment you need to have in order to do business successfully. Also, renters sometimes enter the tourist waters because of potential earnings and often find themselves disappointed with the income they earn.Through cooperation with landlords and other partners, we offer professionalism and knowledge, and most importantly – the time we will dedicate to work. All this is the result of many years of experience in the private rental sector, but also a good knowledge of guest profiles. Such a base allows us to monitor the development of the market and adjust the quality of our accommodation capacities as it changes. The data of almost 100.000 accommodation units in family accommodation only confirms the importance of this sector of Croatian tourism, reminds us how much potential it can have if it is encouraged and proves that an integral hotel as a new form of cooperation in the Croatian market is very necessary and sustainable.More information on the possibilities of cooperation with the Veronika Group can be found on the website, and you can find out all questions directly via email [email protected]last_img read more

The Third Croatian Emigrant Congress in Osijek is about to begin

first_imgFor the third time in a row, in the period from June 29 to July 1, the Croatian Emigrant Congress “Departure-Stay-Return” is being held in Osijek.The Congress was prompted by the long-standing economic and political crisis of the Republic of Croatia, which is reflected in the terrible depopulation of the population. Depopulation, on the other hand, is a rather broad term which, in addition to the often mentioned mass emigration, also includes the disproportion between the number of births and deaths.The issue of emigration, which is fueled by long-term distrust of government institutions, has imposed the need for continuous consideration of the causes and consequences of the situation in Croatia and its emigrants. These are reasons that are a handful of aware individuals like Dr. sc. Marina Sopte, a group of professors consisting of Ivan Čizmić, Ivan Rogić, Mijo Korada and Josip Jurčević and Fr. Josip Bebić and Ana Polklepović encouraged the launch of the Congress of Croatian Emigrants. In contemplating this topic, they launched a series of professional and scientific conferences dedicated to Croatian emigrants with the aim of improving the policy of the Republic of Croatia towards emigration, but also finding a common solution to the opportunities that Croatia is currently facing.The Third Emigrant Congress is dedicated to the systematic study of issues of emigrant experience and relations with Croatia, with special emphasis on the reasons for emigration and the unattractiveness of return. In order to reach the most concrete answers, the congress brings together renowned scientists and experts who study Croatian emigrants from the diaspora and the homeland, business people, returnees and entrepreneurial activities. During the third edition of the Congress, the focus is on members of the second and third generation of descendants of Croatian emigrants and the possibility of their return.The panels cover the following topics: emigration as a potential driver of economic and demographic renewal in Croatia; the relationship between emigrants, returnees and the local population in the economic, cultural, scientific and social processes of the development of Croatian society. They will also discuss financial contributions and direct investments of Croatian emigrants in their home country, as well as the establishment of the Croatian Emigrant Fund for emigrant investments, state benefits to emigrants as an incentive for domestic economy development and the state strategy of the Republic of Croatia towards emigrants. Integration challenges and the adoption of an electronic voting system and greater representation of emigrants in the Croatian Parliament are some of the everyday dilemmas faced by emigrants, and then issues of culture as a connective tissue of domestic and emigrated populations, mapping the necessary preconditions for return and opportunities for national and global integration through the digital environment and the development of the IT industry.Topics study emigration as a capital resource of the Republic of Croatia, community strategy, connections in the digital age, cultural identity, business and more.Emigrants bring more than 20 billion kuna to Croatia annually, which is 3,5 to 5% of the state budget. No dr. Sc. Marin Sopot, one of the initiators of the congress, believes that the potential of Croatian emigrants is much more far-reaching – they are a source of scientific, cultural and sports potential, and not exclusively investors and economic units. That is why emigration must be a bridge between foreign investors and Croatia, and it is crucial to include emigrants in the weaving of the development strategy of the Republic of Croatia. Some of the proposals emphasize the benefits of returning Croatian scientists to their homeland, their exchanges and the creation of a platform that would include foreign scientists. Also, according to Sopot, it is necessary to design cultural and social programs that emigrants would seek to realize with diplomatic societies. This type of cooperation would simultaneously raise Croatia’s rating in the world, but also raise the cooperation between emigrants and the home country to a new level.BUT…All of the above sounds nice on paper, but for real change, the home country needs to show more initiative and activity. First of all, it is necessary to create a positive investment climate. The state needs to regain the lost trust of its citizens and those who declare themselves so. Emigrants are often in a position of wound cancer, instead of highlighting examples of successful emigrants and returnees in the fields of economy, sports, culture, science and abroad. Even if we ignore the complicated administration and bureaucracy that always stand in the way of impermeable membranes, the logical conclusion is that the emigrants do not want to invest in the development of an entity that is left with a bitter taste of statelessness. A lukewarm, more humane and assertive approach to communication and fostering the unity and unity of indigenous and displaced citizens is proposed. In this relationship, Croatia would benefit greatly, without having in mind the financial benefit. Emigrants have a lot to offer: knowledge, work discipline, skills, experience of the rule of law and acceptance of risk, they have an open and responsible attitude towards work, which we lack, notes Sopta.In the end, it all comes down to mutual respect and cooperation that works on the principle of “hand in hand”. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the most common reasons for delaying the return of emigrants to Croatia are precisely the administration, bureaucracy and corruption.The question arises, at the end of such clear demands and arguments, who or what really represents the brake in this typical Croatian story?The congress is held in the premises of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, and you can register as an exhibitor or visitor at the official websites Congress.last_img read more

Only with quality can we fight the competition

first_img” Croatian tourism faces many challenges. Double-digit growth is no longer realistic, and competition in the Mediterranean is fierce, so we can fight for every guest, ” said the Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Agriculture and Tourism Dragan Kovacevic at a session of the Tourist Business Council HGK.  Inače, izradu studije Key issues of sustainability of Croatian tourism, inicirao je i organizirao think tank Polazišta i perspektive koji čine Franjo Luković ( bivši dugogodišnji predsjednik Uprave Zagrebačke banke  ) te Željko Ivanković ( nekadašnji urednik časopisa Banka, novinar i istraživač ).  Studija „Ključna pitanja održivosti hrvatskoga turizma“ He also stressed that better results are expected for Easter than last year, and in the main season, tourist traffic is expected at the level of last year. ” Our orientation is year-round tourism, and these are just passing times that we are satisfied with so far. At the end of the year, we will add up the results, and among them the most important are the financial ones “, said Staničić and announced the marketing activities that CNTB will carry out, saying that emphasis will be placed on products that are among the top five motives for coming to Croatia. The president of TPV, Franco Palma, said that without investments in raising the quality of accommodation and offer, there would be no tourist progress. ” Only with quality can we fight competition,” Palma stressed, adding that representatives of the tourism sector have been demanding a reduction in VAT and fiscal levies for years. “It would help the private sector raise wages and keep workers, but without the systematic help of the state, we will not solve this problem.” We need a strategy that we do have, but only on paper, ” said Palma.  Director of the Main Office of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić presented an assessment of the current course of the tourist year 2019 and further expectations. ” Although we are only at the beginning of the season, certain trends can be sensed. Booking is in line with expectations so far, but the most important thing is yet to come. According to eVisitor, there were 945,000 arrivals (5.4 percent growth) and 2.3 million overnight stays in the first three months. When we look at the structure, the main carriers of tourist traffic in the pre-season are hotels, which account for two thirds of overnight stays. The situation in non-emitting markets is diverse, but the positive thing is that the Benelux and Scandinavian countries are growing, and our arrivals from neighboring countries and distant markets such as the USA and China are also growing. “said Staničić, adding that according to the counties, the largest share of arrivals falls on Istria because there is the largest concentration of hotel capacity. Zagreb and Kvarner follow, but that will change throughout the year. Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Rovinj are the leading destinations so far this season. Cilj inicijative je prepoznati i rasvijetliti opasnosti i prilike s kojima se suočava naš turizam. Više o studiji „Ključna pitanja održivosti hrvatskoga turizma“ pogledajte u prilogu.  Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Agriculture and Tourism Dragan Kovačević; Source: HGK U sklopu sjednice predstavljena je i studija „Ključna pitanja održivosti hrvatskoga turizma“, koju su izradili Horwath Consulting, Ekonomski fakultet u Zagrebu i Institut za turizam.  Franjo Luković, jedan od inicijatora izrade studije u okviru think tanka Polazišta i perspektive se osvrnuo na rezultate kazavši kako Hrvatska gubi vitalnost i najsporije se razvija među konkurencijom u Europi. Attachment: Study “Key issues of sustainability of Croatian tourism” Direktor hrvatskog ureda konzultantske tvrtke Horwath HTL Siniša Topalović detaljnije je predstavio studiju naglasivši kako se naš turizam nije razvijao na zdravim poslovno-tržišnim odnosima i da nam je trenutni poslovni model neodrživ. „Turizam čini 19 posto ukupnog BDP-a, što je zapravo problem našeg cjelokupnog gospodarstva, a ne turizma, 86 posto noćenja ostvarujemo od lipnja do rujna i ne štitimo dovoljno okoliš. U predinfarktnom smo stanju. Imamo veće opterećenje prostora, ali su nam primici po noćenju 67 posto manji nego u konkurentskim zemljama. U ukupnoj strukturi imamo 82 posto visoko sezonalnog smještaja po čemu smo najlošiji u Europi. Hotelski kapaciteti su nam 3 do 4 puta manji od dobre praske, a prihodi od hotela su nam 46 posto manji nego u konkurenata. Porezi su nam previsoki, a radnika nedostaje“, elaborirao je Topalović, dodavši kako se naši problemi mogu sažeti u pet temeljnih područja: smještaj, porezi, prostor, upravljanje i tržište rada. Direktor hrvatskog ureda konzultantske tvrtke Horwath HTL Siniša Topalović; Izvor: HGKlast_img read more

The County Port Authority of Crikvenica continues with the works on the arrangement of the port

first_imgThis is the most significant project since the founding of the Crikvenica County Port Authority and until recently the largest investment in maritime assets in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, which began in November last year. Also, the improved passenger transport service throughout the year will enable the integration of Croatian islands into the wider transport network and improve the preconditions for employment, education and access to medical care for the inhabitants of the island of Krk. Related news: CRIKVENICA PORT EXTENSION PROJECT WORTH HRK 33 MILLION PRESENTED “The tourist season is now behind us and from next week we will continue with intensive work in order to successfully complete the project of upgrading the port of Crikvenica in accordance with the defined deadlines. So far, a large part of the work related to underwater excavation and embankment of the stone embankment has been successfully done, and part of the concrete blocks and embankments have been concreted. The realization of the project will provide preconditions for a better connection of the island of Krk with the mainland, but also create the foundations for upgrading the tourist and nautical offer in Crikvenica”, Said the director of the Crikvenica County Port Authority, Mario Kruzic. Completion of the project will meet all safety requirements for the smooth running of the county ferry line Crikvenica-Šilo (island of Krk), which is of great importance for the population of the island. center_img Work on the extension of the port of Crikvenica, which envisages the construction of a 130-meter-long western breakwater and a 60-meter-long Mala palade, will continue from next week, as they were temporarily suspended during the tourist season.  Photo: Crikvenica County Port Authority The end of the tourist season brings the continuation of the project “Upgrading the port open to public traffic of county importance – the port of Crikvenica” which will ensure better connections between the inhabitants of the island of Krk and the mainlandlast_img read more

Carwiz has expanded to two new destinations in Southeast and Western Europe

first_imgAfter its first branch at Orlando International Airport, in the southeastern state of Florida, Carwiz has positioned itself in one of the most important U.S. financial centers and the third largest airport in the United States, Miami International Airport. Thus, after a little more than a year, Carwiz is present on as many as four continents and 20 destinations through a franchise form of business. But the story of the expansion has only just begun, the ice has been broken, and now only the sky is the limit. With the newly signed franchise partnership, Carwiz’s franchise business model is available from this year at two new destinations. At eight locations and over 600 vehicles in Romania as well as in Portugal. After breaking through on American market, which in itself is a huge success, Carwiz continues to expand through the franchise model and the U.S. market. With the new franchise partnership, Carwiz International has become richer for two new destinations in Southeast and Western Europe. RELATED NEWS: We are happy to follow the daily expansion of the Croatian tourist export product in 2020. The American market has broken through, daytime expansion is expected CARWIZ PRINTS HISTORY. FIRST RENT CAR BRANCH OPENED ON THE AMERICAN MARKETlast_img read more

Resumes of 2019 in maritime and air transport

first_imgThe most visited seaports were Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar Od ukupno 726 kružnih putovanja, najviše putovanja ostvareno je u Dubrovačko-neretvanskoj (59,6%) i Splitsko-dalmatinskoj županiji (25,1%), što je ukupno 84,7%. Ostalih 15,3% putovanja ostvareno je u sljedećim županijama: Zadarskoj (6,5%), Istarskoj (4,3%), Primorsko- -goranskoj (3,0%) i Šibensko-kninskoj (1,5%). U razdoblju od siječnja do prosinca 2019. u hrvatske morske luke uplovilo je 75 stranih brodova za kružna putovanja, s ostvarenih 726 kružnih putovanja. Na tim brodovima bio je 1,1 milijun putnika, koji su u Hrvatskoj boravili 1 466 dana. Source: CBS Tako se ukupno više od 11,3 milijuna putnika ukrcano je i iskrcano u hrvatskim zračnim lukama u 2019., što je više za 8,3% u usporedbi s 2018. U spomenutom razdoblju broj putovanja stranih brodova za kružna putovanja bio je veći za 4,8%, a ukupan broj dana boravka brodova bio je veći za 3,2% u odnosu na isto razdoblje 2018. Broj putnika na tim brodovima u spomenutom razdoblju 2019. bio je veći za 8,4% u odnosu na 2018.center_img Over a million passengers visited Croatia from cruise ships Zanimljivo je za istaknuti kako je u prosincu 2019. godine, zračna luka Dubrovnik ostvarila porast od 48,8% u odnosu na prosinac 2018. s ukupno s 35 tisuća putnika. U razdoblju od siječnja do prosinca 2019. u hrvatskim zračnim lukama ostvareno je 130 tisuća slijetanja i polijetanja zrakoplova, što je više za 4,5% nego u istom razdoblju 2018, govore podaci Državnog zavoda za statistiku ( DZS ). The port of Dubrovnik (530 visits) had the most visits of foreign cruise ships, followed by the ports of Split (273 visits) and Zadar (124 visits).last_img read more

FLOS OLEI 2021: For the sixth year in a row, Istria is the world’s best region for extra virgin olive oil

first_imgFor the sixth year in a row, Istria is the world’s best region for extra virgin olive oil, according to the results of Flos Olei 2021. Family Galic (Kostanjica, Grožnjan) opened a new edema cellar, tasting room and sales point, while the company Oleum Maris opened a new modern building with a tasting room and a point of sale. Family Beletić (Novigrad) has opened a new, modern olive processing line PIERALISI. In the popular publication Flos Olei 2020, the so-called ‘bibles for extra virgin olive oils, as many as 71 olive growers from Istria have produced such high-quality extra virgin olive oil that it deserves a prestigious award, ie inclusion in the new, twelfth edition of Flos Oleia. / / / EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL “ISTRIA” PROTECTED AT THE LEVEL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION  In the new edition of the so-called bibles for extra virgin olive oils are included 73 oils from Croatia of which 71 are from Istria, and two from Dalmatia. At the same time, a large number of Istrian olive growers achieved better results compared to last year, which is proof of significant work on raising the quality and application of the latest scientific and technological achievements in olive growing. One of the most significant investments in olive growing took place in Istria in this extraordinary year. “It sounds unreal and I would say pretentious, but for the sixth year in a row, Istria has been declared the best olive growing region in the world. Since its first edition, in 2010, Istria has immediately taken an important role and positioned itself as the second best olive growing region, just behind Tuscany. However, every year the advantage of Tuscany was smaller, and at the end of 2016 it took the leading position that it has maintained to this day, but with a far greater difference than Tuscany previously had in relation to Istria. The fact that Istria has 71 olive growers and Tuscany 43 speaks volumes about what it looks like this year. An even more important fact is that over 1.000 samples from all over the world arrive for evaluation. After that, a selection of the 500 best in the world is made and that within the 500 best, Istria has its 71, which is really impressive”Denis Ivošević, director of the Istria County Tourist Board, proudly points out. Family Chiavalon (Vodnjan) has opened a new olive center / modern building that includes a new line of olive processing Mori, with a new cellar, tasting room, sales point, warehouse, while the Family Ipsha (Ipši, Oprtalj) also opened a new olive growing center / renovated and revalued traditional building with a new Mori olive processing line, with a new cellar, tasting room, sales point, Istrian tavern and warehouse; Family Vanđelić (Bale) has also opened a new olive center / refurbished and revalued traditional building housing a new Mori olive processing line, with a new cellar, tasting room, sales outlet, combined with fruit and vegetable production. For the second time in a row, as many as three olive growers reached the grade of 98 (Mate, Ipša, Olea BB), while thirteen Istrian olive growers were included in the extra class above 95 points.Flos Olei 2021 This global success certainly contributes to the branding of Istria and Croatia as a gastronomic destination, given that extra virgin olive oil is the main addition to dishes and the basic food product of Mediterranean cuisine, and due to its organoleptic and medicinal properties appreciated almost everywhere in the world. Although we have known this for many years, I think it is extremely important to be aware of the fact that in no discipline, in any industry, in sport or any other important competition or simply in places where reputation is gained and confirmed, we do not have such success as the Istrian extra virgin olive oil has for six years in a row, Ivošević emphasizes and adds: “We are very proud of this fact, but it seems that a lot of work is needed both in our country and abroad, to give this primacy full and real value, to become aware of it first in Croatia and then all those who promote Croatian gastronomy. they proudly point it out. In the expectation that next year we will reach at least one grade of 99, I believe that the time has come and that six years of confirmation is enough proof to realize that we are the best in the world in something” In 2021, Istria will be adorned again the title of the world’s highest quality region for extra virgin olive oils, for the sixth time in a row in a winning streak. This is especially important considering that the publication contains oils from all over the world, ie from 54 olive-growing countries, and Istrian olive growers found themselves in the company of The top 500 with a total share of as much as 14 percent.  Interestingly, Istria itself has more edma listed than the superpower of Spain, which is the world’s largest producer of edma and which is divided into 11 large olive-growing regions due to its size; a total of 61 olive growers from Spain were included The guide will soon see the light of day, ie on 884 pages it will be published in two language variants (Italian-English and Italian-Chinese), and it will present selected countries from 5 continents and 86 world maps of olive groves. He looks at the list of all Croatian award-winning olive growers HERElast_img read more