John Davis & Associates Announces its New Web Site

first_imgJohn W Davis, CPA and principal of John Davis & Associates, CPAs, expressed his enthusiasm for the web site created by Earthlogic Media Technologies. “With this attractive, easy-to-use, informative new web site the firm has demonstrated keenly the power of web technology to work for the accounting industry. I like the sections with the latest news and financial calculators, the page of many business resource links, but perhaps most of all, the CPA profiles page allowing our clients to know personally who they are working with.”The John Davis & Associates, CPAs site offers an “Our Community” page featuring profiles and news of its clients to share with others, giving clients another aveunue for exposure in the community. The web site displays informative brochures, newsletters and articles about the firm’s services. Visitors can now sign up and receive email announcements on a regular basis keeping them up to date on the latest financial and accounting news.last_img read more

The Real Situation in Morocco

first_img Share Share Photo credit: free-press-release.comIt is our understanding that the Moroccan Scholarship Program has been a heavily debated topic in the media for some time now. Even up to yesterday (15 February, 2012) an article surfaced on a local online newspaper which painted a very disturbing picture of the Dominican students’ situation here in Morocco. It is unfortunate that this article was posted on such a widely read news agency when it gave no factual basis for its assumptions. However, as students here in Morocco, we have chosen to give a clearer picture of the situation in Morocco so that all readers may be able to judge for themselves if this is actual “HELL” as was described in said article.Firstly, let us begin by giving the terms of the Dominican- Moroccan Scholarship: Currently, Dominican students receive two stipends which consists of 1500 DH (Moroccan Currency) bi-monthly from the Moroccan government (which has been received on time without fail) and EC $600 from the Government of Dominica semi-annually.Though this may not be a lot, once managed responsibly and with a little help from loved ones then it should at least be adequate. The cost of living in Morocco is comparable to Dominica with a few variations. Hence, the responsibility lies with the individual to effectively control expenses based on their needs and situations. As far as housing is concerned, Dominican students are guaranteed housing for at least four years or up to the duration of the first degree. Presently, all the Dominican students are being housed at Cité Universitaire Internationale in Hay Riad, Rabat; which is one of the best housing facilities in all of Rabat.Rooms are adequate with basic furnishings and are shared by two persons. Each floor of every pavilion contains four bathrooms, four toilets and a washing area that are sanitized every day. On campus, there are recreation facilities for playing sports and other activities. The campus is also well secured as guards are always visible. In terms of the education system, there are numerous public faculties and universities available for students given their area of studies. It is also possible for students to obtain their degrees up to the doctorate level, granted that they do well throughout their previous years. Initially, there had been some issues regarding registration of students for school, as the Moroccan education system has a few regulations that needed to be sorted through to accommodate the Caribbean students. However, the Moroccan government bended backwards to ensure that all our needs were met; hence every student in the first group of Dominicans has begun studies in their respective fields. It should be known by now that four Dominicans returned home. With the exception of one individual, the basis for their return seems to be unfounded. Each claimed some sort of issue that was in the end resolved or were given the opportunity to resolve them but chose to return home instead. The nature of these issues will remain private out of respect for these individuals but it’s a shame that they have gone to such lengths to malign the program and the government. After discussions with these individuals, their basis seems to have been that they did not meet the lifestyle they expected. Morocco is still a Muslim country and certain privileges or customs that we take for granted are prohibited in a Muslim state, even if Morocco is known to be one of the more opened and improving Muslim societies. The difficulties most of us face in Morocco are the culture shock and language barrier which becomes more tolerable with each passing day. Additionally, Morocco’s education system, especially in mathematics, is a bit advanced and may require a lot of dedication and hard work to succeed especially when coupled with the language barrier. But what in life comes easy? It is expected that we work hard to achieve our desires. In spite of it all, we would like to express gratitude to the Government of Dominica and the Kingdom of Morocco for endowing us this timely opportunity that leads to the further development of young Dominicans and Dominica at large. Sincerely,Dominican Students in Morocco EducationLocalNewsTertiary The Real Situation in Morocco by: – February 16, 2012 Sharecenter_img 86 Views   3 comments Tweet Sharing is caring!last_img read more